Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Friend Asked Me 'Don't They Want to Live?'

Jihad is an easily manipulated concept to the ill informed or the ‘un enlightened’. First, you must show the potential terrorist that they are victims, that there's a grand enemy, and everyone who is not with them is the enemy. These people then believe that they are dieing for the rest of ‘their people’ and by terror they will awaken humanity to their cause. They now believe in a cause, which renders their worldly existence trivial and unnecessary.

They are most likely not part of the economy, nor are they part of any decision making process, and thus justify murder as just because they feel they are taking justice in their hands, because they have been convinced that there is no other way and the system is corrupt beyond return.

Terrorists probably have no sense of belonging to the community which they plot against, nor much belonging to any other community, so it’s easy to ‘take them in’ into any creed.

Terrorists or potential terrorists usually have no one else to listen to except for their masters. Counterbalanced or opposing arguments are far from their reach. The voice of reason is barely audible. The only visible action against terror is violence, manifested in wars, killings, torture, etc. All which buries the terrorist further in their dogma (belief).

And the solution is? Stronger support and exposure to reasonable or moderate Islamic figures. These can be from the head of Al-Azhar to young, calm, and well-respected religious personalities like Dr. Tarek Suwaidan. I have not mentioned Saudi religious figures because they are now seen as to speak in the voice of the government, which to the terrorists is the cause of all that which the Islamic nation is in.

Of course there is not ‘A’ solution, but many, and the approach should be holistic, which should cure the disease by reforming the socio-economic and political environment which the virus thrives in. But to remedy symptoms of religious brainwashing, you really need to talk to them in the same language which has allowed them to forget their humanity.

أنا أتفق معاك بكل اللي قلتيه
Not to mention that when they die, they'll find themselves in between 70 of 7oor el3een.,. like heaven was some kind of orgy pit
I agree

The photo of those Pakistani kids river rafting is just heart breaking, How can educated happy looking boys, who were fully enjoying life, turn into remotely-triggerd bomb carriers?

They reminded me of our boys here, who were killed during an attack on American troops in Failaka Island, we learned later that one them bought a new Porsche just few days earlier.

The brain washers who provoke kids into killing themselves are to blame here, those people who preach crap about the wonderful afterlife and transform kids into virgins-hungry Rambos, or teach hate then act surprised and outraged when death and violence reaches their homes.

The Governments in our Gulf countries are not doing enough, Mosques and desert camps keep breeding Kamikaze zombies, with no hope in sight.
brainwashing my friend! it is alot dirtier than it sounds! how could anyone have their thoughts and beliefs changed over night! how could you allow anyone to mess the work your parents did!! how would you face your mother after doing such a thing! how will they face God!

and W LOOOOL I swear it's so true!
Thank you readers, commentators.

I must say the more i read this post, the more i want to elaborate.

I wish i had some credentials to refer to, but i am afraid that this is merely my opinion from my point of view, and the topic is grossly complex.
Everything sounds right in this post. However ....

What's bothering me most if that how are those bomb triggers do think that they are doing the right thing that would please God when they kill innocent people? I mean, if it was politics that they are against, then try bombing that (not that I approve, but I'm just trying to analyze and understand their logic if it ever exist). If it was the foreign military forces they are after, they target that.

But now, what we saw in those past couple of days is London being hit, in the subway mainly, during July. Then it's sharm elshaikh in July. What is this? Is tourism now against the religion? Is it against their logic and belief (if exist) for people to actually travel and relax and have fun?

It's very puzzling to me quite honestly.

They are targeting the economy of those countrie, and that can have more lasting effect than just killing non civilians.

