Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Jiyaam Day 2

1. Wore a nice dara3a and a real abaya. I hate the new version of the abaya with sleeves, & buttons no matter how nice they are, i prefer the old abaya (a7es akshakh).

2. Taking 7anoon's tip, i took rose water wetwipes in case of emergency.

3. As I finished my 1st raq3etain (i went late), i was secretly admiring the old lady, who did not look Kuwaiti, and looked elegant, then she smiled, i smiled chan etgoolee 'ilwa7ed yet3ab ma3a il sahar' i said 'e' chan etgoolee 'waza3taw zekatkum' chan agoolaha 'E al7amdila' chan etgool 'kunt bagoolek ta36eeni' (ME STUNNED, BUT acted fast) 'Ok as2alech'

4. I know there are plenty of cats in Kuwait, but why does every mosque have a collection of its own? I love them sara7a, i don't mind, but i am just wondering what keeps them there, who takes care of them?

الي يهتم بالقطاوة يم المساجد ماكو الا شيء واحد صناديق القمامة بعد منو غيرهم تهقين يبيلها تفكير :)
la nice, ilg6awa malot il masjed aleefeen, so someone does take care of them
Again, why tell us about this? what is behind these posts?
عيل ماكو إلا فضلات الطعام باجي الفطور ترى يتمع كثير من الناس حزة الفطور
Ghareeba ina awal mara tetsa2al 3an what motivates me to write, which indicates either that the last 2 posts are striking a chord (i.e. i provoked you unintentionally), or that you're simply trying to provoke me intentionally.
I will investigate the cat situation & let you know.

Btw here are my tips:

UIC (sena3at almuta7eda)
GPI (betrogulf)
شيبا تدرين أني ما ألبس الا العبايه الجديده على قولتك...لأني لي يومك هذا ما أعرف ألبس العبايه التقليديه...و بعدين القطاوه بكل مكان زايدين...سأليني أنا لأنهم أعدائي اللدودين
It is a bit of both, so care to explain?
Sheba, taqabbal allah :)
so what did she mean by 'kunt bagoolek ta36eeni' ??
ya3ni ihya bitwazi3ha 3ankom? wila ihya me7taja?
3ad a3la 3alaich tarawali il qadeema


7agha ehya


bess ilyom ma re7t :/ too fat
*a7la = a3la
I love 3abayat ilras too.
I'm glad someone my age agrees.
Dear Delicately realistic,

Rabuna yegber bi kha6rek!
I'm 10 yrs your senior bess 7ayach Allah kilyom :))
your still young and not in the normal 3abaya wearing age group

wv: srlain (sir mino?)
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