Monday, November 07, 2005

Kuwait's Answer to the Avian Flue

There seems to be an increasing number of annoying bitches around, i guess its Kuwait's answer to the avian flue.

Annoying Bitch (A.B.) is a term coined by Ms. Papillona

Definition of Annoying Bitch:

A bitter woman who’s life objective is to sabotage any wellbeing seen on, in, about, around, above, beneath, or nearby anyone. She will act like an angel in public and in the company of men, and she will deliberately publicly humiliate you in a very cunning manner, in efforts to deface you of any dignity.

How to avoid Annoying Bitches:
Stay at home, and ignore your telephone.

How to deal with Annoying Bitches:
Be a bigger bitch, blackmail her, or ignore her if you can.

Examples of an Annoying Bitch:

1. See
2. A.B. can be married with 3 children, but insists on competing with single women in the presence of single men. In this instance an A.B. knows she is not equipped to compete fairly, so she begins her conversations as such (speaking loud and clear so that all men, women, and insects can not only hear, but also comprehend):

A.B.: Dear Sheba, how’s your back problem?
Sheba: You mean when I fell on the trampoline in 6th grade?
A.B.: Oh how ridiculous of me, that was 20 years ago!
Sheba: Yeah, it seems like yesterday
A.B.: Its okay, you still have a few months till menopause.

I loved it! The definition and ways of avoiding A.Bs is just SMART! lol. Except that I don't believe I'm good in blackmailing.

"A.B. can be married with 3 children, but insists on competing with single women in the presence of single men." <-- I KNOW HER!

You know, I wish I could do the same thing back. But I can't. I always seem to notice how good they look and shower them with compliments especially when I notice positive changes. It is indeed a great feeling when you can make someone's day and draw a smile on their faces.

I wonder why being do negative. Do they hate themselves? or other people? What's with all the "te7ibbi6ation"?
menopause? HOW RUDE


I hate bitches let alone annoying ones!
Eww. *shudder* DIE! DIE! DIE!
:) Thats neat! i liked it, although i didnt face that kind of A.B. i hope i wont or poor girl she would be pulling her hair from my reactions.

Blackmail her you say:) how about kicking her butt when you see her face?!
URGGGGGGGGH!! Hmmmm, quoting "Judy Abbott- how about kicking her butt when you see her face?! ", WHAT IF her face was a butt?! is it fair to kick her face?!
Dear Sweet Queen Sheba,,
through her perspective, and as long as she considers you such a competitor to her, you should be happy, stay positive... Oo :) *smirk*
Waaay I know your feeling, wayid annoying tara...:/ my sister knows how to deal with such "A.Bs" issues

offff 7adhaa 7araatny. Chan radaitay 3alaiha?
Don't hate ARB's - they make those gatherings really entertaining to me. It's fun trying to think up really creative ways to insult one of my mom's friends (who's a bonafide ARB).
The last insult I gave her:
"khalty wayhich 9ayir abyath o imdawar - ya7loo ilsimin 3alaich. Cham samna?"

Her expression was priceless :)
hehehhehehhehe, I luv this post!

I know many A.B.s
Girls Girls,

Awalan, thank you for your empathy!

Thanian, I smile, & remain composed and dignified because nothing will piss her off more :) & 'il 7egran ega6e3 il mesran' Moreover, if i was in the company of a potential guy, she would seem like the obvious bitch and i would seem 'ya7laili & a lady' it works with good guys (and thats the only kind of guy which we should care about).

Sheba ;))

haha i am sure you know her.

They do it because married women have no more hope of finding some1 better than their husband & they feel envious that us single girls still have the choice and the opportunity of a better guy, moreover, no matter how good their lives are, GRASS is always greener on the other side to these COWS ;)
LOL this is so true. Do you know why they think the grass is always greener on the other side? Because they mowed the hell out of their own lawn there isint any more grass left or even to grow!! hence A.B. :p

....and the man finds another lawn to plant his seeds :p
e3jibatni COWS! It's true

A married A.B. once pushed me while I was standing right next to the swimming pool. We weren't swimming btw. I was stunned! I didn't know how to react!!
Why would a woman her age act so childish?? It's not my problem that you're husband stares A LOT. Push YOUR husband for god's sake!
wil mishkela ihya ma 3alaiha gaasir. She has kids (13 and 16) and she looks like their sister mashallah. e3nibo daarich bintich 6ooli!! esta7ay!

ok chenni ishta6ait shway

Well by instinct women always look for a better lawn for their offspring, and by instinct men always look for more lawns for their seed. But that was pre evolution and we do not have any excuses now (cuz we know better & we have a choice).

Agoolech! My God, aku wa7da old enough to be my mother, but she things she's min 6agety, kil marah etshoofni she asks me 'cham waznech, cham 6oolech, shino takleen, shlon emsawya sha3rech?' i mean for God's sake why is she even looking to compare herself with me!? She should ask my MOM for beauty tips not me. I hate her of course not for her questions, but because she failed to invite me to her daughter's weddings (her daughter is my 2nd cousin & all my family was invited) eeeeeeeeeeh

i can go on & on with stories

this is fun :p

hehe ana eshta6ait too
Yes! Yes!
Great post, came at the right time!

Before the next 3id you should write a prep post. Just to lessen the blow and be able to deal with the AB's!

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