Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wain Wezarat il Awqaf?

I went to Mubarakia and i had to use the toilet, and this would make it the second time i find such disgrace.

The first time was in the mosque, yes the mosque right next to the gold souq. The whole entrance to the wothoo2 area and toilets was flooded with urine and water, estegfer Allah hatha beit Allah (this is a house of God i.e. a house of worship) and in Islam not olny should the place you pray in should be '6aher' or pure, but so should our bodies and clothes.

Today was the second time.

So whats the deal? How are the Ministers of Awqaf (do not know the name in English, but they're the governing ministry for all mosques and their management) getting away with this nijasa?!

Why hasn't anyone complained?

Forget the ministry, why can't the people use public bathroom like civil human beings?! :/
hmm very interesting your point of view that people should be more civil, but when it comes to toilets (ekarem il qare2), i dont think maintenance & good plumbimg are the people's responsibilites!

I'm sure u'v been to many touristic countries & used public toilets, what is that country doing to maintain the toilets' cleanliness? Insure that no tourists use the toilets or CLEAN & maintain the toilets?

Moreover, i am sure a cleaning company has been chosen for the maintenance of these toilets, but who has been out to check whether or not they are really doing their job? NO one, or no one at the ministry cares.

Oh, & laish etroo7 eb3eed, What does the Saudi gov say to the pilgrims and visitors in Mecca, do not use the toilets in the 7aram?

Aside: A few years ago an independent minister of awqaf has been forced to resign by parliamentary pressure of 'estejwab' for a mis- print.
Go to another mosque until you find one that is good for you.
loooooooool yuba khlaa9 ...ajrech eb yoo9allich le beetkum... 9latech metnazleen sewat 3aleena!..yuba la t9aleen...roo7ay thanbech maghfoor.....shageteena!...re7at dlaghat ...g6awa....7mam wa9ekh!@..enty mo moslima? mo taben ajer eb remthan?? chan yebty fo6a o mkhamma o nathafty el masyed!..hatha feeh ajer akthar men el jeyam o el qur'an!
Purg & Kilama6goog,

Il mawdoo3 mala ay 3ilaqa fil salat! I was on a shopping & eating trip to Mubarakia & i am complaining 3ala 7alat il 7amamaat again, 7ALAT IL 7AMAMAAAAAAAAT!!
you complain a lot
public toilets are the devil
why use public toilets in the 1st place?!
ministers of endowments and islamic affairs i guess cuz waqf is endowment but they just call them minister of awqaf
Sheba.. take a pic and fax it to them.. or mms it to them?
People I must say that EVERYTHING in this country is mismanaged. The whole country is poorly run, and if you want to fix things, people should strongly voice out thier opinions against the leadership instead of gladly accepting grants, raises, debt releif and what have you of monetary "shut-ups" Its time to stop whining about tiny details and just ask for complete changes NOW.
offsub. i can't believe your new picture ...its sooooo i mean SOOOOO COOOOOOL
شيبا شيبت روسنا واايد تتحلطمين على المسايد
لكن انت قلتي ليش محد اشتكى من قبل ؟
اوكي معاج اذا يبت لج رقم وكيل الوزارة المسئول عن الصيانه تتصلين وتشتكينله ؟
Some people must complain to live. Others just moan and bitch. Peace
Ok here we go again

Last time I checked blogs were made so people can MOAN AND COMPLAIN! I've checked every damn blog from the people who complained about Sheba's last posts, and guess what?! They were all full of complaints and moaning about much less important things in our lives.

OUR MOSQUES ARE FILTHY! The girl went to different mosques to pray and found out that they were filthy and smell disgusting! should she keep quite and not say a word because its a place of worship or it might hurt the feelings of some? why does she has to suffer for not finding a clean Mosque to do her duty toward God in her own country and in Ramadan?!!

If the restrooms in Mosques are not kept clean by Wuzarat Al-Awqaaf during Ramadan when will they do it?

Yes she will complain to the Minister of Awqaaf not just his deputy, at least he can send a team to go around mosques and check on their cleanliness before and during the most important month in the Islamic calendar, and see how the money for maintenance is spent.

Switching to Arabic so everyone will GET IT

كل من إنزعج من شكاوى شيبا بخصوص قذارة حمامات المساجد عليه يتذكر بأن المدونات خلقت ...للشكاوى و للتعبير عن ما يجول بخاطر المدون ...و لم تخلق لسطر (ما يريده المستمعون )..شيبا كأى مسلمة بهذه الديرة لم تطلب المستحيل فى شهر الصوم و العبادة و كل ما تتوقعه عند ذهابها لصلاة القيام بالمسجد بأن تؤدى واجباتها تجاه ربها فى مكان نظيف و صحى لا تشتم منه روائح كريهة و لا تمتلئ أرضيات الحمامات فيه بالبول ..

فهل طلبت المستحيل؟؟

و هل خدشت مشاعركم إلحاهها على نظافة مساجد ديرتها ؟؟

أليست النظافة و الطهارة عند أداء الصلاة من الأولويات؟؟؟

و ما فائدة الوضوء إذا كانت الصلاة ستؤدى فى مكان بعيد عن النظافة؟؟

و هل عليها أن تحضر أدوات التنظيف و تتبرع بتنظيف الحمامات أو هى من مهمات وزارة الأوقاف المسؤولة الأولى و الأخيرة على العناية ببيوت الله فى كل شئ و إظهارها بالشكل المناسب إحتراما لمكانتها و خاصة بالشهر الفضيل

دولة إسلامية عندها فائض مالى بالبلايين ..مو قادرة إتحافظ على نظافة حمام فى مسجد بمنطقة راقية

و تبون شيبا إتسكر خشمها إذا إدخلت المسجد و إتحاول تنسى المصايب اللى شافتها بالحمامات؟

الشكوى مو للوكيل و لا الوزير المتصوف بس...لازم حتى رئيس مجلس الوزراء يعرف بأن أماكن العبادة التى تديرها الدولة و التى من المفروض أنها تكون - قياسا بحالتنا الإقتصادية - الأفضل فى سائر الدول الإسلامية هى تعيسة من ناحية النظافة و هناك إهمال واضح و تقصير من الجهة المناط لها مهمة تنظيف المساجد
Thank you Bo jaij, i needn't say more. But in answer to Nice, yes get me the Wakeel's number-- i am actually surprised that you find it challenging to do so.

Bess sub7an Allah, ma7ad tethamar lema kint at7al6am 3an kilshay fi hal blog, bess lema wesalt 7ag wezarat il awqaf, faj2ah sar fi hujoom?! Why?
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