Sunday, October 30, 2005

Hajj Encouraged Marriages, Tis the Season to be Jolly– Inspired by CommercialDelight

‘Flan wild flan shaaf flana fil 7ajj & khe6abha?’ Of course first impressions are ‘yeah whatever’, but I have come to realize that it might be genuine, and thus, Hajj guides should use this point as a marketing tool.

It’s perfect! The girl gets to see the guy half naked. The guy gets to see the girl without make up and the mothers get to meet. Moreover, his mother/sisters get to interact with the girl to decipher if the girl is sweet and helpful or not.

1. Two years ago in Hajj, and while we were in Mecca doing our Tawaf ritual, I spotted a lady guiding her son towards me and nudging him to check me out! This was the incident preceding this one: in Mena in the tents we’re supposed to sleep in for 3 nights, the mother of the potential fellow asked me for Panadol, so I got her Panadol Ultra & Extra (il a7mar & il fethy o kan wakt-ha bess min lenden) and voila her admiration was found!

2. Catch-22 just reminded me of this other Hajj incident which was removed from my memory for good reason! During lunch in one of the middle Hajj days, we were all tired by then, my sister's friend joined our table, and she was asking me general questions, so then my aunt joins our table too, and out of the blue aunti N says 'la Sheba FREE ma tesla7 7ag ukhooch!' I was confused and extremely embarrassed. When we got back to Kuwait, i asked aunt N why did you say that?
Aunt N: 'ee ukhooha dayenkilish eshtabeen feeh?'
Me: 'ukhooha il dayen metzawej o 3inda e3yaal & ga3da tes2alni 7ag il thani'
Aunt N: 'laaaa? ma darait'

i love the painting..

"Hajj guides should use this point as a marketing tool"

might work in the beginning but i can see it being abused just like the kha6aba business going on in al-wasee6 paper and it's sisters..
GEO LOL you know i was kidding right?

btw, whats the fatwa in swallowing your saliva if u had eaten Nutella & u still have Nutella taste?
sijjjjj? lol yeah otherwise u'd get whiplashed by shisimhom khebri khebrich

check out:
Al7een hathe tbe masla7at okhooha!?

shof sedg ma tst7eee!!

I thought I reminded you b salfa thanya!! LOOOOL

makla nutella? bel 3afya ;)
sheba i think during hajj days we're not allowed to takhteb 7ag flan aw sumthin like that, gotta focus on hajj only (according to sunna)! 7ata the "da3eyat" always remind people about that !

ma khalaw shay !!

yakhteboun bel3roos , bel3aza , bel7aj , 7ata bel'3azo !! eshbuga ?

Last story I heard was of a mom walking into workplaces looking for a potential bride for her son.
and she only picks kashkha places looking for kashkha girls.

It's either she's mentally unstable or her son is kheekha..
Carry on Hajj
catch-22 dodahteeni, ma fahamt

mother courage, madri the da3iyat in our 7amla were trying to convince us that the way we pray & do withoo2 is wrong

bora, hathi ga3da etdawer earning potential 7ag her son

bo jaij,
haha yebt-ha!

I am offended actually with the whole mobile phone culture (or lack of) in the Gulf. As to the emkhazaz, you just reminded me of the tme when i was in the Kaaba with my cousin, right before Fajr prayers, and 2 guys came to eraqmoona! Yes. Estegfer Allah bess what i understood from my friends from Jeddah is that the Kaaba has always been mukan gazz for some. This is what oppression does i guess.
Last time I went to 3umra, the Safa and Marwa was like cruising a shopping mall.. Guys chatting on their mobiles, girls checking them out

I didn't know if I was offended or amused
LOL you gotta love the marriage recruiting process -that never ceases to perish, even in the face of spiritual obligations.
Interesting! Al7een mashallah 3alaich you do your retuals (Hajj, Qiyam, Fasting and all) and they still call you "Free"??

hehe interesting observation. Well i guess FREE gets slapped on you as your parent's enroll you in a private English/American school, and then it is endorsed if you study abroad, and is further endorsed if you are social within mixed circles.

But at this Hajj incedent, my aunt meant it as a nicer way of telling the girl 'no we're not interested in a guy whos wears his dishdasha till his knees'
Welcome to Plushness.
I have to say, i am guilty too! I love hooking ppl up!
So how is the picture of the arabian nights (that's my guess) related to Hajj?
"I got her Panadol Ultra & Extra (il a7mar & il fethy o kan wakt-ha bess min lenden)"

Hahah loved that!

wv: yoyjga (yoy jiga jigga)
LOOOL Actualy I heard stories of people turning on their bluetooth to exchange messages and numbers. Shshsh don't tell anyone about this spot, then we might not get reservations easily.
hehe khala9 i am gonna use that secret weapon, PANADOL, hehe if i like a guy, i'll give his mom english panadol!

hehe i can't believe she liked you more when u gave her panadol.. Typical kuwaitiya..

hehe she must have thought, wow itha gamat feeny bil panadol, who knows what she might do.. lo0ol ;P

bs seriously interesting, never knew that happened!
what happened to you ranting about mosques?
Dear Sheba,

I know this is totally unrelated to your post. But whatever happened to the pink cloud of plushness. What's with biege.. it's soo not you!

Honestly I would just go back to pink! It brings out your eyes :P

The pic of Shahrazad does not relate to 7ajj, it relates to me telling a story (about the marriage recruitment process).

Delicately Real,
hehe i'm glad u did ;p i actually did that not to impress her, but when i went to fetch her panadol thats what my sis gave me & i thought old lady may want a choice incase 1 was too strong for her

Mushkil wala, bess i kinda maloomhum wayed, 3indhum kabt mu 6abee3i

Inta laish 7anna?

The pink was looking old, but i still cannot find a template i like. I want a white one, with a little pink. Thank you for the compliment :p
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