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It is no coincidence that Mohammed Abdulqader Al-Jassim (editor in Chief of Al-Watan daily newspaper) joins Al-Hurra, and leaves Al-Watan to write freely to expose the ins & outs of Kuwaiti politics (the catalyst), while Jassim Al-Kharafi changes sides (from pro government to opposing it), and then Sheikh Salem Al-Ali comes out with a press release exclusive to Al-Qabas stating his discontent with the paralysis that the country has been in, and the totalitarian rule which is shaping the era of the Sheikhs in power.

My guess is, such a clever strategy was well thought off, and is a perfect solution (not reaction) to the political favouritism which the Prime Minister has been experimenting with; the economic and financial gains which he is reaping; the continuous undermining of Kuwait’s wealth and goodwill by continuous political barters with (Islamic) opposition factions within the Parliament who have their own agenda’s to fulfil.

Moreover, parliamentary barters and outright royal favouritism have included serious cover-ups of drugs and murder scandals on both sides, and serious corruption within all levels of the government and its institutions.

The less favoured but more qualified remainder of the royal family have been excluded from power and status. The influence of the merchant families of Kuwait has been diluted or replaced with roaring MPs. And now the old elite, which traditionally turn to the Crown Prince or the Emir for help, have joined hands with the Big Man, Sheikh Salem Al-Ali, who has been showing up more often on our media screens. Please note that the Emir has also been more media visible as a reminder that he is still here to lead Kuwait.

Of course without the support of the people and Uncle Sam, none of this could happen. It now seems that the Prime Minister’s push for Women’s rights was also an effort to proof that he is still in control.

So if the USA is supporting Sheikh Salem Al-Ali, why are they doing it? What external gain would they have? I would imagine foreign investments would be on the Agenda, Kuwait has been a good political ally, but now it is time to make it a good economic ally too?

missed u guuuurl ;***

well i wont comment on what u`v posted ,, but isisnt it all obvious ?? its like u type something but you know the answer to it ,, how Platonic of you ,, but i feel you ,, its just a way of ridiculing something .. i know
BB!! Good to see you & embarak 3elaik il shahar :***

Yes, now that you've put it in words, it seems more & more premeditated. I wish someone could tell us what the whole plan is rather than having us watch this one episode at a time.
Hi Sheebzzz,

I doubt the US is supporting Sheikh Salem Al-Ali. If they are, boy are they betting on the wrong horse! The fact that Sheikh Salem Al-Ali is speaking out is due to his feeling of being left out of the "crown", when in fact he is the oldest member of Al-Sabah family. His statements in today's Qabas show his own ambitions more than they show any concern for the average Kuwaiti Joe Schmoe. As for Jasem Al-Khorafi... money talks, and bullshit walks! He wants the Islamists' voice to keep him as president of the National Assembly in 2007 and that's why he's feigning government opposition these days. And regarding Mohammad Al-Jasem, his writing is starting to lose originality and is becoming a personal tirade against the Prime Minister and the Minister of Energy. Where was he in the battle against corruption when he was working as editor-in-chief of a newspaper owned by the most notorious thief in the oil industry?! 3an al3yaaara, yubba!

In answer to your question "What external gain would [the USA] have?", I would say the US wants stable oil supplies from Kuwait, nothing more, nothing less. The verbal mayhem going on in Kuwaiti newspapers between the various powers-that-be is most likely seen as insignificant in the US' eyes.
Hello Mushmushi,

I like your matter of fact analysis. I am convinced, but you leave me with more questions to ask like

1) Why does Salem Al-Ali speak up now about wanting his piece of the pie?

2) If al-Naibari was gunned down just for his persisitance on matters of corruption while he was an MP, so how is Mohd al-Jassim getting away with poking his finger in the face of the 2 most violent men in Kuwait?

3) The US is part of Kuwait, so i must disagree about that super power not having at least a say or blessing on all this. The US Embassy is located on Bayan Palace for God's sakes.

4) Ali al-Khalifa was paying Mohammed's salary, and now someone else is. Plus, Ali al-Khalifa is known to be one of the most intelligent men in town, so i doubt all of this is a surprise to him.
Grumpy old men

If you want something to happen these days and its against the rules or laws, what do you do ?

You put an Ad in the paper
Bo Jaij

Or come on Oprah !
what do you mean the US is part of Kuwait?!

1. Salem Al-Ali is speaking now due to the ailing health of the Emir and the Crown Prince. He thinks its time for his "star to shine". ويمكن عشان جذي، أستدعى صاحب السمو جاسم الخرافي اليوم الصبح وطلب منه أن يعقد
لقاء تشاوري مع نواب مجلس الأمة لإبلاغهم بأن صاحب السمو
لديه ثقة كاملة بإدارة الشيخ صباح للدولة بدوره كرئيس مجلس الوزراء

2. Mohammad Al-Jasem won't be gunned down inshallah, because it would be stupid for his enemies to do so. They would prove him right.

3. The US Embassy is not located in Bayan Palace, girlfriend! It's in Bayan alright, but not in the Palace. I think the US has more of a say in our economic policies than it does in our internal politics. If it were otherwise, then why don't they have a say in the Bidoon issue, which a gross human rights infraction?

4. Mohammad Al-Jasem is a lawyer, by training. He is probably earning a living through that and through his media programs. As for Ali Al-Khalifa, he is absolutely brilliant, moo bas smart! How else can he get away with bogat KOTC?!

1. Why would Salim al-Ali want to shine now, when he's about to check out? I think there's more than we can see. I dont think there is much internal struggle. I think its a stunt to cause changes, and Salim al-Ali is somehow involved. I'm probably wrong.

2. Never stopped them before.

3. The US Embassy is stuck to the Palace grounds! Nothing else is on that street.

4. Mohd al-Jassim is smart or else he wouldn't be employed by the smartest Ali. The KOTC issue is old and al-Qabas have taken 'wekalta', and since Ali al-Khalifa was granted diplomatic immunity, he is not part of that scandal (in the papers at least). Again i could be wrong.
Bess when 1+1 is not 2, then there must be a missing factor.
Salem Al-Ali is simply paving the way for his son. A struggle does exist within the family. Incase you havent noticed all the Al-Salem had been sidelined by Al-Ahmad. Sabah Al-Ahmad, Ahmad Al Fahad, Mish3al al Ahmad, Nawaf Al Ahmad, should I go on? It is all about who would be running next? Apparently no one is capable.

If I were you I would not worry about the US. They have the most ignorant foreign policy that actions taken are not well studied and have adverse effect on their economy. They would have been much better off, if they hadent went to war with Iraq. It is basically following Bush's own whims. We all know what Bush is.

Mohammad Al-Jasem an Jasem Al-Khrafi, no need to go further, HYPOCRITES.
Sheba I need a hug :(
bu jaij,
hehe e3jebatni 'put an Ad'

I so agree!

((((((((Catch-22)))))))) whats wrong? :(

I understand that Mohammed Abdulqader Al-Jassim has a website where he posts his views on various current issues. I tried Googling for the website, but failed miserably. Does anyone here know the site address?

Much appreciated,

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