Sunday, October 16, 2005

On the Fast (3asaree3)

So i've lost money on KSE, and i hope Sheikh Salem Al-Ali gives us a warning next time he thinks of applying for a governmental job. Oh, and please refer to my stock recommendation of 24 Sept: ALOLA, GULFINVEST, & GRAND

I've tried to make someone jealous but it didn't work. Just as well, i don't think i could've pulled it off, but it made me think, am i that trustable, or am i being taken for granted?

None of my clothes fit me.

Ramadan food gets better & better.

Work is good.

you are taken for granted.
hehe thank you

Thats not good!
sheba! I know what you mean..
I'm "trustable", but sometimes I need to feel otherwise. Is that normal?

All we need is some attention, I know we can be trustworthy, but we need some excitement. don't we?
ok then trustable.

1st of all, welcome to my blog :>>


Mu gasdi u change your answer, gasdi ina i must do somehting about it. Any ideas?
Sheba dear, I'm an old "fan"
I'm simply Sarah ;)
halaaaaaaa o mar7aba ib swairah
hala feech :*

I'm avoiding gatherings where there is good food. I have planned to lose 5kg by the end of Ramadam. I know I can do only 2kg. but what the hell, I must lose 5kg.
buy GIH for this week. Jeezan if ur a risk taker (im not).

If it works, invite me for sushi!
Trying to make someone jealous will only work in the movies. If you play headgames, he will love you a little less, trust me on this one.
If you want attention, ask for it in the nicest way possible, that works very well, trust me on this too!
You're only as trustable as you trust yourself.
I miss Ramadan food :(
It all depends on what you did to make this person jealous!
I have no clue, I do not get jealous.
خسرتي في البورصة شكثر :) وشنو نصيحتج لنا شنو تفضلين من اسهم ؟

هذيله خذو حاصلهم
روحي جلوبل احسن
وبالنسبة للغيرة يمكن ما عرفتي ترعصين الدقة الصح كل شخص ولا نقطة ضعف ابحثي عنها فيه
I hate work.. I can't wait for a break.. I can't digest anymore.. I can't take this shitty weather.. and I bloody can't STAND people who are flooding this city left and right like it's not crowded already...

IT TOOK ME FRIGGIN 30 MINS to go from goddamn Basateen to Goddamn khayyat when normally all it takes is what... 37 seconds or something?

I'm not leaving the house till Ramadhan is over...

Ramadhan gatherings are over rated. Another reason to gossip and eat...

I hate antihestamine! it dies up my mouth WHILE leaving a NASTY after taste ALL day long... ya3ni the ideal ramadhan remedy for masochists

Did I mention how crappy the weather is?? because it's SOO crappy and my sinuses are PUNISHING me for it!

Why would you want to make someone jealous? ya 3ammi.. 6ansheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

mmm I think I should apply that to myself
you should excersize greater self control rather miss out on all the gatherings. il7absa ma teswa 2 Kg!

Thank you for the tips, will certainly look into them straight away (after blogging and before checking my e-mail).

It works with certain girls & certain guys only. I'm not included.

hmm interesting, like what?


Please re-read, these were my stock recommendations on 24/09/05.

ma medach you hate work!!
well i do! and it's so damn cold (inside i mean)
The best stock tip is the one you dont receive.
Meaning sometimes you try way too hard and ther other person notices and it just doesn't work.

purg, how come?
ادري انه بشهر 9 بس ما قلتي الحين شنو توصياتج نقارنها على ارض الواقع
Shopa, because there is no sense of getting jealous. There is enough fish in the sea.
Sheba darling

I need you to VOTE please

the invitation is open to everyone
Purg, what if you dont want the others?
Shopa, if I am patient I can get more and my type is diversified
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