Monday, October 31, 2005

I Will Sue Toyota

As I was dreaming of my lover telling me poetry, who by the way looked nothing like Nezar Qabani, I heard the noise of sirens. Yes, they must be the sirens of his heart, it has caught on fire—what a true romantic! The sirens soon sounded like a traffic jam, and naturally I thought yes, he’s in his car as he speaks to me.

Two minutes later, I was downstairs in my pink puppy PJs (courtesy of Um Sheba may God give her a long and healthy life) and mom’s abbaya, and hair that should say Viletta. In hand was my mother’s Toyota car keys and my Lexus car keys and damning our neighbors for buying the same brand cars as ours as I was sure it was their car that woke me up while they were still dreaming. And there they were, Nike the driver and the enthusiastic Chandra, the new staff addition who has been assigned the dog of all house work—car washing.

Nike, and the more experienced of the two was explaining to me that the car alarm of my mother’s car went off as soon as Chandra tried to open the door with the key. I guess it was the morning breeze that hit me and quickly I noticed that the key in question was in fact not my mother’s car key!

Sheba (with still foggy eye sight): Nike, hatha Lexus key
(Nike looks baffled, Chandra just confused)
Sheba (again): Hatha Mefta7 mal Lexus
(Still the same look from both)
Sheba (very calm still, and half still dreaming half awake): 3a6ny mefta7
(Chandra hands it to Nike, and Nike hands it to me – I guess they’ve installed a hierarchy)
Sheba: Shoof hatha mefta7 sayarti mu sayarat mama.
Nike: Oooh (speaking to Chandra now) hatha muftah mal Sheba sayarah mu mama!

I was back in bed instantly, but could not manage to go back to sleep because I realized that I paid approximately twice the price for my car for it to be misrecognized as its inferior wannabe.

well didnt u know the day u bought ur car the laksez is a toyota 7a6a mekyaj...o enna el jagwar kashkha.....o enna el mercedes ehya crisler upgraded....wil bently is nothing more than a BMW....o el fiat??....u want me to go on?

wil porsche is a VW?
"who by the way looked nothing like Nezar Qabani" - LoL!!
I hate being woken up from a dream!
I love the PJ's my mom gets me, they are always the cutest things!
His name is Nike?
LOL! I hate waking up in the middle of a great dream, because I rarely have them. :/
Sue Sue
tututut get another car :P
lol. the moral of the story: if your mom has a toyota, don't buy a lexus
So who's clothes are you washing in the display pic?

Just wondering, So is the AC on the toyota as good as the lexus? I am sure there are benifits....? no?
يعني الحين سيارتج لكزس
حاولي تحطين علامة اكس على المفتاح السبير علشان جاندرا تفرق بينهم بالحجي ماكو فايدة
تخلصتي من غراند ولا لا شكله بدا يطبع
فيه معلومات ثانية
غلوبل لو غالي بس مضمون
yes, he was cuter ;)

my mother insists i'm 7
yes, driver is nike & chandra is a male :)

we all dream & in color too, but we forget

can u recommend a good lawyer?

But i LOVE my car :s

or dont let your mom buy a toyota :p

thats not me, shes a character from a jewish movie, bess chinha ga3da etghasel emkasar

Water L,
Both A/Cs are excellent

hehe good idea!
Actually b3t grand min ziman, o sharait majmoo3a il duwalia then sold it awal ma enzalat bess ib khasara & sharait petrogulf & if it continues this way, i will be poor in 2 days.


I also sharait RAAD ams & ilyom 3al 7ad ala3la & 7adi metnarfeza!

khalas ba3tezel

& Thank you for the tip on Global, bess its too expensive for me
مو خوش اخبار هالنزول
علشان جذيه افضل احط ايدي بشغلة وانساها جذيه تدوبل بهدوء
مزايا اوكي
انتي ما تحطين في بالج الارباح بس الربح السريع تربحين مرة وثنتين بس بخسارة وحدة تعور وتبجي
اللهم انزل رحمتك علينا وعلى اصحابنا قولي آمين
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hehehe luved the dialect ;P

my advice..q8iyen can tell the difference between a lexus o toyota so don't u worry..o ive heard a lot ppl yimdi7on lexus and say that it drives BEAUTIFULLY
lexus is very comfortable and smooth when it comes to driving , the problem is its more like 7alaw in kuwait !!every single house in kuwait owns a lexus !!
oh and happy eid =}
Well I have the same problem with the BMW. You and the police basically drive the same car. Even thugs and criminals get to enjoy the backseat of a BMW!
Oh did i mention that i have RAAD too :( also be3t ib khasarah chayda ilyom & ma gedart abee3 petrogulf -- :((( Allah e3awethni we3aweth il jamee3

Yes it drives like magic

mother courage,
I dont mind the 7alaw effect because its a reasonable priced car, but if i owned a Bently, i would definitely mind the 7alaw effect & hence i will stick with Lexus :p

min il 3aydeen & fayzeen :)

hehe you snob & shfeehum il mujremeen? Ba3ad shetsawee deertek khashka
hi all,
was browsing on for some info on toyota & lexus, interstingly enough jumped into this blog. was fun to read except for this:
"Nike the driver and the enthusiastic Chandra, the new staff addition who has been assigned the dog of all house work—car washing."
Seems like disdain and contempt on a fellow being.

Not all are born or live alike. But creed, colour and race should not blind us for who we are. Treating all with respect and kindness is much more civilzed and tolerant in this modern world than thinking oneself rich and superior to others. We all have equal probabilty of getting struck by lightening, eaten by a lion, or die of poverty.
Thank you Kha_maj for your comment, may i ask how did u come to the conclusion that I, no we, do not treat our house help with respect and kindness?

Someone has to wash the car, and where is the mean part in that?

And when i was a student, i had my fair share of car washing!

If you misinterpreted "the dog of all housework" as being demeaning, then i must explain that this is a saying, and there are no dogs involved nor was/is anyone being treated like an animal (not that animals are mis treated in our household either).

Best Regards,
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