Sunday, July 17, 2005

First Crushes

1. Bu Hamdoun, Lebanon, I was 3: My mother used to take me to play with Haider (Lebanese) everyday, and he would wait for me on his door steps holding his mother’s hands. He would watch me go up the steps, probably adoring my curly hair and my chubby red cheeks. I would look at his beautiful brown hair, cut round, and falling straight on his tanned face. I wish mom was as understanding now :p

2. Mogadisho, Somalia, I was 6 or 7: I thought Danny, half Persian half Italian, was terribly cute, but too preppy. I liked a boy who liked to get his hands dirty. So I diverted my attention to Osama, Saudi. They were both in fourth grade and Osama always saw me as the kid that was with him in school but not old enough to date! So I switched to his elder brother, Jehad. Jehad was 16 and very cute, and was very into the ABBAs. He gave me all the attention a 7 year old could wish for. But then I realized that he was interested in my 15 year old sister!

It was in Cyprus...she was topless and blonde...I was in my tiger print speedo....we both were 3 years old

We spent hours on the beach...building sand hills and then walking all over them...God bless you Tina
I was 15, attending a computer course in Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research. She was 16 and gorgeous. I was so intimidated by the fact that she's older but I couldn't stop looking at her.

I got enough courage to ask her for her phone number so that I can call her to get a copy of the pictures she took during the course. She accepted :-D

I called her to get the photos and she asked me to pass by and pick them up. I did. She asked me to their dewaneya to see the photos and choose what I want to take with me to copy them. I was too shy and scared.

Took the photos, copied them, passed by the next day to drop the photos back but was welcomed with her older brother who was double my size. He shouted at me and asked me not to come back but I was stubborn enough to say "I'm not here to see you, I'm here to see her. So let her decide whether or not I come here again".

She came down, took the photos, and asked me not to come here again :(

shattered my heart that day :(
Bo Jaij,

Cuuuuuuuuuuute. Any pics?


Omg, you're a late starter. But what a story!
Brigit aka Bipsi, Austria:

I must've been 9 at the time. Brigit and I were practically glued to each other. At that time there was a lot of publicity on AIDS in Austria.

She got me into her cabinet, and wanted to kiss me. I was so scared about aids, I refused.

We still laugh about it today.

good to see you commenting here again. Cute story. So i guess the AIDS campaign worked eh? ;)
I was probably four or so.

.. so was she. (ahem)

Your story! I wanna punch her in the gut.

i was in KG 1

His name is 3abdelelaah.. hes a distant cousin of mine

i saw him a couple of years back.. hes shorter than me
Ok, what were you doing in Somalia!!!

W, every guy is shorter on you :P
How do you guys remember crushes that happened at such a young age? I don't remember much.. :/
I just remembered!

2nd grade: He was into frogs. He used to bring one to school in his lunch box.

4th grade: We were at the nurses office and she was checking our weight. We were both 35 kg. His fat friend said that since we were the same weight, we should get married.
Fourth grade it was. His name is R....We used to hold hands in religion class when we all sat on the floor...squeezed together so no one would see the HANDS. We exchanged love notes and he told me he wanted to marry me. He even told his older brother. I was sooo in love with him. He switched schools the next year. I was sad:-(

chances are.. yes LOL especially when Im wearing heels.. 3aad fe theek elsa3a khalas.. ansaa
I was 3, the first time we met was at the Supermarket. He was there, I couldn't look away. The first touch was heaven, I leaned over and we kissed that's when I got hooked! We're still together my twix and I r inseparable.
She Writes,

She? haaaaaaaaaaaa shakla wayed ashya 6afatni hal yomain ;)

W, hehe is he still cute at least?

Purg, I was fighting a war there ;p

Salted Caramel, loved your story! I think i weighed 46 in 4th grade!

A3saaaab, SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD SAD SAD,, shwaya o abchi! Go find him now ;p


hehe CHEEKY!
yep.. he's still adorable
Sheba, still does not make sense!

W, kitha :)
When I heard that he got married three or four years ago my heart stopped.
All the memories came flooding back. It made me smile.
Ashwanni mitzwaja lamma sima3t ilkhabar chan inta7art!!...;-))
my first crush is my last crush..............................i can't get over him he'smarried now and has a cute baby girl...but till now when i c his picture in the newspapers i feel as if my heart will come out.....god bless him
i never fell in love, or had a crush... i didnt want to get married until i saw HIM *dun dun duuuuuuuuun!* (music) sha3ir eyaanin o mara7 agool mino so u cant steal him from me *angel face* NIYHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *devilish laugh*
u Were 3 and had a crush !? wow
I doubt i knew whats the diff between and girl and a guy when i was 3 common sheba

My 1st crush was Ranya summer school in KES i was 6 maybe

now shes married to one of my best friends brother
my 1st crush was my sister friend she was so cute i was 6 and she was 8 i used to sit with her all the time when she come to our home to sit with my sister :P

i saw her last week she still so cute but she was with her husband i said hi to them i was so happy to see that she still cute so she told him that i was so young and we palyed togther he was nice guy i wish them good luck
i think i still have the crush ;P
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I HAVE GOT TO STOP DOUBLE CLICKING! sorry about the deleted comment :)

so, it took place in the states, my cousin's best friend Anas was about 9, I was 4, our families used to go on road trips together, he used to come at stops to give me fish shaped salty biscuits, he used to treat me like the precious little breakable thing, felt like walking on a cloud, I consider myself lucky to experience such an amazing feeling I appreciate experiencing ..
Sheba, I'm a late starter because I was very shy and I didn't have much of exposure to girls. All the girls I was ever with were the ones I grew up with like my cousins. So they were always like pals/sisters to me I guess.

SheWrites, thanks for your compassion. Your story is "interesting" though :-P
eee i think u told me about him!

Nothing makes sense in this life :p

lol you write & react like me ;)

You MUST show me his pic, he sounds yummie!

hehe good idea ;)

At 3 its not a crush as we know it now, its more of a longing to play with Haider & adoration of his looks (easy on the eye).


cute story! Its seems many of us never got over our crushes!

I guess its a cute/romatasized ideal we all secretly believe in, that we end up with our childhood puppy love or crush.


Adorable! I know how that feels ;) Sad that we are clinging to these memories!


So you didn't play doctor with your cousins.
I am loving this post ;P
I can't even remember my first crush, only because there were so many I'm not sure which one came first!!

Sheba... It's called Bhamdoun بحمدون
not Bu Hamdoun

hehe glad you are, but where's your input!?

Cute lol but you can list the first few if you like ;)

oh & about the big time, fashla, typo *blushhhhhhhhhhhhh*
I can’t remember my first crush ever. But, I think, I THINK this was my 1st. It was during summer school in UK and I was 7, he was 8. He was one of my housemates. I lived with a host family with three other boys (2 Kuwaitis and 1 Saudi). We spent a whole three months together and another three months the year after. I don’t remember my crush lasting to the 2nd year. Oh the funny part was meeting him again in high school. LOL, he turned out to be one of Kuwait’s studs ;P
Shopy & did he have a crush on you?
3 years old ? 4 years old ? 6 years old ? who said children are that innocent ?
seriously I can't remember ay :/

I loved your stories guys.. really cute but still didn't help me remembering any crushes :(
I don't think he did ;(
Sheba ente bent Abdulwahed Imbaki?
La bint Siad Barrey
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