Saturday, November 12, 2005

Blogs I Like & Blogs I Dislike

Blogs I like:

  1. Fun ones, with lotsa energy
  2. Resourceful ones, where I learn
  3. Eye openers
  4. Controversial but not always horny

Blogs I Dislike:

  1. Long ones
  2. Subjective ones 'I, I, I' and to which i cannot relate to
  3. Boring ones, those which simply copy paste news or items

allah ya koberha il naghza!!


So mine you dislike? :(
So what group do I fall into? :P Hehehehe

I thought of you today while reading my latest novel, in which the heroine was referred to as the "Queen of Sheba" hehehe :P For her braveness and such.
i know already mine is boring :p , but i can be fun sometimes ;P

7ayach ^_^
Oh my God... Am I that bad?!
And to which category do you assign your blog?

I knew you were thinking of my blog when you described the ones you liked (blushing)

akhjalteeni wallah!
كلامج كله مفهوم بس هالعبارة عن البلوغ ما فهمتها شنو معناتها
Controversial but not always horny
وبعدين اشوفج وقفتي عن نصايح الاسهم شرايج المخازن وربعها بدا يصعدون السلم ؟
eeh walah ya kobreha il naghza!

Dear Sheba,

I like this theme.. Kindly stick to it! ;)

Now to business... you are the top commenter on my blog and I write long posts... isn't that a contradiction... maybe I'm just special.

hehehe i love the contributions on this post so much that i had to sit back down & reply (was on my out to the bank):

1. Papi, Jackie, Zaydoun, Shopy hehe i did not type cast this post, its just a general overview of all the blogs i've visited since i started blogging :)

2. eva, Allah e7ayeech :)

3. shosho, haha i like that Q! ummm lets just say 'I try' (to be in the 1st category, but i know i often fail) :)

4. catch-22 hehehehehe tha7akteeni min il seb7 (lab u) :*

5. Nice, ye3nee mu kila yetkalimon 3an seks seks seks chinhum masjooneen. My stock picks are IIC (sena3at estethmaria); & KFC (almarkaz almaly). I do like PWC from an operational point of view, BUT the Sultan triangle have bad market sentiment and i work too hard for my money to risk another NIC tantrum.

6. nano, bon jour ;)

7. misguided, awalan welcome back. Thanian, i don't read the long posts ;p , but you post often enough so i get to read & enjoy the shorter ones :)

8. Jackie, thank you for thinking about me, even if it was just regarding my blogger name :) What book was it.

9. Zaydoun, you're the Adam of Kuwaiti bloggers ;)
Hehehe you have a point here. But who cares? A blog should be a personal space, but in a way shared. So in some cases it gives you a good idea about the bloggers real personality and in some cases it deceives you. Bottomline there is no real monetary or literary incentive, just personal satisfaction. I sometimes see blogs with rarely a single comment, and the blogger keep blabbering for months!!
readers i like:

readers i dislike:
kuwaities who say they cant read arabic!


true, like an online diary *yawn* but i must say some ppl's lives are genuinely interesting & i read a couple of blogs that have made it to publications one of them is and the other was ummm ummmmm nissait her blog but she was a upper class English call girl (I first read about her at Zaydoun's)
Maybe if the Arabic posts were shorter, more people (even the ones who are weak in Arabic) can read them ;)
haw haw haw...sheebaaaaaaaaa???

nesaiti thak elyoum illi ilpost 7aggi kan we7aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatek 3 lines (o YKHEB 3alay ba3d) gumti GABBAITI 3alay! la and u know how basic my posts ya3ni :p
Blog I like:

Blog I dislike:
Quitter's ;)
Shurouq... Pot? Kettle? Black??!!
catch-22, ee tethakart kan feeh fas3ah bess mathker shino bil thab6

Shurouq, thats an honor thank you :>>

Zaydoun, haha ;)
How dare you laugh at Zaydoun's remark, girl?
Ana Kaifi.. I get to call any kettle any color :P
hehe Zaydoun's comment was cute & so are u ;)
This is a very nice post and your opinion is to be kept in mind when posting anything.
Your likes and dislikes of blogs are almost he same as mine.
...Your blog is the 'I like' category by the way. Maybe you like mine too.
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