Sunday, October 09, 2005

Leila: Lebanon 1975

As always, her deepest thoughts came while driving. She had experienced a year long identity crisis without recognizing what it was, and her almost sudden self realization, marked by feelings and thoughts of her childhood, made her conscious of the crisis she was coming out off..

Little Leila took off her ring, ran to the terrace, and threw it down four floors and to the street. Her nanny tried to stop her, but Lulu had made sure that Esperance, will not see her take of her ring.

She did it in protest. She didn’t like wearing it. She didn’t like being left behind with her nanny while her elder siblings had their freedom to play. She didn’t like her mother sitting with her friends in the café downstairs.

She was 3 years old, but did not understand why she was being treated differently. She liked her nanny, but Lulu was bored, and she felt Esperance’s boredom.

poor lulu .
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