Saturday, December 10, 2005


Yesterday on i read a post by someone who was very disappointed after she met other fellow bloggers because she imagined the bloggers she saw to be tall, dark, mysterious and handsome, but infact she was faced with geaks with sweaty palms and hairy necklines (not quoting, but rather guessing the hairy part).

So i sat and wondered what would people imagine me to look and be like? And what do you the people, bloggers, which i read and/or comment on their blogs look like. Do you want to have a chance at guessing?

Note: (1) I read more blogs than the above mentioned but the above would suffice. (2) I would have added Zaydoun but everyone has seen what he looks like by now and there's no guessing there.

بو جيج: متبتب... مروبع...راسه وايد مدور....معقول يعني مو وسيم ولا جيكر...عادي...بس أحس عيونه اتلاقط

أسمر... حنطاوي...طويل...شعره بعد طويل....عيونه فاتحه

شروق: أنا أعرفها بس من شفتها عرفت أن اهيه شروق...من رقتها و اشراقة ويها

جويره: طويله...ضعيفه...مو متحجبه...أنيقه
Nano: for some reason metkhayyeltek teshbeheen my cousin.. baitha o she has a mole on her chin.. madri laish..

catch 22: sha3rk mankoosh o bara6mek t6o6e7.. i suggest a HAIRCUT ASAP!

don: i have a feeling that you are ULTRA SKINNY..o 3thamek 6al3a.. EAT ya akhy EAT!

geo: inti ybeelna ga3da ... :p

shurouq: u remind me of my cousin sara.. who looks like julienne moore.. but in a saudi version..y3ni no red hair...

pappilona: ur too skinny like the don.. i think both of you should enjoy a burger like every day at 8 pm

wil bagyeen atkhayyalkom mithl ur icons..y3ni if someone would mention ur name,, i would imagine ur icon talking
ok here i go:

Bu Jaij: tall and skinny with long black hair and unshaved face. Dressed in Armani Jeans, but he rips of the label.

The Don: Black, athletic, dressed in Bannan Republic/ Lacoste.

Misguided: Tall and lanky, dressed in Gap.

Kilama6goog: chubby, white with red cheeks, and dressed in Marks and Spencer's T-shirts (bought by his mother) and Diesel (but can barely fit in them).

Shosho: white, medium height, medium built, black hair, dressed very casually, loves FCUK (French Connection UK).

Papillona: Tanned, tallish, skinny, always dressed in skirts.

Equalizer: Heavy built, tanned skin tone, likes to wear Prada Sport but he doesn't like the red label, social smoker.

Jewaira: Tall, big built, beautiful curly/wavy hair, tanned, dressed almost always in comfortable and feminine dresses.

Msbaker: White, thick long dark brown hair always in a pony tail, heavy eyebrows (not bushy), beautiful smile, tall. Always in Whistles and Laundry.

(and the rest i've seen) :)
Ok here are the ones who i've seen but before i met you this is how i imagined you:

1. Nano: always in twin sets, slightly overweight, and very bubbly character.

2. Catch-22: hmmm short with long hair, braided and Barbie make up :p

3. Geo: 4 feet 9 inches, black hair always dressed in the salon, annorexic.
*ybeelna ga3da ya3ni nsoolef..


BARBIE MAKEUP! Allah ysam7ek! im trying to remember how on earth could i have given you THAT impression! 3ad if you say tomboyish.. ok mukin.. bas barbie!!! GOWEYYAH!
ya khezyaah.. barbie ya kaafi!

7atta il body mob mithl barbie! wala loon ilsha3r.. o 3yoone ya kafi brown.. o barbie would KILL FOR MY BARA6EM OK!

:p kenni t7ammast bzyadah LOL
من ناحية
over wieght
فهذي يبتيها

كلش مو بيضه...سمره
Nanoa, Average built, most of the time in darraa3ah, white, long black hair with “mashat” on each side, looks like “Sanaa’a el Kharaaz” but fuller..

Catch 22, Short hair, short and on the chubby side.. wearing boots..

Bujaij, dark, very tall, and a chain smoker, only wears ghetra and 3gal for work, but always in a dishdaasha though..

The Don, The closest is Nanonano.. sheba and catch22 are waaaaaaay off LOL

Misguided, extremely white and on the blond side, (fair eyes) short and skinny, wearing glasses, with mustach, always dressy casual.. (always shirt tucked in jeans)

MsBaker, tall and has a fantastic body, and she knows it too.. lol long wavy hair (somehow light curls) and a camera is always next to her in the car..

Geo is also tall (5’9), curly hair (mariam faris hair due) baby blue sweat pants and tying a jacket around her waste

ShoSho, Brazilian tan, mid length hair, skinny, vivid features, and always wearing a coat..