Dont forget the amount of terror generated by such attacks on teh genral population, thus more media coverage which is really the aim of most of terrorists. Attacks on military targets are no longer first page news.
Bomb Scare in Sal7iya & Sa7ab towers :(


I was there last night, & i will go again tonight. In defiance to the sons of the devil!
hello there,
i think i have an idea about whats in their minds... we have first to know that they are not naive ppl...they are not stupid ppl..and the people behind them are very devilish smart. their logic in short is this:
isreal is killing muslims in falas6een
americans and britts are kiling muslims in iraq and afghanistan
all the arab countries and their governments are silent about it and some of them are supporters to US and UK...for example egypt have a very strong doplomatic relation with isreal ...kuwait and saudi and the whole gulf have a very friendly relations with america and the

in order to but extra pressure on these countries lets go and bomb them to make the people scream on their government to stop the killing of muslims in iraq and falas6een...this is their logic OBL said it in his first block buster tape after 911 i want u out of my holly land , and orshelem.

most of the kuwaities who were involved in the terrorisim in kuwait and iraq they said that what fuled them was the picture of the americans in the iraqi jails insulting muslims and the holly quran

am not making excuses to these morons...but in order to fight them u have to know their logic...u said we should let the AZHAR do do.....come on....they say el azhaar is kafer.....lets let 6areq swaidan talk to them?? they will say he is kafer

honestly i dont know how to solve this issue....

their useing the logic of Obooy ma yegdar ella 3la ommy..means the americans and israelies are killing muslims and muslims cant go and fight them in a WAR so......we target the american civilians to put extra pressure on their government and on and on....

huff...anyway sorry for the headache o i deleted my blog:P..after u and NWMH ciao
Dear Kilama6oog,

Please dont be so naive to believe the OBL tapes!

OBL & other heads of terror groups have 1 agenda in mind: POWER.

If they wanted to free AlQuds, why don't they fight in that battle ground???

Have you seen how the poor Palestinians live? Why doesn't the 'Jihadist' billionaire money go to at least give these people some dignity in shelter, food, and clothing?

Have you seen the Palestinian camps in Lebanon?

Why dont they protest to that? These camps are no longer merely infested with diseases and illiteracy, they are now infested with drugs, addictions, and prostitution. Poverty is an understatement.

What friggin cause is that which you refer to!?

Osama bin laden's zakat money can correct all that. But does he care?! Do terrorists (leaders & followers care? Does anyone care?
Very well said Sheba.. And they will burn in hell I assure you
Oh, & Osama bin Laden's agenda changes every quarter it seems:

1st free the afghans
then make sure they follow me
then terrorize the Eastern provence in Saudi Arabia to get the US forces out of there.

Then terrorize the entire country of Saudi Arabia to get more followers into his new agenda: change the ruling family.

Then destroy the twin towers, which i see it now as his inauguration as new president of terror (he would soon ask to be the 9th power to make it the G9).

Then kill all the Iraqies they can & blame it on the US presence.

They will then claim victory over the US and rule iraq, as tyrants- which is their ultimate goal, which i believe is a big upgrade from Afghanistan (Iraq has oil, an infrastructure, and skilled labour.

Meanwhile, they are trying to weaken European governments so they can pull out of Iraq (the Spaniards pulled out of Iraq after the train bomb).

Shall i go on?
Terrorize ALL OF SAUDI!

But then again, we have other ppl to worry about,,, did you see our latest list? one of them was from the Tweijri family.. which is considered one of the wealthiest families in saudi...ya3ni walad ne3ma o mob nagsa shay.. wsh ybee!?!

le3n oboohom ilbanat malyaneen bel balad! njeeblhom mgharbah lo yboon! bs fekkona mn sharrhom!

Im confused about the reasons behind the british govs protection of Sa3ad elfageeh OPENLY admis his aliance to alqa3edah and supports them financially? Even the US asked the british gov to freeze his assets!!

o 7enna mn alf mlyoon sana ga3deen ngool 6al3ooh 6al3ooh!! bs tdreen,, ilsharha 3ala il 7ameer illi ma tfalo b wajha at speakers corner

Speakers corner or the Kuwaiti Magles al Uma its all the same. Our Governments are to blame, those people were supported financially at one point when they were called Mujahideen who fought against the Russian red army when it invaded Afghanistan

What good did that do ?

