Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I'm so disappointed! I so overestimated the whole plot. It now just seems like the big man had a whim, and did not think it through too well,, well i guess thats very much inline with everything else in this country.

Allah ya7fethech ya Kuwait

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Eee wallah... Allah ye7feth Al-Kuwait, Allahumma Ameeeeeeeeeeeen!

Almohem... shino fu6oorkom alyom? ;-)
You know what? I do not know whether i should be happy about the stability, or sad because no serious change is about to take place. Bes zain sawalina jaw the big guy & perhaps fata7 e3yoon wayed nas :)


Do i know you?
Madri shenu ghadana bess meshtahia braaq & yereeesh emnahnah
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This is Kuwait after all, we were told everything was fine when Saddam threatened us and we woke up with Iraqi troops eating sandwiches next to the Sheraton hotel.

Oh well at least we are talking about it openly and discussing different scenarios so no one will claim of being shocked by the outcome.
Big boys having an argument. Never had anything to do with us, so why should it change now?

I doubt it. I don't know any bloggers in real life.

I'm impressed that you know braaq, most folks just call it dolma, but you know, it doesn't taste the same. Braaaq wayed alath, sa7?
Bo Jaij,
Yes flalfel sandwiches

You mean to say that you do not want to have a say on whats going on now?


ops that was a typo, mu ghadana!

I don't know the technical difference between braaq & dolma but the one i like is meaty & juicy, & has tamarind paste in it & is sweet.
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