To be cont...

ok FYI 6ooli 175-176 and i happen to Njoy wearing ULTRA HIGH heels y3ni I end up 6ooli 182-183

ok so those of you who imagine me short.. time for you to imagine something else.. like how mankoosh my hair is?
Catch 22, *touching wood*
The Don:
تصدق عرفت من تشبهني فيه...تشبيهك صح
the don
ditto :x

i still think ur n7eef.. shoof..bakoon saree7a ma3ak, maneeb mrta7a lain ma tgolle 3ndk karsha :\

i know u might be thinking.. wsh feeha 3alay?.. heck, im thinking that too.. bs madri.. yakhy lazim karsha.. hey illi tzayyen ilrajjaaal!!

ooh 3ad lain tedarbat foog il7zaam? ya salam.. hey tetdarba wana atdarba waraha! (in other words, i go head over heels)

Ok i just noticed that almost all of you have no idea what t6o6e7 means..

t6o6e7= to sway left and right...
لا تخافين أنا اعرف معناة تطوطح....بس من جدّك؟
للكويتيين: من صجك؟
تحبين الكرش....لا و فوق الحزام بعد....غريبه
الناس فيما يعشقون مذاهب
Catch 22, ana killish mo 7olich.. olla ya ketherhom ehnee ellee tekalmatay 3anhom.. ta3alay el bor9ah, kham6ay bil kood.. hahaha

I don’t have a six pack, but I don’t have a karsha either.. I’m in shape though, but not emtuffukh..

Oh, and we do say “t6o6e7”

haha hillarious!

nano, feech mon sana2 il kharaz bess intai a7la ib wayed!

catch-22 ana ba3ad weyach 3an guys with karsh (ahhhhhhhh Rabi ikhaleehum!) o b3dain the karsh affects the character- et7eseenhum sweetie pies and very nurturing and not self conscious and they want to feed you at any chance they have.

thedon 4 sa3at fil gym & maku six pack? afa!
I just want to know what gave you the impression it's a she.
tata 1) cuz she mentioned the bloggerette meeting and only girls were there 2) she got grossed out about the sweaty palms
I love this post..

la7tha la7tha
before I read your comments:

Nanonano: looks like the display pic, always topless (Don't ask)

Catch 22: Tall, skinny, super short hair and looks a lot like the girl in T.A.T.U.

Bo Jaij: Tall, Chubby, abyathani. killa im3assib ow zigarta mat6ee7 min 7alja (sorry)

The Don: I wont say untill I read his answer ;)

Geo: Tanned, petite, shoulder lenghth black hair and cute.

Shurouq: sanfoora.

Misguided: Tall, white, bald and wears eye-glasses all the time. Nice smile too..

MsBaker: Square face (don't ask). curly brown hair. wide eyes. and when you talk to her, she looks into the eyes directly.

shosho: long brownish hair, white and tallish.

Equalizer: handsome, tall. Clean toes.

Jewaira: Long wavy hair, Tall and thin always wearing summer dresses.

Kilama6goog: ma takhayaltik

Sheba: Tallish, white, nice body (dayman ree7tich bokhoor or 6eeb ilmohim shay 7ilo) Strong personality. Your nails are always done nicely.

P.S. None of the bloggers is fat nor short.

Now lemme read your comments
i thought the kuwaiti version was different than the saudi,,

in any case,, the don, i still insist manee gadra atkhayyalek illa n7ayyef.. lo ini bel kuwait kan arsaltellek 7neeny extra butter too! :|

nano.. 3an wsho? bara6me? ee akeed.. hathool raas elmaaaaaaaaaaal!

chubby men are adorable o yettakloon akl ( 3ala gool ahl jeddah) they are very considerate and ykseroon ilkha6er lain tnahhado (especially if you rush them to go somewhere and they try their best to show up on time o tshofeenhom ma ghair ytsabseboon 3arag! - ok that was gross.. bs tkhayyali ilmanthar? walla yksr elkha6er.. to the point where i want to reward them with a huge bowl of sunday icecream.. o awakkelhom b yaddi ba3ad!!)

kood= ?? 3ndna it means maybe.. madri wsh ilmagsood mnha 3ndkom.
LOL aham shay inni skinny

lol Alla yajber ib kha6rech ya papi!!

ur not skinny??
Thin but not 'skinny'

what's the difference anyway? hahaha
Ok, I am..
but the question is: why did yyou imagine me to be skinny? ya3ni what gave you the impression that I am?
ok lets see :)
nanno: 4.8-5' talbes wayed alwan o lots of black eyeliner o khashemha 6eweel. and skinny.

Catch-22 always in jeans with gap t-shits o sha3arha emsashwar 3adddel

Bojaij: 6weeel o 3areeth al mankabeet, abyathany o 3yoonah sood and wide open with big lips and cheecky face.

The don: i had him in mind tinny 3a9al with kin (barbie's husband) kina hair style with small hazel eyes.

