Monday, September 19, 2005

A Grown Up Crush

Yes, Robert Downey Jr. And guess what? He just got married, just as i found my feelings towards him!

Question: If your wife/husband saw a celebrity she/he was madly in love with, would it be okay with you for them to kiss her/him?

yes its ok with me if im allowed to do the same ..without losing a testicle
haha okay tongue wila no tongue?
no just a butt slap
okhhh! feek 3erj Italian?
I would let him kiss her I'd be soo excited maybe more he would ever be lol
I'd probably even bring her to him, it would make him happy, and I know it's just a thing I mean she does that to like zillion men every other day it's not like it'll make a difference to her, to him it would be an adventure I guess, I guess after that I'll have to hear about it at every gather, I'd probably tell it myself.
Sheba I wonder why it is so upsetting when they get married, I mean it's not like we have a chance to be with one of them, you know? but it's like really bad news
haha thats so true, madri laish! Bess i'm happy for Robert D. Jr. cuz he was so happy he said something like 'its my turn to luck out' and his wife looks like a good person. I hope the stability keeps him drug free.


haha thats so cute!
But seriously, how do you pronounce your name?
one word.. "Threesome" lol
har har!

ullah shakbari har har (ayam garfield)
Ofcourse it would be OKAY with me. In fact, I'll probably go and kiss her first!! I'd be really excited!! =D

The Don, LOL!! You're dying to get "threesome" ;P
No it's not Ok.

But I can kiss whomever I want, and he has no right to object or raise a brow...
I don't see the point of kissing a celebrity. If its ok to kiss a celebrity because he / she is hot, then that should apply to all! Otherwise I would go and kiss a hot chick and come back and say "don't you know her? she is the one from (some imaginary movie)" and move on like nothing happened. Well that is assuming I don't get a major slap on the face from the supposed celebrity :p
spontaneous .. ok? like the regular word spontaneous, then like spontaneousness? cause I didn't know if it word is spontaneousness or spontanousity, so I thought oh whatever, spontanous-ness-sity so spontaneousnessity. all good?
Well if he was 'madly in love' with her, then by all means he could kiss her as much as he desired
mmm well in my case it's Monica Bellucci

and if we ever bump into her, trust me we'll both kiss her!
Equalizer... the license to kiss should be used with a real celebrity, not just anyone from the streets ;-)

Personally, I'd let my husband kiss his favorite celebrity, but no tongue; Just a teeny-weeny little peck. And of course, I expect the same courtesy from him if I ever meet Vin Deisel or Agent Delko from CSI:MIAMI, ummm ummm ummm ummm umm!
ok this is what i can retract from the msgs above:

blog commentators are quiet 'olympic' with their sexuality, with the exception of equalizer.

Some also have gay/lesbian tendencies.

1 of them also has typical 'biker' fantasies of 3somes (we wont say who) :p

In conclusion, my hat goes of to all of you!
hahaha we need to discuss this
hehehehe catch-22 i didnt mean you (in particular) :p
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