Saturday, August 20, 2005

Courtesy of GEOrhythm

This picture of a boutique hotel set in cosmopolitan mountain resort in Lebanon came in from GEOrhythm. This was the creation of a well known avante-guard architect, Mu3alem 3a6eyah. Notice the creativity in the windows and walls.

Thank you GEO :)

شيبا....أفا...و فوق البيعه..كل دريشه غير
ye3ny modern :p
I hope this is better than the other florist business you are trying to get rid of… :)

hotel marra wa7dah ??

Postmodern ba3ad
Ya Don Ya Q80 Chopper,

Chinnek te6anaz 3elai? :/

I didn't buy this hotel and abashrek, i sold the shop with a 10% loss :)

hehe :p
If you sold the shop and immediately bought ADNC, you would have recouped the 10% loss.. :P
The Don,
Whats the use of you telling me that after the market closes?!

I tried to make it up on Grand, but i chickened out & sold on Wednesday (at cost).
WOW!! You own a hotel?!
Ma fee '7a9um?

if you bought this morning still you would have done well.. and still there is a chance.. BELIEVE ME
nunu NOOOOOOOOO! esm 3ala esm only :p

3baid haha, la balooshi, its a YMCA!

The Don, thank you, took your recommendation (lets pray for all ADNConians)
what would be in a person's mind to do such thing
madri wala ;r
LOL!! I know I know!! Calm down! I was kidding.. Take it easy ;P
cosmopolitan?! hayyin
Geo, whats the hotel's e-mail?
email? i don't think they heard of it back in the 70s .. but how about a telegram?
Mmmmm boutique hotel? Are you sure its not part of any Ian Schrager's properties, coz I can see the hallmarks of Phillipe Starcks designs all over! :p
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