Msbaker: tall elegant women with long thick hair and lovely smile. french women kina look. (she reminds me of mom ayam il khawali)

geo: imagened her nitfa 3a9la with wet just washed hair and short. walks with bottle of water.

shosho: hazel eyes with cheecky face with average lenght and big teeth.

Pappi: long blod hair with big boobs and tinny waist ! :S :)and long bony face with tall neck.

Jojo: meduim women with beautiful figure, blue eyes and long wavey blond hair and orange big lips.

kilama6goog: anoroxic kinda look with spiky long hair and a scar on his forehead :)

Sheba: i always imagend you like queen ranya of jordan! but met7ajba and shorter hair and highlighted.
LOl I'm loving the comments

I don't really have preconceived images of fellow bloggers, but I'm playing along for the fun of it

Catch-22’s gotta be a skinny tall 7an6aweyya.. Shabbily dressed.
Bujaij? Madri.. Bujaij is Bujaij and I have a crush on him no matter how he looks
TheDon: Medium height, asmar, baby face
Misguided: Tallish, thin, and neat
Msbaker: Classy, shoulder length straight hair, bright eyes.
Georhythm: Cute, curly hair, always dressed in black
Shosho: Long silky hair, big black eyes… and glasses?
Papillona: Tanned, hazelnut eyes, wavy hair..
Equalizer: Very good looking, casually dressed, elegant and well-built
Jewaira: Medium height, flawless skin, conservatively dressed
Kilama6goog: Hmm bruises and scars all over from the 6ag?

And BTW, Sheba does look like the queen of Sheba, just like Nano is a true Audrey Hepburn
aslan i dont have enough hair to have it blow dried :p

jeans true, gap t shirts (bel dawam bs) 3moman im a big fan of t shirts.. especially rude ones

mmm I'm not skinny at all.. bs el7amdella shaklee 6abee3ee ya3ni mob 3thami 6al3a (mithl ma tkhayyalt ba3th innas) y3ni shwayyat kalakee3 (damn i hate that word)
amma shabby... e walla tsadgeen! i love torn jeans and ANYTHING destressed.. o lo mo destressed akhaleeh destressed

especially LEATHER!
no one said she is chubby, interesting, not saying she is chubby, but interesting :P
oh i forgot to say how shrouq look like: Short chubby with big arms and light brown hair with a very feminine look.
can i share more bloggers or shall i blog about it on mine?
Papilliona, thik thik long dark (black) hair.. very wide eyes (almost like Japanese animations wide), a body to die for.. and a white shirt blue jeans kinda girls.. :P

Equalizer, always in dirty look, stalky build.. on the short side, and yes catch22, has a karsha..

Jewaira, lots of first women qualities in her, short dark hair, power suit, very catchy smile.. and smells incredible.. yet, I can still see her in a darra3ah as well.. hahahah

kilama6goog, medium height, shaved head, round face not hairy.. very very bad temper..

Sheba, as far as the six pack. My jeans mo emsa3deen.. mit halakt o mako faidah.. hahahaha..

طبعا ما يحتاي أقول البوست و الفكرة بالأساس عجيبة

ماشالله مستغرب شلون الناس قاعدين يتخيلون ناس مو شايفينهم بهالدقة

أنا شخصيا شفت وايد بنات و شباب من الانترنت خاصة أيام الدراسة برة و الأي أر سي

و لذلك تعلمت دايما اني ما أتخيل الشكل لأنه داما يكون مفاجىء و أعتقد وايد ناس تفاجأوا فيني بعد

مع احترامي للجميع كلكم أحبكم بس ما أتخيلكم حلوين و تلبسون ماركات و سوالف يعني مودلز و ستارز

أتوقعكم ناس عاديين حدكم يعني لو أصادفكم مكان ما تلفتون النظر كلش كما أرى نفسي مثلكم

لكن الصورة الي حاطينها أكيد تعطيك تخيل عالأقل بشكل الشخص أو شخصيته

أقرب واحد يابني ذا دون

نانو و شيبا و بو جاج و ذا دون و تاتا أتخيلكم مثل الصور و بالنسبة لبابيونه نقول ضعيفة لأنها حاطة صورة فراشة!

أما عاد شنو تلبسون و لون عيونكم و طول شعركم كلش كلش ما تخيلته
The don, LOOOOOL
mawatni min il the7ik!! aham shay il wide eyes hahahahahaha mu lai hadaraja!!!

Kila ma6goog, th3eefa 3ashan farasha? hehehehe wait wait khal atkhayelik..
Tall (see I told you you're all tall and good looking people) but you have scars on your left eyebrow and your upper lip (which is sexy btw) and I have to second The don with that you have a very very bad temper..
3ashat il karsha o as7aabhaaaaaaa!!!

kel ahl elkarsha kellehom


O sheba ya um 3ain o 3ain

men shafek 6allag elthentain

6allag 3ajoozin wibnayyah!

