Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ramadan Mood

I'm so in the Ramadan mood this year. I've already worn 2 dara3az.
And yes, i've been inspired by 6ash ma 6ash & by a beduin aquaintance of mine to go back & learn about the basics and enjoy them.

So this was how my first day went:

o Salamatkum

Oh yeah, tamriya was good, but didnt try the rangeena.

I think i gained 2 Kg
OK I would like to get a better picture on this foil issue, please clarify.
I'm going to wear my newly designed manly darra3a

It will be short sleeved so the sleeves wont dip into the marag or caramel sauce

It will be loose with an opening for the belly, to leave the belly liberated during its daily expansion time

It will have a built in small pillow hanging from the collar, just in case the trip to the bedroom seems like a marathon after futoor.

It will have 2 secret pockets to hide food items, you know when you get that urge sometimes, to sneak a sambosa or two and its too late for suhoor.
Imbarek 3alych il-shahar Sheba, kel 3am wa intay bikhair :)

hehe 7a6aitlek il link

Bu Jaij,
ROFL 3ala il attached pillow
I will recommend this to a dara3a designer

3elaina o 3elaich :***
I didn't buy thyaab this year.

I realized that they're not practical.. not even for Eid :\
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
My question was serious
M'barak 3aleich eshahar, Sheba :*

New template? Kashkha!
so what's a Korean style dara3a?
ma 3elaich zod :*

Korean Kimono
your work day sounds alot like mine, today is day 6 and I've got a written letter warning me for being late, I was like if they're for real am so not showing up at all!! lena khelg e7na from the first place! everyone is pissed and they show it in mean ways! I don't like this ={
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