Monday, October 24, 2005

Attention, men! 4 signs that she's into you By Matt Christensen

Attention, men! 4 signs that she's into you By Matt ChristensenYou’re at a bar. You notice a woman. She notices you. You move closer, drink in hand. She tosses her hair and crosses her legs. Does it mean anything? You bet. Is it a good sign? Could be. More than 70% of communication between humans is non-verbal, meaning you can learn a lot, and save yourself from potential embarrassment, just by watching a potential love interest. Check out these things you can tell about a woman before she even says word one.

Clue #1: She’s all decked outWhat you can tell: According to Patti Wood, body language expert and professional speaker, a woman’s appearance can translate into how much attention she needs, and is willing to give. “When a woman takes care of herself, men assume she’ll be able to take care of them,” she says. That’s the upside. “But if her appearance is perfectly flawless, that is the standard she’ll measure you by,” explains Kevin Hogan, Ph.D., and author of Irresistible Attraction: Secrets of Personal Magnetism. Are you up for the challenge? Because she may well be one high-maintenance woman. <-- TRUE

Clue #2: She licks her lipsWhat you can tell: “There is a certain kind of lip-licking that means she’s interested,” says Wood. “Look for a slow movement of just the upper part of the tongue across the lips. A woman has to make an effort to do that, so it’s very come-hither.” John South, from Charleston, WV, has used the lip-licking theory to his advantage. “There was a woman at a bar who looked at me and then licked her lips,” he explains. “So, I went over to her and asked her if she needed some ChapStick. She knew I caught her, and she was a little embarrassed, but she told me she was glad I came over.” <-- NEVER NOTICED, BUT IT SOUNDS LAME

Clue #3: She tosses her hairWhat you can tell: “Any kind of preening is a woman’s attempt to get noticed,” Wood explains. One particularly good sign: “If she flips her hair back with her wrist exposed, she’s opening herself up to you.” In fact, any exaggerated hair toss (as opposed to a quick sweep of the bangs to get them out of the way), is a positive thing. Chase Massingill, of Queens, NY, says the hair toss has been a good indicator that a woman is interested in him. “One night at a party, I noticed this beautiful woman looking at me, then she looked away and flipped her hair back,” he explains. “I went to talk to her and later found out from one of her friends that she’d been eyeing me all night.” <-- HMM I PLAY WITH MY HAIR ALL THE TIME :/

Clue #4: Her feet face youWhat you can tell: “Where the feet go, the heart follows,” explains Wood. “If a woman is into you, the bottom portion of her body will face you. If her lower body is turned away, chances are it’s not shyness, it’s a lack of interest.” Most women have been taught to be polite, so they may turn to face you with their upper bodies, observes Wood. “But the lower body is what separates attraction from civility. Even when she’s talking to other guys, if her feet are pointed toward you, she’s interested. It’s a very good indicator.” Now that you know how to decode body language, get out there and use this info to approach the women who are interested in you… and not bother with those who aren’t. <-- VERY TRUE

I play with my hair all the time too!!!
have to pay attention to number 4 and the hair thing is a myth.
The hair thing is not a myth! The four of them are so true.
Sheba, ghal6aaana

Guys, forget about the signs.. Please come forward and give us the chance to reject you verbally

Shurouq, bitterly
(3ala golat Gigi)
Shopa, hair is a myth.
ATTENTION MEN! Don't believe Patti Wood. Listen to what I gotta say
Sorry Sheba :*

Ok here's the thing,
Clue#1: "A woman's appearance can translate into how much attention she needs" (True)

“When a woman takes care of herself, men assume she’ll be able to take care of them,”

When a woman takes care of herself, one of the things she's expecting that MEN will take care of her. and not they way around

Clue#2: That one is simple
"She licks her lips" she's horny.

Clue#3: "She tosses her hair. What you can tell?" I can tell she loves her hair, she's worried it doesn't look good OR it's just a habbit (just like me)
“Any kind of preening is a woman’s attempt to get noticed,” (yeah and that too.. sometimes)

Clue#4: it could be very true :) except if she was crossing legs and one leg was facing you. It means you don't exsist. It's just rude.
بالنسبة لرقم 1 معقولة لكن اغلب النساء يكشخون فهل هذا يعني انها بتهتم بالطرف الثاني ، اشك في ذلك
لكن تبي الناس تلاحظها 100% صح
اما موضع اللسان مممم ما لاحظت لكن هل من حسن التصرف ان الالمرأة تطلع لسانها بهالطريقة ممكن توحي فكرة خاطئة
3 موضوع الشعر صح اوافق عليه
4 جدير بالنتابعة والملاحظة اعتقد انه ممكن يكون للجنسين
Sheba's tips:

If i like i would:

1. Smile

2. Be shy

3. Look at you

If i do not like you:

Sarah understands females better than many do, so listen to her, including you miss she under the table look woman.
she should have been shy.
My signs

If I like you,, Ill tell you. If I dont like, I'll also tell you

Im sick and tired of beating around the bush..

اللي يبي وحدة يقول لها بلا خرط فاضي..بالله ما احد زهق من الملاحق؟ والله مصخت.. ويقولونلك سنين وهم ما غير ورا بعض.. يا هو حمار ما يعرف يواجهها.. يا هي ثورة ما تفهم ،،، في كلتا الحالتين، الاثنين غاثينني و ودي اهبدهم على الجدار

يووه توه اذن.. نشوفكم بعدين

wv:kesilm عاد هاذي باينه مرة مالها داعي اكتبها
Papillona! I always lick my tongue, its a habit. Im not horny!
And i've never licked my lips for aguy. I dont think I'll ever lick my lips in public again.

To tell you the truth, #4 seems to be the most appropriate.
D.R. this is meant to be taken as a joke ;)
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