O catch 7asaat mda7rejah..

ya wail mn 6a7at 3alaih (this used to be my famous 3yarah LOOOL)

o 3alaih s3eed

3alaih s3eed o mbarak

ow laylahellahhhh!!!!!!!!

(elli btlfa3 sha3r-ha b3eed la tkhafs 3yooni)
Nano: Just like the display pic.

Catch 22: tanned, skinny and super short hair.

Bo jaij: Matroos, wears dishdasha all the time, eats cornflakes 24/7.

The don: Tanned, athletic and long wavy black hair.

Geo: Short, tanned, black hair.

Shosho: White, cute, brown hair.

Shurooq: Very tiny ;P

Equalizer: Very big cheeks, small mouth and wears glasses.

Jewaira: Indian beauty.

And Finally..
Sheba: Tall, sexy but has a big nose.
Dear Sheba,

I am reserving my comments till everybody is done!.


LOOOOL! :) I have to think about this one a bit...hmmm...Will get back to you on this, I might actually have lots to say or nothing at all!


P.S. I must be the only one who doesn't know what Zaydoun looks like!
Catch-22 LOL

hold on!

"bs el7amdella shaklee 6abee3ee ya3ni mob 3thami 6al3a (mithl ma tkhayyalt ba3th innas)" ish qasdich? >:/
Its pointless to try to imagine who is behind the screen. Actually, this is a really interesting experiment. How the human psyche the way we interpret personalities through words and in turn develop an image based on either a set of past experiences or cultural attributes. If someone's personality through the blog is similar to that of a person I know or used to know, then there is a tendency to subconciously build an image similar to that person. I am sure if everyone thinks deep you will be able to bring out a name or a memory of such person from the past or present.

And for all those that saw me positively, I'm flattered :)

about be honest with u my nick has nothing to do with last physical fight was before the iraqy invasion, i dont fight because am the biggest cowerd,,true not joke

am not tall not anything...3ade jedan as i said....not the kind ele yalfet el nathar..o thats my idea about all the bloggers.....guys and gals

still mo mestaw3eb how u guys can talk about ppls eye colours o hair cut..o clothing style!..what an imagination

lol both y'all are are the reason behind the whole skinny picture i have of you in my head..

(now this is me shifting the risponsibility to you.. while you look at me in shock, place a hand on your mouth and gasp!)

papilona: oh how dare you accuse me of being anorexic!

Catch: well, you always talk about not eating, you food hater you :|

Papilona: i dont hate food.. its not useful for me..thats cuz Im a breatherian

catch: well you could have said so.. u know

(heres where the don comes in)

the don: but i have to stay fit

catch: the don, you are a food hater too!

papilona immitates me to get on my nerves

catch: food hater

papilona: am not

the don: shes not

catch: oh,, why dont you two team up against me!

both: hey you started it

catch: u know what..a7san..u wanna hate food? hate it...means more for me!

PS: its 8 am and I am at work.. so bare in mind that I had to start my day with something amusing.. many thanks to the don and papilona for being such animated characters in my mind...)
hehehehe this is fun!

Ok ok i forgot Shurouq, please forgive me (this multi tasking is not for me)

I always imagined bloggers to be more "heard" and when i saw you i barely could hear your voice.

Also, i think i always imagined you'd look like me for some reason, but a taller skinnier version with short hair.

I must admit i was taken back with your elegant beauty and calm. :)

Misguided & Msbaker: NOT FAIR!

Chubby me u mean? Yeah, i don't know how they missed that although i'm always complaining about my BMI
Dear Sheba,

First of all, I think this is a great idea for a post. To be honest, I never really imagine what bloggers look like unless they are commenters on my blog... then I kinda feel like I am having a conversation with someone... and have to imagine that person. But if I am reading someone's post.... and I don't comment (I usually just read) well then I don't imagine that person at all. It's like reading a book and trying to figure out what the author looks like!

I'll try to give my best attempt:

Nanonano: You sound like a person I would love to have tea with and sit cross-legged on the floor watching a kuwaiti drama. SO.. you look like a girl in a dara3a to me...with chubby cheeks and a great smile. :)

Catch-22: I dunno.... sorry. You hardly ever post.

Bujaij: You probably have the craziest icon. LOL!
I feel odd trying to describe you.. cuz to be honest I like reading your comments and posts but I don't usually sit down and imagine dudes. Sorry! I am sure your fine.

The Don: The only reason I think I know what you look like is because for a while you had a picture of a short dark gut with a ski hat. SO... I think you are a short dark guy with a ski hat :)

georythm: Pony-tail hair, sweater and jeans... sneakers.. Cool!

shosho: short, blonde with green eyes. Like a fairy!... I dunno. :)

shoruq: again Thin, likes to wear dark colors, loves coats and skirts, high heels. A little on the petite side.

papillona: I am just guessing thin, tall likes to wear dresses rather than pants. again a wild guess!

