Thursday, October 20, 2005

I've Been Tagged

1. What kinda undies do you wear?
2. What is their size?
3. What color are they?
4. What kinda milk were you fed as a child?
5. What were your grades in first grade?
6. When did you lose your first tooth?

1. edible
2. Extremly stretchy
3. multi colored
4. Nido
5. Perfect
6. Still waiting to lose one
hehehe what a sport!
1. david and goliath / american apparel
2. medium
3. all colors (litterally)
4. Mara3i
5. mumtaaz
6. mdri.. i think knt al3ab kora ma3 okhoy... my sis already lost hers and i was feeling left out or something LOL i think i have a picture

and just so u know.. i love the picture :p
and i thought regular tag questions were cheesy :P

you created extreme ones :P~

what is the world coming to.. :P

Are you tagged or are you tagging us? :/
1. Hipsters
2. 12
3. Mainly white with colored seaming
4. Breast & Camel milk
5. Top of ma class
6. 4

wv:skuwoa (Skru woa? skru u)
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