Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Men's Fertility

I came across this very interesting article on men's fertility and thought i would share it. The article first explains how sperm is made and where. Then it questions whether men fertility is shrinking uhh declining:

Could environmental factors be affecting male fertility today? Many more environmental factors that can affect male fertility exist today than 50 years ago. The factors include:
endocrine disrupters
toxic pollutants
sexually transmitted infections
zinc deficiency
anabolic steroid use
ionising radiation.

Endocrine disrupters are chemicals present in the environment that, by virtue of their ability to adversely affect the endocrine (hormonal) system, cause health consequences. Several industrial pollutants can affect fertility, as can smoking and alcohol use. Some of these toxins can cause reproductive disorders, neurological disease, immune system disorders and cancer.
Pollutants that may cause fertility problems:
Potential toxin
Plastics industry
Industrial and domestic detergents
Bisphenol A
Lacquers to coat foods Dental treatments
Organochlorine pesticides (Lindane, DDT, etc)
Lindane used on cereals, soft fruits, cabbage
Paper production Transformer disposal
Fungicide used on foods
Soya products

How can I preserve my fertility?
Adopt a healthy lifestyle, with a balanced diet and regular exercise.
Don't smoke or use recreational drugs.
Don't drink alcohol, or keep alcohol consumption within recommended limits.
Try to avoid exposure to industrial and occupational hazards by following safety procedures and wearing protective clothing when provided. Your employer has a legal responsibility to provide information on occupational health risks and to ensure employees have a safe and healthy working environment.
Avoid exposure to
sexually transmitted diseases by adopting safer sexual practices, such as using condoms and reducing your number of partners.

Existing evidence does not suggest that wearing boxer shorts or immersing the testicles in cold water will improve semen quality.

An interesting research study from the Netherlands showed that wearing tight leather trousers and tight plastic underwear together affected sperm motility, but neither had an effect alone.

Some evidence suggests that stress reduces semen quality, probably due to hormonal changes in the body that result from stress. The
causes of stress in modern life are legion and concerns over fertility or failure to conceive are very important causes of stress. If you are concerned that you have a fertility problem, it is sensible to seek advice from your family doctor. The chance of conception in a healthy, young couple is about 20 per cent per month, so a delay of three to six months before conceiving is not unusual. It is reasonable to request an initial assessment after six months of regular unprotected intercourse without conception.

for complete article:

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I'm glad you're posting about this. Many Men & Woman I know rush to the Dr. for every little thing from a cold to discoleration in skin but not many give the fertility issue enough attention, the irony of all this is that most these ppl are very keen on getting married and reproducing. Everyone should know just how fertile are they before they tie the knot or even consider it.
Its as easy as a piss in a cup or a prick of the finger, but others fix a Tummy tuck or a hair transplant a more rewarding experience..
i think ppl should care more about their health in general., we tend to have a lot of bad habits and make lausy excuses to continuing these habits which is wrong...cut the smoke...cut the alcohol and do ur duty toward ur body and workout.
Tight plastic underwear is no good? Can I get a refund?
I need to protect my potential babies. I am slowly detoxifying my body from everything bad. Even the idea of fast food is making me feel nauseated. Actually living healthy feels really great!

Alot of people think a strict diet is health or being a vegetarian and all is healthy. Is everything, cutting all the toxins and eating healthy and excercise regularly. Dont eat lgaimat!!
Or you can have la7am tais :\ and pineapple juice
mama! ok so next time i'm engaged i will listen to your advise :p

kila ma6goog,
true, i'm guilty of not going to the gym regularly

HAHAHAHA! 1st i'm so glad someone read up to the punch line & 2nd THAT was hilarious!

What kinda fast food do you eat?

does this advise have any relation to the camel beauty pageant? ;p
Allah yg63 ebleesek! LOOOL
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