The supported them again when they fought in Bosina....those warriors cannot live now without a battelfield
There is no such thing as this so-called insane idealistic and imaginary "Islamic nation". I am sick to death of this hysterical and delusional phrase. Al7amdillah, I am very glad I am a Muslim, but I am ashamed to share my faith with these other killer Muslims who defile my faith with their religiously perverted actions. Sorry, I feel very strongly about this issue and I don't care what anyone thinks about me saying it. There is no reasoning with terrorist mentalities, I don't need to see their point or understand them sympathetically. Once you align yourself with or tacitly support a terrorist cause - however mildly- and/or *KILL* innocents, it's over for me. You belong in a *JAIL* and you are *EVIL*. You are not a Muslim. I really wonder what kind of heaven a terrorist will be welcomed into with their blood-stained, grisly souls.

Look where this "Nation of Islam" stuff has taken the world. Is this insanity what it means to establish it? Killing? Bombing people sleeping in their beds, or on their way to work to feed their children? I want no part of it. I want no association with other Muslims who preach or support this any longer. I will pray, read Quraan, and worship Allah in my faith, at home, and disassociate myself from them.

Killama6goog, I see you focused on Muslims being killed in Afghanistan and Iraq by the US and Britain, without even mentioning that "Muslims" are killing other Muslims in those very same countries as well as others.

Really, I have no tolerance for anyone who tries to justify the twisted and frightening rationale of those who spinelessly will not fight soldiers since they believe so passionately in their "cause", but will kill defenseless civilians.

Two wrongs do not make a right!

Oh, one more thing: where was Saint Osama (he of the blockbuster hit-tape sermons...) when Saddam, the holy pious Muslim, invaded Kuwait and stole, raped and pillaged? Where was his "Jihad" then? Khosh Jihad.

I apologise if I have offended with my strong and undiplomatic words. However, I meant what I said.
i recommend u to read (ree7 al Jannah) novel by Turki alHamad and that would answer all ur questions.
MrsBaker.. no rational person would be offended by your words. I salute you!

For more examples of Muslim brotherly love.. look to the Algerian massacres of the 1990's. Nobody cared at the time while hundreds of thousands of Algerians Muslims were slaughtered by their own countrymen and fellow Muslims.
Bo Jaij,

Of course I have to agree with you. The target is the economy, on the price of heads of innocent civilians.

The target of leaders of those terrorists is achieved by disrupting the economy of those countries and scaring tourists from going there.

However, what economy are you disrupting in Egypt? The poor things are in debt for the past 50 years or so. I think it's more targetted to scare tourists off.

Then back to the original post by Sheba. Is this really worth dying for? Is this really a good enough reason for those weak minds to give their lives away for?

Is this really "jihad"? I certainly doubt it.

If they have such will to die in the name of "jihad", and if they are doing it to answer what's happening in Iraq or Palestine, then why don't they channel such efforts there? Why are they killing innocent people in the name of disrupting economy around the world if that was their real target?

I think I'll stop right here otherwise I'll get angry like Sheba.
Sa7 ilsanech Ms Baker! I just want to remind you of something 'know thy self, know thy enemy, and in a thousand years you will win a thousand battles'

Zaydoun, thank you for reminding us all of Algeria. Yes, our hands our stained with blood. If it happened in our parent's time, i don't think they would have been quiet about it.
Eradicating this ideaological trend needs grass-roots efforts ...Your comment reflects your well comprehended views of this phenomenon....wanna work for KSS?:)
And let us not forget the issues on the world scene that contributes to the spread of this devilish ideology, and the double standards in tackling world issues from the Arab-Isreali conflict to the tender box up north.....

Thank you. Whats KSS?
As I read everyone's comments i am reassured that the world is still good place to be. Thats a good feeling to have.

In that spirit, I wanted to inject into this conversation one teeny bit of forgotten info.

