Thursday, November 17, 2005

Four Days

Not long ago, I told a fellow blogger, who was waiting for that phone call from her love, that 3 days is not a break, it’s a break-up.

Everything was lovely all day. But in the evening, he seemed angry. I asked him if he was okay? He said he was. I realized I needed to leave him alone.

Sunday morning
He called me in very high loving spirits. We talked for a while, I asked him what was wrong last night, he said he was in a bad mood, and that this happens to him every November.

Sunday noon
“Your excuses are funny” he said
“Haha” I laughed
“A guy running with your phone, your phone had call waiting, but you couldn’t speak to me, and now your cousin”
“You don’t need to make up these silly excuses” He was serious. He was angry.
“Yes, excuses, you always talk to me when you eat. When you find me interesting to talk to, or when you have time for me, call me”
“Excuses means that I did something wrong, and I’m lying”
He wasn’t listening
“When you realize what you’ve done, call me”
The conversation proceeded to a higher tone, accusations, same words said over and over. I was trying to understand why he was accusing me as such. He was now furious. I was feeling more and more helpless. I started crying and screaming “what have I ever done to £$%%ing deserve this? Why are you treating me this way? What have I done to you?”

And then came silence. He asked me to not call him or text him. And its been 4 days.

He has a point.
Purgy: I can't see it.
You won't
Purgy: which means, it's not there :P
stop harrasing me
I don't think you are 'harrassable'.
do u luv him?
by the way, i hate this:
“When you realize what you’ve done, call me”
what are u supposed to say to that?

hope things work out soon :*
Hmmm, before I comment I need to know whether you are the girl in the post or if it's just some acquaintance of yours...

Gigi, carefully

P.S. Some more elaboration on the "guy running with the phone" excuse would also be appreciated
"30 hours of no talking is a break up, and unless he's SO THE ONE, then its NEXT please", that's what you wrote to me! Now, this is what I'll tell you: for me, it doesn't matter if he is the one, we love each other. Sometimes we need a few days break. If you read "men are from mars, women are from venus", you would understand that men need to go and hide in their "caves" when they are mad! Unlike us, women, we tend to talk about it.

I say 4 days is more than enough. Call him. Say something like "I miss you" and take it from there.

good luck babe ;*

My offer regarding the "couples picture" still stands

hows that as a catalyst? ;p
thats some sort of cliffhanger ending..

"when you realize what u've done, call me.."

i don't think u'll ever realize if u don't know what he's talking about...

he was mad.. people don't make sense when they're mad..

try what shopa said..
sorry but this is a sick relationship . i think shes better off this way .
I think what he was trying to say was that she's always too busy for him. Ofcourse, if this isn't true then obviously he's the one making up the excuses.
Why do I have a feeling that he has done all that so he could have an excuse to break up. It's either that or he's just so freaking moody and ma yen3a6a wayh.

Sometimes people tend to slip into behaving like a child when they get really frustrated. They act unwisely but if they take enough time to relax. They can talk about whatever is bothering them. That's what adults do.

It's Thursday already. It's been four days. He must have had MORE than the time he needs to relax and rethink. If he hasn't call yet. Honey, you should move on.

La vie continue
اتمنى انها ما تكون العلاقة القديمة لأن اخطاء الماضي رجعت من جديد والاسباب الي قطعت العلاقة السابقة ردت فحقريه والحقران يقطع المصران واذا يبيج يرد واذا ما يبيج يولي والله يعينج
Is it possible that couples could live without drama?? or is it a must?? I hate drama..
Ooff...guys! Walla sometimes they're downright impossible!
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