Monday, November 07, 2005

Memories 1

Salman looked at her across the dinning table and smiled, she smiled back as he understood her acknowledgement as a cue to speak. ‘Hello Sheba, how are you?’ Surprised, but not taken aback, she smiled in civility, and answered in the same appropriateness of which the question was claimed ‘I am fine thank you’. She was sure the next part of his small talk was only a genuine effort to remove any traces of awkwardness, but his attempt was a failure ‘I did not recognize you’. Here she paused and was about to say ‘of course, you have only seen me once and it was 9 years ago’ but she said smiling again as if it was a normal observation from a semi stranger ‘yes, even my friends did not recognize me today’. That ended the tedious but appreciated small talk and it started her memories of her last Christmas vacation back home.

...Muneera, my elder but not wiser cousin, was engaged to Salman’s cousin, Ghanim. At the time, I was abstaining from any kind of relationship and neither could understand that. Both Muneera and Ghanim thought it would be a great idea if they would hook up Salman and myself without telling me of course, as they would risk embarrassing themselves.

Muneera knew where I would be spending my New Year’s Eve party and it happened to be the same place Salman was invited to. As I was getting dressed to go, Muneera calls to tell me that ‘Salman will be there and he’s interested’. ‘Muneera how the hell would a guy be interested if he hasn’t seen me nor heard of me before?’ ‘Sheba, don’t worry about it, just relax’. It was no sense in speaking to her, the celebration was a very big event, and it was highly likely that I can avoid him, if only I knew what he looked like.

Throughout the night, I made sure that I embedded myself very well within groups of girls, and I managed to avoid any discomfort from deliberate onlookers. As I stood up to go fetch my jacket, I noticed someone standing in front of me, hands crossed and smiling, oblivious of his surroundings, oblivious to my distress. I couldn’t sit down again, so I had to walk out to the cloak room with all my confidence as he continued to stare and smile. I never went back to the room until he left the party, I never saw him nor met him till that dinner with his wife.

Back in college days a friend tried hooking me up with some guy i've never met.
I was totally against it.

Months later we're introduced at a party and he goes "I'm glad you said no. You kinda look like my sister. She's 10"

I thought he looked hot.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my first rejection.

(I just hope he doesn't read your blog, Sheba)

hahaha sij e7maar

well yeah i dont think he would & ma gelt shay mu zain, even if he did :) (i think)

How are you girl?
hmmm.. that must have been odd?

i would have totally been speechless..
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