Aug 3rd or 4th, 1990, some Kuwaiti Islamists and 'shyookh deen' - in Kuwait- issued fatwas against killing the invaders. They said its haram to kill a fellow muslim.

On a different note, though not entirely seperate, check out Daniel Pipe's 1986 Wall Street Journal article: Kuwait's Terrorism Policy Sets an Example ( its an interesting read :)
KSS-Kuwait State Security
Of course i want to join KSS!

I think i am cut out for it!

Please call me if you're recruiting.

Thank you,
Sheba :)

Saad, Thank you for the explanation & for URL of Pipe's article, will read now :)
I agree with all what you said Sheba/Mrsbaker but I disagree with naming TARIK SWAIDAN as an example of a moderate scholar. You should read Sheikh Saud AL-Sabah's (former Kwuaiti embassador to US) memoirs during the invasion of Kuwait and what stance Swaidan and his fellow cult members took during Kuwait's crisis. I most certainly view him as a traitor to the cause of our nation.
a3sab, yup
Please enlighten me on what Tarek Suwaidan & his cult said during the invasion?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tariq Suwaidan, Ismael Al- Shatty, Abdullah Al Ateeqy, established a committee against the use of foriegn powers and Christians and Jews (Yahood Wa Nasara) in war to liberate Kuwait. This was in October 1990.

Thats the short version. The longer version of the story includes fund raising for this committee during the invasion and activities such as tours of mosques and Islamic centers in the U.S.

In a nutshell, they preferred kuwait to be under occupation rather than liberated by Americans and Europeans.

And to put it in perspective, had they succeeded we would still be in scattered in Taif, Egypt, London, Bahrain, and the UAE.

The money would have ran out by now and we would be refugees living in tents





sorry sheba
I know its a long article but its worth a read. I couldnt find the original one in Al-Qabas but this one quotes the paper and gives u an idea why I thik Tariq Swaidan is a traitor.

سعود الصباح يشن هجوما عنيفا على الإسلاميين الكويتيين

اتهم الاخوان المسلمين الكويتيين

بمناهضة التدخل الأميركي لصالح بلاده

الكويت – يوسف علاونة:

شن الشيخ سعود الناصر الصباح وزير النفط والاعلام الأسبق في الكويت هجوما عنيفا على عدد من رموز التيار الإسلامي من تنظيم الإخوان المسلمين واتهمهم بمعاداة التحالف الدولي الذي حرر الكويت من الاحتلال العراقي عام 1990-1991 وتحدث عن ما قال أنه تفاصيل لقاء (صدمة) مع عدد من شخصيات الاسلاميين الكويتيين أبان عمله سفيرا لبلاده في واشنطن في ذلك الوقت.

ويأتي حديث الشيخ سعود الذي يعمل الآن عضوا في المجلس الأعلى للتنمية ضمن مسلسل ذكريات ينشره في صحيفة القبس عن الأزمة الكويتية العراقية، وتطرق فيه في الحلقات السابقة لمواقف الدول المختلفة موردا بعض الأسرار التي واكبت حرب الخليج الثانية لكن حديثه الأخير سيتسبب بردود فعل عنيفة من التيار الاسلامي الذي تعول الحكومة على موقفه في عدم طرح الثقة بوزير المالية الذي يتم استجوابه أمس الاثنين من جانب عضو التكتل الشعبي مسلم البراك.

وفي مذكراته يقول الشيخ سعود "انه بينما كانت الكويت تجيّش طاقاتها وكوادرها للتحرير كان د. اسماعيل الشطي ود. طارق سويدان، وعبدالله العتيقي يطلبون منه دعما ماديا يبلغ خمسين مليون دولار لدعم انشطة "الهيئة العالمية لمناصرة الكويت".

وقال الشيخ سعود ان المفاجأة كانت عندما طلب الوفد هذا المبلغ لتسويق مشروع مقاتلة الوجود الاميركي في المنطق.

