Thursday, November 10, 2005

I Don't Understand

1. Why DO i have water retention now?

2. Why we had to be the 1st Gulf country with avian flue?
(I guess we have to be 1st in everything)

3. Why i get more compliments when i gain weight?
(I'm guessing its cultural thing)

4. Why isn't queen spelt qween?

1. easy on the salt i guess?
2. because we're the best
3. 7ag il tefeqqis
4. madre
I guess the zero-tolerance policy for other's opinions regardless how extreme they were is a gentic thing that runs in the family mn lkbeer lel9gheer.
sweetie, are you PMSing?
4- why dont we spell cat as KAT
and physics as fizics ,night as nite and knife as nife ?
Water retention isn't a bad thing, it'll keep you warm for winter ;)

Maybe gaining weight suits you more :P
1. Are you under any kind of medication?
Have you been taking multi vitamins lately?

Once I took some kind of pills and intifakht, the doctor insisted they were vitamins bas intifaakhi wasn't normal , chinni waarma.
hehe if u get any answers..
keep us updated ;P
1. PMSing.

2. It's the season of bird migration, so infected birds from Europe are heading towards us. Remember that we are located at the north of the Gulf so it is natural to be hit by it first.

3. Many reasons. Being well-fed is an indication of wealth. It also means that you are not emotionally involved. And most importantly, it makes the wrinkles disappear - for a while.

4.In old english it was cwén, while in old saxon it was quan, and then the French had their say in the end, and 'queen' it is.

Hope matters are clearer by now ;)
:) ded ded
did you find out yet?
kuwait has the bird flu??
why are you confused?
why are you asking too many questions?

Are you hungry?
ya3ne sheno PMSing ?! ya3ne met,thaygah ?
1- i agree with geo
2- bird migration season??
3- reminds me of a popular saying among ahl najd "hatha bala obook ya 3gaab" will tell you the story behind it later ;p
4- it was probably a typo :p
haha what a witty lot you are!

never thought my (moderately lame)questions would generate so many smart & intelligent answers..

haha 7ag il tefeqqis was cute!

My blog, and i do have rules, no one gets offended here. Sawlek blog & gool feeh ile tebi.


mother courage,

i dont want to be my own hot water bottle, i would rather keep warm by wearing more clothes than be fat :/

bora bora,
la i haven't taken my vitamins in like 2 months but i think i know what it is now, i was on Atkins for 5 days & my body rejected the cruelty by threatening to gain more weight!

insha'Allah ;)

Thank you for your eloquent & very informative reply :)
1. I'm not PMSing
2. I thought the bird they found was migrating from Asia (according to yesterday's papers)?
3. haha! LOVED that one ;) but why are u thinking of wrinkles at your age?
4. I'm impressed with your knowledge of etymology!! masha'Allah 3elaich:))

hehehe maku mubarat :p

hehe kinda

edjamacated guy,
eeeee check the papers

judy abbott,
haha, do u know me!? Thats so true of me, i get so confused when i'm hungry & i am confused often :p

mother courage,
PMS = Pre Menstrual Stress
You know when u puff up & feel very emotional & you can't get enough chocolate?

HAHA loved #3 & 4 :p
and Miss ya :*
the answer to why is always
But not to the extent where you remove my comments:P
Chennech elle etgool "its my party and I'll cry if want to.."

Cant wait for travel tip 2 LOL
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