Friday, August 12, 2005

Hello Hello!

Okay i've been on holiday for the past 8 days, and i go back to work tomorrow :( And as many of you know, i usually only blog from work (NAUGHTYYYYY) but hey its not my fault that i do not have any colleagues to waste time with while i'm having my coffee breaks (and no they're not tea breaks cuz i hate the taste of our tea in the office, but i am a tea person cuz you can dunk more things in tea than coffee).

So what have i achieved in this very short break?

I watched Tv, saw more of my friends, slept, cooked, went to the gym (semi-regularly), went shopping, organized my self a bit & salamatkum.

What haven't i achieved in this very short break?

A lot!

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Im so lazy too...but its friday

No problem... I just need to get over last night safari trip
Kenyan Safari?
r u left handed?
You don't have colleagues !!!!!

Wanasa.....that's my dream workplace. Pleasurable stillness.

Elmohem welcome back :D
AND you posted a drawing with the writing wrapped AROUND it. C O O L!
(Seriously, it looks very cool)

hey Sheba we've missed you
welcome baaack

Purgy, I think she is!

Welcome back Sheba =)
Nope right handed (the writing is slanting to the right).

Yes, wayed wenasa, but i have the TOUGHEST boss in town!

Its easy even for dummies like me :>

Miss you il 3afia. Thank you. Like your logo :>

Thank you dearie :)

Hope i can sleep tonight & if not, histamine will do the trick ;r
Oh, look who's here!

Sheba, What's so special about tea?
I think I only drink tea and coffee as part of my grown up act..
Sharbat beithan wayed a7la.

We missed you, la t3eedinha
Ok, you wrote that while tense? it looked to me similar to a left hand person writing
Thank you dearie. How have you been? I've been drinking vimto (with milk or water) & chai 7aleeb since i was 2. I dunk everything in it: Baskoot, cake, sandwiches, kitkat, baqsam, darabeel, shaboora, gers 3gaili, etc.

Huh? Not much of an inspecter (gadget) are ya?
erm, what's that again?
Vimto with milk??
there is something fishy about your hand writing, I cannot quite yet find it
Welcome Back weets,
EKHH I hate going back to work after some time off. I need to do that tomorrow myself ;P
that's the whole point of having a time off or a break. It's so you don't do things. So don't feel bad, your break is executed to perfection. At least in my book 8-)
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