مشيرا إلى جهود التيار الاسلامي في "منع الطلبة الكويتيين من التطوع كمترجمين مع القوات الاميركية اثناء حرب تحرير الكويت بدعوى انهم كفار ولا يجوز التطوع مع النصارى و والدكتور اسماعيل الشطي عضو في المكتب السياسي للحركة الدستورية الاسلامية ونائب سابق ومسؤول الحوار الفكري في التنظيم كما أن الدكتور السويدان داعية معروف وهو أحد كبار منظري التيار الاخواني في الكويت.


وقال الشيخ سعود "بينما كنت في السفارة في واشنطن وكان ذلك في اكتوبر عام 1990 طلب 3 اشخاص مقابلتي وهم د.اسماعيل الشطي ود.طارق السويدان وعبدالله العتيقي، ولم اكن اعرف من يمثلون ولا من هم ووافقت رأسا على مقابلتهم..

رحبت بهم وسألتهم عما يريدون وما اذا كان بالامكان خدمتهم فقالوا انهم جاءوا من الطائف للتحرك في الولايات المتحدة، وخاصة في المراكز الاسلامية والمساجد لدعم قضية الكويت وانهم انشأوا الهيئة العالمية لمناصرة الكويت".

وتابع "قلت لهم جزاكم الله خيرا وبارك الله فيكم وسألتهم على ماذا ستتركز نشاطاتكم وذكروا ان نشاطهم هو زيادة المراكز الاسلامية والمساجد لتوضيح قضيتنا وابعادها".

واوضح الشيخ سعود "ان من نشاطات بعض المراكز الاسلامية التي ترفض وجود القوات الاميركية وتحريرها الكويت كانت مصدر ازعاج، وتمنيت لو ان هذه المجموعة توضح الصورة الحقيقية للقضية في المراكز الاسلامية".

واضاف بأن المجموعة طلبوا منه دعما مقداره 50 مليون دولار "فقلت اني لا املك هذا المبلغ وليس لدي تعليمات من الطائف بإعطائكم هذا المبلغ ودعمكم في هذا النشاط".

ويقول الشيخ سعود انه "بعد ان طلبوا هذا المبلغ استفسرت منهم لتنسيق مواقفنا ككويتيين عن طرحهم الذي سيطرحونه في هذه المراكزفاجاب د.اسماعيل الشطي، وكنت وقتها اعامله باحترام، ان الشعار الذي سيرفعونه هو انه يجب مقاتلة الوجود الاميركي في المنطقة".

واستطرد الشيخ سعود "الصدفة انني قبلها بيوم كنت في البيت الابيض باجتماع مع مجلس الامن القومي واطلعوني على خطة تعزيز القوات ومضاعفتها في المنطقة لإعطائها القدرة على الهجوم تمهيدا لتحرير الكويت".

ويقول الشيخ سعود "لم انس كلامهم بأنه يجب ان نقاتل الوجود الاجنبي في المنطقة، وكان السفير عبدالعال القناعي حاضرا الاجتماع، وسألت الشطي عن قصده بهذه العبارة فكرر انهم لا يريدون قوات اجنبية وانه يجب ان تستبدل هذه القوات بقوات اسلامية لتحرير الكويت، وسألتهم مجددا ان كانوا جادين فيما يقولون واكدوا ذلك، واصابتني صدمة ولم أتخيل ان يخرج هذا الكلام من كويتيين، الا انه اتضح انهم لا يريدون قوات اميركية وفرنسية وبريطانية لتحرير الكويت".

وتابع "لم اكن اعرف من تمثل هذه التيارات لانها بالنسبة لي تيارات تافهة ولا افهمها، والذي كان يفهمها السفير عبدالعال القناعي واصابته الصدمة لما سمعه، وقلت له اسمع يا اسماعيل، ان جلست يوما واحدا في الولايات المتحدة فلن تعرف ما سيأتيك، ونصيحتي لك ان تأخذ اول طائرة وترجع الى الطائف، وان عملت اي ندوة من المنطلق الذي تتحدث فيه فلا تلُم الا نفسك انت وجماعتك، وسأجعل الحماية من الامن الاميركي الذين لدي في السفارة يتابعونك الى ان تخرج من اميركا، وفعلا اتجه الى نيويورك ثم الى الطائف".

