Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Wedgy

Best thing in having a women only section at your gym is pulling out your wedgy with no worries.

Note: Wedgy occurances tend to increase when you overgrow your undies.

i guess u gotta wear great grandma underwear for that not to happen lol
what's the problem in pulling out a wedgy in front of guys? Take it from me, pulling a wedgy is alot less erotic than actually keeping the wedgy in. Think about it for a sec :-P
Dear Sheba,

Thanks for the visual.


الله يخلى الوزار
خوش مؤثرات بصريه! تذكروون حلقه ) Seinfeld( لما يذكرون انواع الويدجي - الاتوميك ويدجي :-)
على طاري
أكره شئ لما يصير و أنتي في مكان متروس رياييل...و تكونين متدودهه مو قادره تركزين بس تبين اتطلعينه
المنظر يصير وايد قبيح
lol 7ar mot mu mal 6abaqtain hdoom!
B3dain don't forget, grandma panties can RIDE up.


Dear Misguided,

You're welcome.


Bo Jaij,
hehehehe thakaratni ib bess ya ba7ar ROFL

hehe glad u liked the visuals.

LOL etseer fi a7san il 3aylat :p
How DO you come up with these posts which are SO REALISTIC!
Hah. You're so right.. Wedgies suck man, there's no feminine-like quick discreet movement to get rid of it!
hehehe real life :p
khalesaw al mewathe3?
I can never pull one out in public. I have to go to the restroom, go inside the stall and THEN get comfy. I'm really surprised when I see Kuwaiti men (mostly from the older crowd) 'adjusting' themselves in public. I can't help but look away of course, but I get perplexed on how comfortable men are doing that in the open.

Yes it is the best thing =D
LMAO!! now thas funny!!!! tehehehehehehehehheheheheheheh

Welcome to all new bloggers/commentators here, and big hello to everyone else.
What is this!!!
your drawings are crap!!!

hmm, big ass though, you still get an 'A'
cutest picture ever! lol bas everytime i stop by to see if theres a new post, i have a big ass in my face... almost as scary as the hypnotizing image you had a few posts back *shudders*
Things can be much worse Sheba
Someone giving you a the involuntary wedgy!

Wala sarat salfa 3ala hal bum

Ok i do apologize for my slow prodcution, they're making me pay for all the time wasting i did during the year :/
That's why I always wear thongs :)
Hehehe interesting!
I pull it out wherever I am... I don't really care. lol Yeah I'm not really "lady like."
Jo! You can't go to the gym in thongs! Too abrassive :p

M, :r

Grandma Funk hehehehe i guess both sites are very funny, whether you keep the wedgy in, or if you pull it out
Sheba: Wanna bet ;)
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