Saturday, November 19, 2005

Aunt S

God Bless her!Shes the eldest of my father's sisters, and she is what keeps our family intact since grandma. She is a 55 year old adolesent, who giggles histerically at any opportunity.

Today at grandma's house she was awfully quiet, and then all of a sudden she burts out into "listen sister in-law, do you know a cheese called vonk?"
"e e3yali ma e7eboona"
"My cousin Sarah told me its good for fatayer, so i bought a block thiiis big (pointing to half of her arm), and we shredded it, and my children said eff yumma shenu hatha?" Chan agooluhum (il help) 7e6aw 3elaih zaatar, chan eseer akhyas, chan agool "Ge66oh!" And she starts laughing hard, she turns red, and we all laugh with her.

She then was quiet for a while. The she burst out "My younger brother, your husband, called me and said 'why dont we go get insulin shots so that we can eat as much as we want?' so i told him no i can manage myself and i dont want to be one of those diabetics iley enahtoon, o mabi aseer 3amya wil gangrene etnatef eryooly" Poor uncle was probably kidding, but Aunt S was very serious in recounting the story

Auntich S zoughaa
hmm..7areem awal:)
ee 7adha!
hmm..7areem awal:)
1 spoon of cruelty
3 spoons of humer
5 spoons of kindness
2 spoons of simplicity

Vonk is terrible cheese! Her kids were right, its like eating plastic LOOL!

Lol! My mom uses Vonk, bes she melts o madry shino tsawy fe bs it tastes really good. Its just for cooking chinna.

Sheba don't you notice that every family has an auntie S? Inshallah I'll be the family auntie S when im old :D
i didnt realise u could get vonk in kuwait, its nasty always the last cheese left on the shelves here in london yucky
this is much like my aunt L

shes way too spontaneous , and thats what makes her funny at times and cruel at others.

God bless them all.
طويلة العمر ملكة سبا متى نشوف موضوع جديد ؟ عسى المانع خيرا ؟
Thank you for asking Nice,
So shakbar as-humek?
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