Monday, November 14, 2005

Sweet Dreams

We were still in love when we broke up. Every remedy or vice in the world would not take away the feeling of loss, not the loss of a loved one, but the loss of life.

I traveled the world, climbed every mountain, found new success, new acquaintances, but I couldn't hide the loss. So I learned to live with it, and with that I thought I was no longer in love with him, but that I only loved him like I love my kin.

We became friends-- which meant that we can now talk to each other whenever we needed to. He dated others, I also started to date others. And two years later I was free of my love to him and proceeded into a serious relationship.

Of course I called him to tell him about it, and although I had threatened to run into another man's arms forever before, he knew that this time it was not an attempt to make him jealous and act into action.

His voice quivered, my eyes blurred. I thought it was normal, since we did not have the liberty to call each other as we have before. I told him that I would always love him, and I will always be his best friend. He knew I was not lying.

The serious relationship did not work out.

I slowly picked up my pieces, and my best friend was there for me.

A year and a half later, he had a dream that we would be together again. And when we met for the first time in three years, we knew that true love does last forever.

how true is true?
You bet it does *sigh*
They're different people. It's a whole new relationship.
Nothing lasts forever.

Or so I hope.
the 3 most romantic girls comment first, i bet the lot of us had more heart breaks than Mcflurries!

Thats a very philosiphical question, ana agool call me a7san.

smila 3elaich min il *sigh*

Why do you hope that it doesn't?
*thalathn sighaat*


you just gave many people hope..
you just proved that love really does work and it does exist!
I don't like mcflurries lol
plus, I don't think a relationship is meant to last for eternity... not during these times atleast.. I feel we all gro thru cycles..and each of us has a different cycle... unfortunately, or maybe fortunately given these dire circumstances my cycle happens to be short and radical...

My life is symbolized by the state of my "hair" (litterally even).. it used to be long, straight and bland, then frizzed for a year.. it was a nightmare.. couldn't control it evebn, then stelled with 3 extremely different layers (bottom being very straight, the one on top of it being wavey, then the upper part is curley) during my college years

as I approached graduation, I finally realized that I didn't want layers so I chopped it off..

So now my hair is short with lots of volume..wonder what that means ;)

Short cycles with lots of fluctuations?

My hair is straight & long i hope this reflects on my love life(goolaw ameeeeeeeeen)

Don't be too optimistic, until you know the rest of this story..
العلاقات القديمة ان تجددت تتجدد ذات الامور الي كانت السبب في الانفصال
الله يعينج لو منج احط طوفة على قلبي علشان لا يتعور من جديد
هذا ان صدقت الرواية
am sorry sheba but i have to second shurouq , people's feelings do change by time ! . maybe they still have something for eachothers , but not love !

and by the way SHUROUQ u amaze me with ur ability on getting over ur X relationships ... certainly STRONG GIRL.
Maybe the reason why we think it's "True Love" is because it ended and we still want each other. Who knows, if you had each other things would be different.. you could end up hating each other.

If Qais had Laila from the firs place, would we ever heard of them?
chan mitzawijha ow khayenha ma3a wa7da thanya. Or ihya tkhoona or what so ever..
but because they didn't have each other their love became stronger.. and they became a legend. am I making sense?
Hmmmmmmmmm, does it really?
Awwww sheebs.....
is this a true story....?
just when i thought i was....
la i am!
don't do that i was beginning to believe in love..
this time warn us first.. and yeah yallah we need to hear the rest ;P
Sheba babe,
Coz I'm doomed if it does

Mother Courage,
Glad I got you fooled ;)

sa7 lsanich.. probably :)
So this is what I have to look forward to?
fee mathal yegool:-

"illi ma ydaneek ykharreb ma3aneek"

i dont think it applies to this topic.. bs jatne qaree7a she3reyya 3ala ghafla and thought i should take advantage of it
i just caught up on ur previous posts....loved them! i left u a comment on the sob post!
very touching i hope it lasts
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