Monday, October 03, 2005


If all of us really did give 2.5% of all that we owned to the needy, annually, would there be any poverty left?

And how does one prioritize her/his Zakat (or money allocated for charity)? Does it go to the dieing children of Africa? Or the 70 year old icecream man who's supporting 4 families? Or Salmiyah Middle school for girls, who have 30 cases of extreme poverty?

And how did the teachers learn of these cases? The children, yes, preteen Kuwaiti girls, could not concentrate in class from hunger! The counselor and the principal and another teacher formed a committee to visit the houses of these children so that they can asses the level of poverty, and hence the girls are given free food from the school's canteen (maqsaf). Every year, the teachers of this school come to our company to get free items which they sell in a bake sale (yom maftoo7) and that is what pays for the girl's free meals, among other things which the school needs.

shino...intay bitzakkeen willa tabeena i7na inzakki?
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off subject....girl your blog is stunning eyanin 3ajeeeb 7ada 7ada 7eloo
i loved it min galb wayed wayed 7elo

Great post sheba :)

mbarak 3alaich il shahur
Judy thank you, min thoqech :)

Sarah, 3alaina o 3alaich
okay now that I am able to read the post... my comment is:
The only recommendation made by an Isamic MP that i agree with is related to the application of the mandatory you said its just 2.5 percent and its like paying taxes, similar concept. It should please both sides the liftists (who demand the introduction of taxes) and the rightists (who want the zakat).
Just a small correction Sheba,

It's not 2.5% of what you own, it's 2.5% of what you haven't touched in a whole year. For example, let's say you had 100 KD in your bank account last year, and today you have 200 KD, you pay 2.5% of the 100 KD because it's the only amount of money that actually spent a whole year in your account.

So it's really alot less than 2.5% of what you own. Which makes it even easier.

The only complex thing about it is when jewelery gets into the equation. Don't ask me about that because I honestly don't know how is that calculated.

my $0.02 (or my 2.5%) :-)

1. I do not accept that the government legislates religion, however good the objective is.

2. I do not think that the MP who suggested this did this for any reason which was not political.

3. When the government imposes obligatory taxation, how do you know if your money is going to the needy, or to was6aat (like beit al-Zakat) or to just plain management expenses (masareef edariah).

Thank you for your 2 cents.
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