Equalizer: Again hard to imagina dude.. but if I had to stocky.. cuz he is always cooking and tasting the food, tall , dark and wears an apron. :)

Jewaira: Uniform eslamy, e7jab, and 3abaya. :P

killama6goog: After reading your blog I get the sense that you really are neat and always wear clean clothes. LOL! hatha elly gedart 3aleh :)

Finally, I am not white or bald.. but the rest is somewhat true. Thanks for guessing.


P.S. Sheba your a hottie!
papilona & the don
if this would in any way offend you.. im so sorry..will delete it too!
BRAVO! Catch-22

That was pretty amusing :*

P.S. inti wain Hollywood 3annich?
or should I say "wainich 3anhom?"

almost true..

I was only trying to picture you. it's not like I have all of these images in my mind. I just made them up for the game ;)
ma 3indits* salfa !!

I was expecting a cat fight!!!

*3indits = 3indich
(bas ya3ni 6al3a feeha batkallam so3oody)
The Don
if this is how you pictured me, how come you never asked me out? HAaaa???

Catch-22 said: "i think both of you should enjoy a burger like every day at 8 pm"

Can't you read the signs??

Sheba shofeeh!
Isn’t it ironic that I am reading this scenario of food hatin’ while I am stuffing my mouth with a cheese croissant?? Hahahaha.. Catch22, you are out of this world.. I almost spilled my coffee on my keyboard..

see, with me, I think I talk more about eating sensibly rather than hating food and not eating period.. I am against eating out of the house except for special occasions.. I don’t like going to restaurants cos it’s always packed with staring people.. (guys and girls), and the food is not healthy like what you cook at home.. I’m not getting any younger you know, I got to take care of cholesterol levels and other things (have a long family history of heart disease high blood pressure) so it’s time to monitor. :P

Papillona, I asked like a zillion times, lakin 3ammek a9makh.. mako faidah.. hints aren’t going through to you.. :PPP

Sheba, you know what’s interesting?? How so many people over here related pictures of profiles to the actual person.. almost everybody said that nano (not i-pod :P) looks like her profile picture.. many also related me to my profile picture.. It was a very interesting exercise, many have great detailed imagination, and some others don’t have the ability to use fantasy at all, and just stuck in reality.. yes Kilama6goog, you’re one of them hahahaha

mn gallek inna i had a salfa! i never have a salfa.. or 3ala gool a friend "i lost it"

affa.. CHEESE MARRA WA7DA! ya wailek wailah!

3ad ya 6okho ya ikser mokho? :p
يا ريت
always topless
ما أقدر

'' Judy Abbott '':
أنت فين و الحب فين...على قولة أم كلثوم....وايد خطأ
أنا 5.6
ما ألبس الا أبيض و بيج و أسود
ما أحط مكياج بعيوني كلش
و خشمي نتفه


i wish darling i love her refinment

U might b right ;)
hehehe this is funfunfun!

nano: a mix of faten 7amama/fayrouz and wears 3abayat raas, gethla 6al3a and jackie-o shades

catch: tall with a huge hairdo, hair sprayed to perfection

bujaij: 3asaal, 7akkooka o agra3

thedon: asmar, well built, a mini handlebar mustache, fe bedayat il sala3

misguided: pale white, red hair, thick glasses

msbaker: blond with freckles

shosho: baby face, wears glasses o 3anagees

shurouq: slender, 7jab illy etbayyin minna il rgoba, wears pink and lots of flowery prints

papi: too thin, yet athletic, and your head doesn't fit with your body

equalizer: tall, broad shoulders, double chinned and a karsha

jewaira: long brown hair, bangs, talbis motha3id

kilama6goog: abyathani imtabtab

sheba: definitely a q8i version of carrie bradshaw, 7an6awiya, brunette with large curls
weird! I never did that! like put a face to the name! no seriously .. weird!

oh haven't you heard? "Weird" is the new "unique".. just like "depressed" is the new "happy"
Actually Catch22, depressed is the new “cool”..
I mean (ma 3indits salfa) when you apologized. I enjoyed your little play hehehe

khithi raa7tik girl

ya 7lwes bs
the don, well for me "tired" is the default state.. I swear i say it so much that i actually sound cheerful when saying it..

so a typical conversation would be like

ring ring
caller: hey catch

catch: heyyyyyy! (in a caffiene activated hyper tone)

caller:how are you?

catch: Oh i'm just tired! Hahaha (even louder, and the laugh to further confuse the caller)

caller: oh really? (awkward silence)

catch: yeah i'm just tired.. u know..tired.. aha.. so whats up?

