Saturday, December 24, 2005


I do not know if its age, or a result of disappointments, or it’s my hormones, or all of the above, but I’ve become outwardly intolerant to more issues than I used to be a few years ago (3 to be exact).

Doubts: I cannot handle anyone doubting my integrity because I work very hard on it. Latest example: I called a real estate developer, my questions were general. So:

Man: Are you calling from a real estate company?
Me: No sir, I am just looking to invest a very small amount of money and need your advice.

3 minutes later into the conversation:

Man: You sound as if you work for a real estate company.
Me: Yes I do.
Man: So why didn’t you say so when I first asked you?
Me: Because I do not and this is not a way to talk to anyone, especially a potential customer. Good bye.

Consideration: When I show that I care, it means I do and when I show that I do not care, it means that I do not. So when I sense that a friend is not feeling comfortable about something I said or did, I will try to fix the situation as soon as I notice his/her discomfort, and take a mental note to their sensitivity. When this kind of consideration is not reciprocated, it automatically translates into indifference, and because it’s someone you care about, it hurts.

Your feet go where your heart loves (badly translated from an Egyptian proverb):
I had several meetings to arrange in Dubai, and since W was going, I arranged them so that I’m there at the same time she was. It was difficult, but it is rare that she travels in the Middle East, so it was an opportunity I had to take. Another wonderfully loyal and considerate friend (who needed a break from her home teaching schedule, since her kids vacation just started) joined us too.

We didn’t do anything wild or crazy, we didn’t discover new things or jump from an airplane, but we had an amazing time because we were together.

Great blog you got here. Keep up the good fight!

Glad you had a good time :) Being with your best girlfriends is always such a recharge, so I can imagine how you feel.

7amdilla 3la assalama :)

7amdela 3asalama
شيبا حتى أنا تصدقين! ما أدري ليش بس القدره على التحمل بدت تصير عندي بالسالب....حمدالله على السلامه...و زين سويتي خذيتي صديقتك معاك لأنها أكيد كانت محتاجه تغير جو عن لبحة الراسه اللي اهيه كانت فيها...تبين الصج أنتي وايد خوش صديقه
يا بخت ربعك فيك
Revolutionary blogger, thank you for passing by, although i am not sure which fight you're talking about.

yes :) & Allah eselmich

kila ma6goog,
Allah eselmik :)

thank you for your kind words :))
Welcome back sheba

I'm glad you had fun, I mean wassi was there, how can you not have fun? I luv that girl..
awww =/
funny you should mention the intolerance..I feel the same way...and still can't figure out if it's age or just plain old impatience!...

Glad you were able to enjoy your friend's company...nothing like it to cheer you up!
Welcome back :)

My advice to you, would be to try and fight your feelings of intolerance as they will end up stressing you out more than anyone else. That's not hot.
Welcome home, Sheba

Glad you enjoyed Dubai :)
Going wild is so passé anyway

And your friend W. is missed.
Happy landing ;)
Merry Christmas and happy new year Sheba :)

Dear Sheba,

I loved your post. It did bring to mind though a poem I read:

"The less we learn to long for -- or depend upon --
Special understanding from others,
The less we will suffer for not receiving this.

The less we suffer over what others
Seem incapable of giving to us,
The less unhappy will we find ourselves
In these unanswered moments of our lives
Spent in the company of friends and foes alike.

.... ( It's long so I cut out the middle)

Whenever we give others this new order of Understanding
Without asking for anything in return,
Those we greet with this Gift are silently touched; they are moved
By this willingness to put their concerns before our own.
And it is this one action that awakens in them . . .
Their sleeping need to respond in kind.

Happiness is the wholeness found in conscious kindness.

This is the secret of perfect relationships. "

... I dunno... I just think the older one get's the harder it is to make new "friends."


papi and shurouq

تسلمون وكلكم ذووووووووووق

I miss ya'll too!
Dear Misguided,

Happiness is the wholeness found in conscious kindness. <-- loved this verse, who wrote this? It is SO true!
Yes she is an amazing person, ya bakhat ily eb yakheth-ha. Men are blind.

hehe :))

ashwa mu bess ana :))

You are so right! Funny thing is i've become sensitive towards certain subjects only, otherwise i think i'm more laid back than i used to be.

thank you dahling, oh W is still amongst us (guess who) ;p

hehe thank you!

Thank you sweetheart, hope you had a great Christmas, and i hope 2006 will be a year of happiness and good being to you, your family, and your loved ones :*

Love you ya fuffa & miss you WAYYEEDDD :****
Wassi, intay zougha. One of a kind and I'm not hitting on you btw.

Sheba, "Men are blind".."Men are blind".."Men are blind".."Men are blind".. Mallait wana asma3haaaaaa

Actually I don't believe they're blind. imfat7een zain, but the thing is mako a7ad "kafo" yet.

ow salamatkom.

Papi, PMSingly
sheba,being w/u is far more adventurous than jumping from a plane.
7ayati :****

welcome to the blog worl.. blub u wayed
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