Monday, July 11, 2005

Sheba Update (not that exciting)

Thursday: Watched Nip Tuck 2 with me girl friends (amazing).

Made sure all my friends & loved ones in the UK are okay.

Friday: Went to 3omra with W, her sis & their friend. Jehazhum Allah khair. It was beautiful. W was my mentor, she was reading out the du3a2's (prayers for good stuff to happen to us, like get rich & skinny) and i would say 'Ameen'. I tried reading, but we started to laugh so i handed back the book to W. Miss you W. & love you lots :*

Saturday: Went to office in our Jeddah plant. Kicked ass. I love going there. The tea boy was Saudi. I was so embarrassed asking him for tea & i couldn't do it myself, i was in a meeting with clients (plus, i don't know where the tea is). We have 9 Saudi labors in the company there, wayed iksaraw kha6ry :( I know ina il shegel mu 3aib & all that, but still, you can't help but think of the opportunities these young men would/could have had in this oil rich country.

Later, i met with W & her friends. We chilled out in 1 of her friend's houses (who had just came from the states after a year abroad- did her masters). We later had to leave because her fiance had come for a day from Riyadh to visit her. The girl (who incedentally initially came across to me as very prudish, was wearing a very revealing top). I told W if my dad ever saw me wearing that infront of my fiance he'd chop my head off (dad is not a taliban, but he has something about too much skin, if you're not swimming). I think its a cultural difference.

Sunday: Meetings Meetings, then got on plane & went to my cousin's wedding, she's an orphan so it was very sentimental.

O salamatkum.

nice, i like the short and busy trips. taqabbal allah
Oh forgot to add, on Saturday we (W & I) sent flowers to the British Councelate in Jeddah.

We also pigged out & took silly pictures of ourselves.
Kila ma6goog

E wenasa 7ail bess al7een 7adi ta3bana. Menna o Mennek :)))

Well it’s more exciting than having your wisdom tooth pulled out.. wanna trade ? :(
The Don,

Matshoof shar

can't trade, cuz i've done 2 wisdome teeth 2 days a part & 3an il 3ayarah, it doesn't hurt!
taqabbal allah :)

Miss u already!! LOOL 7assasteeni inni m6awfah LOOOL

Well in Jeddah, for liberal families, it doesn't really matter + the fact that the guy is her fiance,, khalas mafeeh mshakil :p

too bad I didnt get to see u on sunday.. planned on dropping by for breakfast bs makan feeh amal agoom :x
menna o mennech :)

hehe lech ajer Double U.
Tedreen i woke up 40 mins be4 my meeting? & i was just having my breakie when they came to pick me up :/

meta aseer rich enough to delegate EVERYTHING?
Interestig few days I have to say Nip/Tuk and 3omra on the say weekend; what a major switch of mood and scene...:-)
About Nip/Tuk: Loved season 2 more than season 1. even though it is quite graphic and very sexed up I was glued to the screen until I finished all episodes. I cant wait for 24 and Alias to come out later this summer.

About 3omra: Taqabbal Allah...question: How did u deal with the heat?
Menna o mennech..

It wasn't hot at all masha'Allah, not even humid!
t3aali hena.. laish not exciting??? it was exciting!! Shebaaaaa..

/me pouts

LOL yalla lunch time!
and we went to bubbles on saturday !
Takabal Allah 6a3atkum, ya Sheba and W. I love going to 3umrah very much, I am always renewed and feel great contentment afterwards. :)
7amdillah 3ala assalama !

7adda exciting!

But i wrote the title before recalling the few days properly
Teqabal allah dear, oo ya36eekom el 3afyah both of you :)

tagabbal allah 6a3tech...did u say my part of dua3a'a
7amdilla 3asalama :>
W, its always exciting with you baby!

Minna o minnich sweetie & Allah i3afeeeh :)

BUT OF COURSE! If it happens, i get a commision tara ;)
Allah isalmich :*
I was wondering where you have been. Taqabal allah.
taqabal alla =) glad u had fun!
welcome back :)

I wonder if everyone in this blog would like to see those pictures you guys took or is it just me :-P
Dear Sheba,

taqabal allah 6a3tech.

TaQaBBaL aLLaH !! =)
PLZ check my latest post, i mentioned you ;P
Sheba, taqabal allah.
I rememebre I went to 3omrah when I was little with my aunt and her husband, so technically does he count as a ma7ram? anyway, they made up this nick name for me "Om 7abeebah". And my cousins make fun of me till this day. Hmmm, maybe its a "you had to be there" kinda story! ha ha..Just felt like sharing.
Sheba... taqabbal Allah 6a3tech

Why was I under the impression you were in Beirut with the gang?
You forgot the 9ogha

1- 6aqiya - Wi-Fi Enabled
2- Mesbaa7 - built in memory stick
3- Mswaach - Butterscotch flavor
4- Almonds stuffed dates :\
Shopy, M, Misguided, nunu, & Waterlilie: Mena o menkum thank you all :))

I'll mms you suwar il ka3ba, shrayek? :p

Sorry dear, i don't like tags but thank you for including me.

Mena o menek. Nah, ma ishtahait aroo7 last weekend & i had to be in Jeddah.

Bo Jaij,

hehe I like!
Oh!! Too bad!! =/
Sounds like you had a very busy time- doing business, being spiritual, and having fun. I am glad you enjoyed yourself. Exciting enough I think . Hope you have now recovered.
ahllan ya bnaytee ,, missed you ,,

ok so here it is plain and simple ,, i loved the atmosphere of you and your friends watching Nip/Tuck ,, wish i could do the same with my friends lakin i only have 1 friend who's great in those stuff (ALEXIS) but the rest are retarded !!

Love & miss you !
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