caller: just called for the whatever whatchamakalit from the edhoaiyiqyfvda

catch: aha.. yeah.. aha... yeah .. oh ok..aha (bare in mind that whatever she said had nothing to do with any of my yeah, ahas or the extra yeah's i added because my heart was racing..I donno why.. it just felt appropriate then!)

caller: so.. anyway,, i have to go (obviously she was sure that i indeed sounded cookey and wanted to 9arref me)

catch: oh ok.. sure thanks

caller: yeah.. err

catch: yeah your welcome (this actually happened to me where I friggin answered my OWN thanks assuming that it was the caller's)

caller (interrupting): did you even sleep last night???

speaking of hollywood.. i once acted in a play where i played the role of "Harry Faced Dick"
or hypertone activated caffiene


its fucking hyper tone activated by caffiene!!

shit.. I think i could easily pass as a bipolar person.. 7mdella wsl shkr..

(bites her tongue - staghfrAllah)
bawasselha 60 3naad :p
Seriously girl, What did you have for breakfast??

What ever it is, I want some* lol

*some = in more ways than one
I dont smoke...I just shoot heroin when Im pissed at something
LOL nannoo!!! no way :) i always imagened you that little lady between us in gatherings spinning from table to another tetsama3 3al akhbaar o tagreg wayed :)
sheba, FCUK!!!! I never bought anything from there :)
Don, coats - in all colors :D
papi, :)
Judy, cheeky face& big teeth? I hope you don't see me as a vampire!!!
shurouq, contact lenses dear - it's 2005 :)
nunu, :)
misguided, oh that must be the danish part of the family :P
geo, that's how I looked when I was a kid :P
Dear Sheba,

Ok. I will give this my best shot, although I must say I "see" (feel is a better word) bloggers more as nebulous personalities in my minds eye, rather than have a physical picture of them. I identify them by feeling rather than sight, if that makes any sense.

Nano: A lovely, classic, proper and traditional Kuwaiti woman of fine breeding. She does chai il-thu7a in between checking her stock portfolio and the employees at her successful dress or flower shop. She has laughing, sharp eyes and dark hair, and nothing escapes her notice although she is very kindhearted and warm. Makes sure she catches her Fajer Sa3eed "musalsalaat" everyday. I also think she is a power-mu7ajjiba, and a chic one at that :)

Catch-22: Make no mistake, she is the one and only "W", the totally punk rockin Saudi chick! She has short boy hair, is highly energetic, flashing eyes, and can be high strung and moody. But she is the life of the party and I am happy to see her back :)

Bujaij: If I ever met you in real life, it would be hard to look at you and not collapse in hysterical laughter because all I would see is your avatar, LOL! I have a feeling you are really fair for a Kuwaiti with very intense eyes.

The Don: A gentle and wistful soul. I think he is tan skinned, has laughing eyes, and fine features in a little boys face :)

Geo: A cute, bubbly, carefree and sporty, casual Kuwaiti college gal abroad, happily living an independent life. Short curly hair, sweet round cheeks. She reminds me of what fun it was to be a college student once upon a time!

Shosho- Is a blogger I have a lot of respect and admiration for. Somehow, I see her as petite, with refined and delicate Middle Eastern features yet strong bone structure. She is olive skinned, and has dark eyes with very long lashes.

Shurouq: a classic Arab beauty, smooth golden skin, big doe eyes, petite, and wears the most expensive chic sweatsuits known to exist in the fashion world.

Papillona: One of the sweetest persona's on the Kuwaiti blogs. She is of medium height, has shoulder length hair, and such a sweet, kind face. Reminds me of my little sister.

Equalizer: Very Kuwaiti looking, with intense features and strong eyes, yet is a very calm, collected and a level headed person. Great taste. Not too tall. His creativity and amazing zest for life shines through in everything he does.

Jewaira: An elegant but traditional Kuwaiti lady, whose eyes and skin are her best features. She has a lovely figure, and her eyes dance and sparkle with intelligence, warmth, and life.

Killama6goog: I don't know him or his blog really, but I have a feeling he is very stong willed and classically Kuwaiti

Sheba: You are fair for a Kuwaiti, not very tall -but not short, have longish curly light brown hair, and such a sweet face and smile. Wonderful taste, and it is never a dull moment being around you :)

There! OOF. That took a lot of energy out of me, I am exhausted from forcing my blogger imagination to take physical human shape. I really have no idea what I am talking about LOL!

MsB, who needs a nap...
Catch 22, WOW!! You should start your new FAN CLUB!!

*hint* I am a big fan of your scenario..s!! You have to kick fajer el s3eeds @$$!!!
your post and comments had me laughing aloud last night; I haven’t been so amused in a long time by a post like this :)

My impressions of bloggers mentioned are derived from comments they might have made on their own and others’ blogs and the way they interact in addition to the kinds of subjects they post about.

