Thursday, October 20, 2005

My Name is Sheba

I’ve been watching a new Tv series called ‘My Name is Earl’ about Earl, who has low morality and then one day he discovers karma, and vows to make up for all the bad he has done in his life so that he has a better life. Earl makes a list and in every episode they show us how he turns his bad into good deeds. It is the finniest show i have seen in years.

So, its my turn and here is part one of my list:

I used to steal biscuits from the Popey’s kiosk in my school.
I beat up a boy with a learning disability on my bus (I feel so bad about it L )
I used to pull my nanny’s hair & she wouldn’t stop me L

God this is depressing

you evil doer or is it evildoer?
dunno but i haven't found the guy i beat up in the year books yet
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