Monday, August 22, 2005


Talc powder is back on my back. Yes, baby powder. Why? It smells good, and feels good. Try it out. But make sure you don't slip on it. What next? Yes, i'll be wearing faneela instead of a brazier.

when's the "baby johnson cologne" phase?
haha i dont like it, reminds me of hospitals. But i will go back to cerelac & farley's this weekend ;p
3ad add cardamon for a grown up flavor :P
C U T E!
ow bainy ow bainich arya7 ;)
i'm not into the grown up taste hal ayam, madri shfeeni

haha ok the powder can be cute, bess the faneela replacing a bra can lead to serious problems :p
شيبو أشفيك!!!!!؟
أنا اللي خابرته أنك كنتي بكامل قواك العقليه...شنو صار ابهال
nano, madri shay ghareeb!

wayed ashya taghayart feeni, ne6rai o shoofai
You can't find better than "johnson & johnson" powder ;)

Bs why faneela? =/
Comfy is great. I recommend big loose T-Shirts :]
I recommend "Clean" perfume

miss youuuuu
Dear Sheba,

I hate doing this but i feel I have too.

Talc powder is dangerous and has been linked to ovarian cancer in women.

The Talc Pwder is made from a magnesium trisilicate mineral, which in its natural form may contain asbestos, a known human carcinogen. Because of this association with asbestos, all home-use talcum products marketed after about 1973 - baby powders, body powders, facial powders - have been required by law to be asbestos-free.

There is strong scientific evidence to show that Talcom Powder is aerolized in the air and inadverdently taken in.... thats why u can smell and sometimes even taste it so strongly. Some studies show that it's use leads to respiratory difficulties in children. U.S. physicians DON NOT advise the use of Talc powder to treat diaper rashes is babies.

More info is available here and other sites.

Becasue I care...I thought I shoud share.

Your buddy always,

baby power & faneela?

sounds like a heat rash to me....
isn't a brazier what George Costanza's father wore in a Seinfeld episode? (women don't wear that right?!)
correction: powder
Dear Misguided,

Thank you for your valuable info. I have stopped using talcum powder :)

But i am afraid that i have enhaled some of the bad talcum powder since i was born in 1972. Must check with mom.

Kind Regards,
Faneela, my mom swears by it... bra... never leave home without it!
hmmm, what's after the faneela?!
Whats a brazier?

is it french for iwzar?
Saad is funny.

But baby johnson powder smells divine!

Do you have a sunburn on your back darling? But as you say, much, much more comfortable than a bra in the heat.
Oh yeah, gravity! Look at the Masai in Africa, they have verticle breasts :p

Madri i think i'm off the childhood phase, Misguided scared me off it. I'm just vegetating when i'm not at work.

brazier is the long term for bra

like taxi cabriolet is the long term for taxi cab, then taxi or cab

No sunburn, i just like the feel & smell
I was looking at your posts about cancer research and found a good article about the same cancer research info too...

God luck with it : )
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