Petite build but rounded attractive figure; wears miniskirts, hair light chestnut colour, bangs, and feathery down the sides; shoulder length; pale pink lipstick; loves to wear pink shades; wears coloured contact lenses sometimes; pouting lips. Trendy, fashion conscious, selective; snobby; hardworking; outspoken and very independent.

• Nano
Shoulder length dark brown hair; medium height; slim build; tawny skin; no make up; she is attractive and her beauty shines through in an elegant fashion; quite energetic, prone to tension and but even when she is seemingly frazzled she comes across in a delightfully entertaining and funny manner; people are attracted to her because she makes them feel comfortable and at home. In one word, the perfect hostess.

• Catch-22
Make-up expert, and design connoisseur; medium build; tallish woman, nicely rounded, black hair just below the shoulders, bangs; a sense of humour that surprises and delights; strong character, yet delightfully feminine.

• bujaij
Very dark complexion, short afro, flashing dark eyes, full lips, tallish, medium man’s build; attractive hands; dresses in western attire; prone to adjusting his pants at the crotch; Cynical, satirical yet heartwarmingly appealing with his social consciousness; hides an extremely sensitive and passionate side beneath the cynicism; very sensual; appreciative of the good things in life. Scathing tongue, loyal to friends, yet will not hesitate to speak the truth and contradict his friends if he feels they are wrong.

• thedon
Teeny-bopper heart throb; Medium build; slim; nice looking thighs; nicely shaped- behind in his jeans and white shirt (open at the neck to reveal a hairless chest); tawny; dark eyes, full lips; huggable waist (for hitching a ride on his bike); romantic but not a ladies’ man (woman chaser); although deep down he wants to be free and irreverent, he is really conservative and principled. A man of priniciples.

• Misguided
Tall, lanky, fair complexion, brown hair, brown eyes. Wear a lab coat; glasses. Someone you would gladly open your heart to. Discreet. Endearingly sensitive and romantic. Technology geek and robust intellectual. Painfully conscientious of life’s social injustices and soldiers on, to spread the message of peace and brotherhood.

• Msbaker
Tall and fair, with long dark brown hair; nice figure, and I always see her removing her lab coat and wearing jeans that fit her perfectly and voluptuously. I also always have a vision of her in the burga’3 (because of that one post on Dire Straits). Hardworking, serious, highly intellectual bookworm, proactive, volunteer; ethical; eloquent. Puts people before herself, always. Has a hidden wild side that is passionate and full of love for the right person.

• georhythm
Short boyish hair; slim build, student, has an entertaining sense of humour.

• shosho
Glasses, shoulder-length hair with bangs, rounded figure, intellectual, piercing stare.

• shurouq
Pixie-ish, short hair, rounded face, like to wear hot pants, attractive smile, stormy intellectual beneath the quiet, shy demeanor. Sensitive and wants to find happiness in love; needs to be swept off her feet

• papillona
Thin, wispy, delicate like a butterfly; medium height. Soft feathery layered hair, light coloured or highlighted; Serious and conscientious.

• Equalizer
Tallish, full build, tawny complexion. Attractive, fine hands. Bright eyes. Very sensual; appreciates the good things in life; has a hidden naughty side.

• Jewaira : I had to laugh at Nooni's orange lipstick bit!! I must say that none of the descriptions fits me at all which is a good sign ;)

• kilama6goog from
Bruised, battered, but funny boy with a wonderful sense of humour.


makes me wonder if we've met in a former life...or maybe this one even
Judy That's not me! it's Pamela Anderson?
Shurouq :*
Geo My friend always tells me that I shouldn't think of losing more weight or I'll look like THIS
No, I'm not even close!
MsBaker awww that is the sweetest thing :)
Jewaira Thank you for picturing me positively :*
I love the motha3id bit. Ishdarrach? :P

So does that mean I got some of it right?

I love your impression of me!:P
I have to thank everyone for their kind and generous descriptions of me :)

Jewaira and both are really not far off your marks, I must both had me wondering for a jaw dropping moment, LOL!
Jewaira, the funny thing is that that pic on my old blog was the first and last time I ever wore a burga3! And I was a bit more daring with blogging in those days, I can't believe I put that pic up!

I also wanted to just give my impression of a blogger who I find to be a sweet bundle of fun: Judy Abbott. In my imagination, she is a girl who is a bit short, not thin, slightly rounded but shapely figure, wears her dark curly hair pulled back in a ponytail and very intelligent looking but chic expensive glasses. She has very intelligent and sparkly eyes, a wonderful smile, is rambunctious and so much fun to be with. Tells jokes all the time, and is the best person to go on a Haagen Daz ice cream and french fry binge with when you are feeling blue and cranky. She is also confident, knows what she is doing, and can handle any situation you put her in.

