Monday, November 14, 2005

Lecture on Al-Watan & Al-Muwatana

Today Saad Bin Tefla & Taiba Sadeq

7:00 pm

Kuliat Al-Tarbia Al-Asasiyah (3rd ring Rd) , Baneen, Qa3at Khalid Al-Samhan

P.S. I hate writing Arabic in English Letters BUT somehow i lost the option to type in Arabic on this PC

ندوة " الوطن و المواطنة

د. سعد بن طفلة
د.طيبة صادق

كلية التربية الأساسية
بنين قاعة خالد السمحان

P.S. I hate bloggers who writes about the events in the same day:p , zain at least a day before u know we r bussy people ;P
مريت يم الكلية بطريجي للجمعية قلت ادش ما ادش ادش ما ادش ممم بالاخير تكيسلت قلت بعدين نعرف منو شيبا مو لزوم وجنه سيارتج كانت برا
1. Thank you for helping me out here.

2. Yes, i know you're busy, but I didn't know about it earlier. Sorry babe.

1. Ana kint shaka ina i know you, but now i'm sure.

2. The lecture was very good, but shilfayda itha kil il7thoor ULTRA muthaqafeen? On the attendance paper (which they passed around so every1 can get copies of the lecture), i was the only name without Dr. before my name!

I wish it was more public so that the common people can learn something about tolerance and civilization and Kuwait.
common people انا
ولا والله ما ارعفج ولا تعرفيني ولا دشيت المحاضرة بس كنت رايح الجمعية وبالناحية المقابلة شفت يور لكس فجيتي في بالي بغيت ادش لكن ما حصل نصيب
ok good
Ho could anyone attend a lecture from Bin Tefla? the guy is a traitor to his country and to islam!!!
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