Friday, December 30, 2005

My Adopted Cat, Safi

She came to our house as a cute black and white kitten, and she decided to call it home. Safi has always been sweet and gentle but she never lived inside our home. Recently she's become more adventurous and has been trying to come in, when i allow her, she runs back outside.

Today she's napping next to me on the sofa in my diwania, i'm very happy that she has decided to accept me :)

happy new friend

she couldnt get in the house becos u inforced it to solve ur word verification puzzles!

Dear Sheba,

I think she is very happy that you accepted her in the diwaniya. :)

I'm not coming to your diwania ever!

Sorry but I'm allergic to 'Safies'
ohhhhh 3ogbaaaaaaaaaali :(

my sis has allergies so.. NO! :|

yallah.. wsh elswaaat
have you ever posted a picture inside a post before?
She's so cute il kalba she was purring soooo loud!

Kila, hahahahaha fa6astni the7ek, i'm so sorry i hate the wv too, bs shasawee mabi spammers advertising for shesma & shagool!

So its not paranoid? ;)

haha la lat7ateen i'm allergic to cats too, but Safi mafeeha wayed sha3ar

blub u, btw tedreen ina your inputs on how to decorate & arrange & paint my diwania has made it what it is now?

ye3nee shino?
meaning a picture of ur cat in this post would be good
nice, love cats ;P
il kalba قطوة و
ما تمشي
وبعدين ليكون هالقطوة اهي نفسها الي كانت بالمسييد في رمضان وقلتي بتحققين من سبب وجودها :)
haha barakaati :P
ee sa7 bess ma3arf a7e6 photos from my phone to my pc :/


haha! Thakertek zaina masha'Allah, la mu hathi.

yep ;)

(nissait asawee ile geltlech 3anna :( Sorry :(
eff safi stinks, shasawee feeha, i dont want to be rude and if i wash her she'll hate me :(
its easy, just ask one of your teenage relatives, they will show you wonders
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