(And I still wanna know if she found her bibi-matoh...)

MsB Msb Msb!
Thank you for the compliment! and yes unfortunately I am EXTREMELY moody.. I have lost so many friends due to my mood swings..then again it's my subconcious way of filtering unnessesary people in my life.. those who still choose to stick around will (inshalla) last forever..
and - bad habits die hard :x

hatha 6ool/loon sha3ree when I graduated from highschool.. in 98.. I dyed it jet black and blue... not only did it ruin the quality of my hair, it almost gave mama a heart attack :x

LOOOL I take it you read the ones on NWMH's blog :p
sheftee.. wain hollywood 3anni bs :p
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hello hello everyone,

i'm in Jeddah travelling back to Riyadh and so i have a very valid excuse for not posting so often!

Waini wain petite! Chan zain! Actually petite girls scare me, i feel they're very fragile.
Bess me in a mini skirt? W'Khezyaaah! Actually i'm very casually dressed day to day, comfort is very important to me. You got the last bit very right ;) 7adi independent :)

hehe i'm glad i got you right, did i mention Bobby Brown make up look (i.e. very natural make up & earthy colors)?

Catch-22: I told your friend that Catch & I always laugh about how we showed up to milchat-ha hehe chan etgool la o mu emsha6een esh3oorkum o jalseeli tes2aloon il bint 3ala jazmat-ha LOL
AHHHHHHHH I need to mature!
afa, i'm usually very close ok ok can i get another shot at your fashion preference?

Pepe jeans
Plein Sud
Antik Batik
Vintage clothes from Koh Samoi
Top Shop
Amanda Wakely (for sahra)

ha closer?
Oh for those of you trying to reach me, if my phone is off, it means i'm still on plane or my battery died. Will try to recharge ASAP (they're on a 2 pin here wgooloon e7na il american)
OK.. after days of watching silently, it's time for me to jump in with a comment:

I FEEL LEFT OUT!!! Didn't any of you have an idea about me BEFORE you saw the pics?!
Unfortunately for you Zaydoun you are well-known. I first found your blog through an interview on the net and it was only your facial profile but I think your name was mentioned.

Of course we know you're the dapper guy in the navy suit ;)

للوهلة الأولى اعتقدت أنك الشخص الذي كان على يمينك في الندوة

That's how i imagined you LOL


A very interesting post, I loved it :)

I looked like wa7d kahraba2e net3amal ma3ah ismah 3abdljaleel.. without the afro .. mn jd.. i seriouly looked like one of those off liscence electricians you could only contact via phone cuz they dont actually have a repair shop or office... elli ma 3nd-hom eqamah...All I needed was a towel and a few sweat stains and change my name to Rodel..

Speaking of which, SHEBA.. ATLEAST WE SMELLED GOOD! (only positive thing about us that night) Frankly I'd rather smell good and look bad than smell bad and look good.. ana kellshayyyyy wala elreeeeeee7aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Agoool..does the girl have our pictures/evidence? :p

Ya khezyah bs (sunk in finally)
Wow I missed out on a lot :D
Guys, Stop speculating..
That's me

Now show me your pictures

And Zaydoun,
I don't give much thought to bloggers' looks, but I was taken by your hotness, sir ;)
I was expecting an older looking (balder looking) guy

I had a crush on Zaydoun before I even started blogging. I used to read his blog, Shurouq's and Sheba's ofcours.

ow bas!

oh and I'm blushing right now
Zaydoun!!! i didnt meet or see zaydoun in my life but i think hes tall skinny whitish guy with brown rounded eyes with pointed nose and very soft short hair.
And shayef roo7a !

Jewaira :) so your nothing of what i said!!! 7asafa..
ok you are chubby ..em7ajeba.. with round nose and big breasts with meduim hight. and samra :)

shosho naaah i dont have big teeth and im not cubby baby im FAT :)
Its been a 2 night trip but it felt like 2 months. I missed everything here, even blogging.

Ok so what do we have here? Zaydoun, my first image of you is lunch at your house and i was scared from you, why? I don't know. We probably were up to something naughty and were afraid you'd find out lol. Then i met you again as an adult and thats a different story, i was actually thrilled that you didn't see me as a kid anymore :) Oh and I first came across your blogg when someone sent me the link about a post you did during the war.

haha ur a lot of fun, of course you can go on on here, 7ayach Allah.
Btw, i doubt ur fat!

haha cant wait till next week. Btw, i'm gonna go this weekend to buy you the colored gutras WALLAH!

Nice pic! ur prettier in real life :))

Thats soo cuuute, i never knew you were shy! Why those 3 blogs?
I never knew I was shy either! madri ish3endi..

oh and "Cute"? really? ;p
I'm blushing too... bas ana shayef roo7y?? 7aram 3alaich!

did I say that out loud? *busted*
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