Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Ever wondered why when you're happily involved in a relationship, or once you got engaged, or married you became constantly persued by the opposite/same sex?

Well, i think i am coming to a conclusion that when a person is happy, they look it, and happiness is attractive.

Disclaimer: if you are in a (healthy) relationship and you're not persued, this does not mean you are not happy, it just may mean you must comb your hair (or wash it then comb), pluck those nazal hairs, or use listerine more often.

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loved the disclaimer.
7ayach :)
I have two theories here for that (and I am talking about guys here that are plucking their nose and all).. because guys would be attracted to women regardless of being with someone or not.. yeah Sheeba.. we’re animals like that.. :P

one, since the guy is taken and his significant other is so in love with him, that means he is one of the good ones (there has to be something that is making his significant other want him and holding on to him).. and that is not common to find a good one all alone, so women instantly become attracted to that guy.. look at a person walking in a club alone, and then let the same person hold hands with a girl and walk, and look how the girls look at him.. especially if she is a knock out.. lol

Another theory is hard to get theory.. the challenge at heart knowing that this guy is taken and they subconsciously want the fantasy of making him leave everyone and come for them..

I also agree that happiness shows, and it flags something in women’s minds when they see the man happy and satisfied.. not desperate and frustrated.. working out twice a day.. hahahahaha



We really need to do something about that!
men are weird

now, that said.. several people at work mentioned that i look "girly" - one actually said "oh my god.. theres was a girl trapped in there ALL ALONG!" ...

ALL OF THAT cuz I decided to tame my hair..(sheba, remember the time u told me that it really looked nice?) and wore a skirt

and regarding being in a relationship.. its funny when you're in a relationship your Xs ring you up (sometimes all in the same day - that is if you were fortunate enough to aquire them by the dozen Allah ysalem gloobna men illi nsaweeeh f nafsna)

so my theory is,, when youre in a relationship.. you release a scent.. or it shows in ur aura.. something happens that would alert men and thus make you more desirable.. its like.. they realize that ur beyond their reach,, so the challenge becomes greater!! (suddenly i remembered a documentary on goats)
LOL OMG OMG OMG! This is why i love blogging, because of the witty comments from witty readers!

LOL 3ALA the dozen
ROFL 3ALA "gurly" because i didn't want to mention it when i was there bess that spikey hair do is what all the boys between 10-15 are following hal ayam in marina, & although its very trendy, it just reminded me of them so its funny they called the gelled down look gurly, but it really did suit your face masha'Allah. B3dain i also think that your height has a lot to do with how you can wear your hair.

& last but not least: LOL, ROFL, CRYING from laughter 3ala the goat documentary.

P.S. read the don's reply above, he claims the same when it comes to men
thats so true don and catch LOOL

its always what you can't have is what you want LOL

sheba thats funny .and very true but i believe its because when you are in love your face is always smiling and your eyes are always shining so thats why its attraxtive LOL but with me its all the other way around when im not with someone im more attractive :P LOOOL

Great post gurly.
Its about the phermones (spelling) emitted when someone is happy or around someone, which have been the subject of many studies, but since am lazy, I will not go look for them, but they are there.
awalan, thank you :)
thanian, haha maybe u were never happy during these times?

yes, the happy hormones?
Yes indeed!

yakfi you wake up every morning with a big smile on your face knowing that this 'special someone' exists in your life. It's enough reason to be happy and happiness is attractive.

You, yourself can see it, every time you look into the mirror. You can see how happy you are

C'est la more *sigh*

(ya3ni bil 3agil, mino bey6il ib wayh wa7da imbawza ow ta3eesa ow 7alt.ha 7ala. ha?)
It's not the relationship.. it's being truly madly deeply in love that makes people glow
I'm pretty 'matt' these days and amazingly some guys find that attractive.. which proves The Don's theory right in a way
Welcome back Sheba :)

You are quite right about happiness being attractive...

MsB, who wishes you an everlasting ton of it.
don is right
hmm, could be.
haha loved this (ya3ni bil 3agil, mino bey6il ib wayh wa7da imbawza ow ta3eesa ow 7alt.ha 7ala. ha?)
thats so true!

True :> (or a good tan ;)

You're too pretty for it to matter (masha'Allah) :))

Thank you :* & you too & il jamee3 insha'Allah

hehe ;p
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