Sunday, July 03, 2005

Live 8, & a Pressing Issue!

1. Live 8 was great. I was dancing all night to Madonna, A-HA, Will Smith, Destiny’s Child, Snoop, etc... Loved it, but it was just not Live Aid. It lacked soul. Was too commercial, and Madonna did a good job wearing her diamond M pendant, diamond rings, and diamond bracelet (all beautiful btw) but very inappropriate. Appearing in a Jean Paul Gaultier beautiful, off-white, tuxedo would have been enough glamour for the cause. Sting & Dido, my chocolate mouse, and memories of 1986 concert (Phil Collins performing in London then flying to NY by concord to perform there), were the high lights of my evening.

2. It is SO SO SO passé to be hairy. Men & women, please get your shaving, waxing, laser(ing), in a timely manner or STAY AT HOME!

Oh yes, I must add, that the genuinity i felt was through Bob Geldof ofcourse, Peter Gabriel, and Wil Smith.
how can you dance to AHA ?
Take on me!!!!! How can you NOT dance to that?
شيباالبارحه أنا و
حشينا فيش...قلنا و الله فراغه...خبرش أمس هرمون العساره كان ضارب
you cannot dance to that, do you have proof :)?
nano, ma tesawerain il wenasa ily kint feeha!

ma3indi tevo
Guwa ya Sheba ishloonich :)

Aha and Peter Gabriel...aaaah.. the sounds of growing up in Kuwait in the 80's :)

It was a great show!
I meant proof of you dancing to AHA

Awalan hello girl, long time no see!

Thanian, if peter gabriel reminds you of Kuwait in the 80s then what does Abdulla Ruwaished remind you off?


Ma3endi proof. Gotta take my word for it.
It is hard to imagine anyone dancing to AHA!
Ekkhhh hairy women!! I mean I can imagine hairy men BUT Hairy Ladies!! 3ala goltech passeeeeee Big time ! :/ wai3 :S

Ela shsalfat el "Set-UPS" bel deerah tara kelesh mo khosh 7arakah!

Sheba - Abdalla Ruwaished reminds me of :

"Bilshari3 il-Jahra 9adifooni, thalatha ray7een il-9ali7iyah! "


MsB, toothless and rocking away on her creaky granny chair, waving her cane around....
2. sajja!
how could some one br hairy on summer?
2. Men with no hair? On their faces you mean or where?
loved the event // it lacked MJ and janet and yes i must agree it lacked soul // if Patti was there she would'v blowed it up // loved madonna // about her clothes tara thats her signature // this is what she wears bil tours fa ya3nee no harm done.

performances i liked : madonna, joss stone, kanye west and mariah carey.
You mean bald?
Sheba, shed more light on the hairy men subject. Where have you been? :-P
Hairy men on the BEACH! Hairy for example is bushy underarms for men (yukh), and prickly bikini lines for women (double yukh)!
Sheba!!!! allah ysam7ich
Hairy faces are probably the only thing that bothers me. I think I hate beards more than hair anywhere else. Not the 5 o'clock shadow, that I like, But a long beard where you can always imagine food getting stuck there. YUCK
I HATE hairy men like beasts!!

"bushy underarms"
"prickly bikini lines"

I just lost my lunch apetite :-|
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