اما عن طارق سويدان فقال "كان لديه منحة دراسية.. وهذه من المهازل التي لدينا في الكويت التي تبعث طلبة من هذا النوع في منح دراسية ويستغلون هذه المنح لغسل ادمغة طلبتنا، وكانت لي معهم مواقف كثيرة قبل الغزو، وظل سويدان في واشنطن، ويتصل يوميا بالسفارة ساعيا لمقابلتي، ثم قابلته وسألته عما يريد وقال انه يريد ان يتعاون، واذا لم نستطع ان ندفع له 50 مليونا فمن الممكن ان يتدبر اموره بـ 5 ملايين".

ورد عليه الشيخ سعود "حتى لو كان معي دولار واحد لن اعطيك اياه، ورجاء لا اريد ان اراك مرة اخرى".

ويضيف "اثناء انعقاد الندوة الكبرى في جامعة جورج واشنطن، وبعد ان قدمت كلمتي فُتح المجال لمن يريد ان يسأل، ولاحظت ان من بين الطلبة الذين يريدون ان يسألوا طارق سويدان..ثم طلبت من رجال الامن التخلص منه، وتم رميه خارج الجامعة".

وتطرق الشيخ سعود الى اتحاد طلبة الكويت فرع الولايات المتحدة وهو اتحاد يسيطر عليه التيار الاسلامي قائلا "كلهم من جماعة الاخوان المسلمين" مذكرا بأن هذا الاتحاد عمل ضده "عندما طلبت وزارة الدفاع الاميركية توفير مترجمين للانضمام اليها ووفرنا 600 شخص من الطلبة وبدأ اتحاد الطلبة العمل ضدنا في اتجاه معاكس، فكانوا يتصلون بالطلبة ويحذرونهم من الانضمام والتطوع تحت شعار انه لا يجوز التطوع مع الكفار والنصارى، وكثير من الطلبة ترددوا"

واضاف الشيخ سعود "اول دفعة كانت تضم 200 طالب في فندق هيلتون في فرجينيا حيث كان مركز التجمع، وكان هناك جنرال اميركي كلف بهذه العملية مع فريق كامل، وبعد فترة اتصل بي الجنرال وقال ان هناك مجموعة ملتحين يعملون فوضى في المجموعة، وان هناك شيئا لا افهمه لاني لا افهم لغتهم".

ويضيف الشيخ سعود "ذهبت الى الهيلتون مع الامن ووجدت ان اعضاء اتحاد الطلبة يحرضون الطلبة على عدم التطوع، وفقدت اعصابي، وسألتهم عما يفعلونه وذكروا انه واجب عليهم ان يفهموا الطلبة دينهم وانه يجب ألا يتطوعوا مع النصارى واليهود، وطردتهم من الفندق".

وفي مذكراته وصف الشيخ سعود صدام حسين بأنه عدو لدود للولايات المتحدة.

وتابع "صحيح انه ايام الحرب العراقية - الايرانية خدم صدام مصالح أميركية وساعد الأميركان ونحن في الكويت ساعدنا صدام ايضا، ومن يتهم الاميركان بانهم يريدون بقاء صدام، فيجب ان يتهمنا نحن ككويتيين باننا نريد بقاء صدام لاننا دعمناه وساعدناه في السابق".
Thank you a3sab! Ma gasartai, i will read it :))
Dear A3sab,

Thank you so much for this eye opener. I will go get Sh. Saud's book, because of this article you posted :)
unfortunately sheba he did not publish a book al-qabas had a long interview with him published over serveral days about the days of the invasion and the politics behind closed doors, you might be able to get from alqabas newspapers archives
Thank you a3sab :))
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