Thursday, October 27, 2005


Too fat to go to jiyaam, kila min 3ain shagool!

tsk tsk tsk ya7sedoon il faqeer 3ala ke7l 3aina :p

You made me think of garfield
Sheba, sweets.. shfeech?
I mean 3asa ma shur kil yom template ghair?

and the picture?????

shfeech wallah goleeli yemkin agdar asa3dich :(
i am Garfield

mu 3ajebni wala template

and this pic is from google, i liked it :) its from a jewish movie
the idiom is "ya7sedoon alfaqeer 3ala motat alyem3a"

And if the mosque is too tiring, pray at home. That's what I do!
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