Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Divine Leaps

'Let's jump', he said. Her eyes twinkled; she’s been waiting for the day that she can be on earth with him. She was tired of all the motion sickness. Hearing him utter these precious words made her blush. All of a sudden she felt she was a woman again, she felt his masculinity.

She was ready.

As she got up to prepare her self for the dive, her muscles failed her. It has been years since she had last moved from the corner of the cabin. She peaked into his cabin from the cracked mirror reflection and she saw him fighting with his body, trying to make it listen to him as he urged it to move.

She shed a tear, but she tried to sound strong as he called her name out.

‘Yes darling’, she uttered with her usual strong willed and loving voice, as a tear dropped onto her lap.
‘I didn’t get my daily dose of skittles today’
‘Oh don’t be silly’ she said as she smiled and thought ‘Oh how I love you’
‘Yes, that is silly, because we have each other.’

Hearing that, she managed to stand and walk up to the cabin’s door.
In his cabin, Adam etched his way to the door as well.

‘I made it darling!’
‘So did I!’
‘Yes, we made it’

Then a silence. A long pause. The vehicle was moving too fast. She wasn’t sure they would make it if they jumped.

Adam realized the danger of the dive as soon as he saw how fast the earth was moving under them. He feared for his life. He feared for hers.

What if they did not survive? What if he took the dive and Eve would see him weak and soiled after many years of imprisonment? He wanted to be strong again for her. He wanted to take care of her. To love her.

They both sat down again. Trying to reason with their fears. Trying not to curl back into their wretched corners. She needn’t ask him how he was. She knew. She could feel his fear. She could taste it. She could smell it. It saddened her as she realized that this fear might take a decade to reside. But she decided to take this opportunity in making the best of herself, for Adam.

He doesn't love her enough

But Adam knows only Eve, shes the only woman in his world.
She looks more courageous than him and ready to jump.
For how long is she willing to wait?
Anybody on earth?
is he making excuses?? what's keeping him from jumping? MEN AND THEIR HESITATION!! kho jump!!
after reading 70 books
live in the states for 6 year
watching more then 200 movies

i read this blog and i dont understand nothing!

where is lama!
I don't understand it either!
Are they on a baloon?
hahahaha kila and everyone below kila.. you guys are so funny!! sheba darling, this was an interesting post... it kept me reading to see what would happen next... i love the part about the skittles... that was awesome :)
I wonder where did sheba hear about the "skittles" thing :-P Unless it's just a metaphor for "tasting the rainbow" :-P

Very close. I imagined them in a capsul-like space ship. But the capsuls look like old cargo train cabins. But of course i encourage you to use your own imagination :>


I'm REALLY GLAD someone enjoyed it. And i'm thrilled that you liked the skittles part! Its very quirky, kind of absurd, to show how we're sometimes concerned about trivialities only because we're afraid in facing the bigger issues, or only to pass our times on earth as we wait for 'goddot' ;)

But what i liked about this couple is although they have a sense of the absurdity of their lives, they also want to spend it together, and although they are both independent, they want to depend on each other, even if it means they may get hurt in the long term.


I like your outlook, very positive masha'Allah :))
This proves that I have no Imagination. Still, I can't understand this post!
I loved this post and was quite impressed. I must confess I didn't know you had it in you Sheebs ;)

Gigi, gigi-ly

P.S. (Hey everyone, try this:)
While I reread this post for the second time, it occured to me to look at Adam and Eve's divine leap down to Earth as a Man and a Woman's fateful as well as frightful jump into Matrimony.
Funnily enough, this gave me a bit of a chuckle where it says
"She saw him fighting with his body, trying to make it listen to him as he urged it to move". Because I imagined it to be a guy's battle between heart (For Monogamy) and body (Against Monogamy) heeheehee

I'll leave it to the rest of you to work out how the other odd little details could be read with the "Jump into Matrimony" theme in mind :D

Another clue:
"Divine Leap" = where using the word divine could be read as referring to Marriage as the religiously sanctioned tie between a Man and a Woman?

Another thing to perhaps prompt you guys:
What do you guys think the Earth signifies? Maybe I'll tell you what I think later :P

What about the cracked mirror?

This was fun Sheba!
wo0o0ow gigi hahaha i feel like i should copy and paste this short story, and present it in my english class and use those points that you made hahahahaha i would look sooooo smart!! mmmm earth = future, or their future together if they make it... cracked mirror, don't have a clue. oh yes i do.... their troubles along the way to where they were now... *** ok and off subject... is lama over?? :( ***
oh and before i forget Sheba, i'm your biggest fan!! hahaha :) I love your blog, there's always something interesting going on in here :)
I must say that I enjoyed it too. Very creative sheba :>
Ah...carnal desire, original sin, and what follows...
That's my take.

Ishloonich Sheba :)
ok he attracts her but he is not enough of a man for her!
Ummm, come again?
I think its the end of the road for this couple. I think its about growing old, death, and the circle of life. Who will die and leave thier partner behind first. It seems that Adam is having a hard time leaving Eve alone in the world. It seems that Eve understands that and is willing to go first.

Im way off! :)
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