Saturday, December 17, 2005


The anonymous blog, put up by Nibaq, is an excellent social study. It revealed that many of our Kuwaiti brethren are suffering from oppression and they have now found a place where they can vent out.

Meanwhile, in the land of truer oppression, i was in Riyadh last week, and went to Harvey Nichols, and all of a sudden and at the call of prayer, i got rushed in to the fitting room by the security guards and was stuck there for 45 minutes. I felt like i was cattle and the smell of Jimmy Choo leather did not help. I was so mad i wanted to break something.

Imagine if you had to go through this kind of treatment over and over again. What would the anonymous posts and comments look like?

In the fitting room? What are they, smuggling customers?

If I were in such a situation I would......hell, I don't know what would I do other than puff like an angry dragon :S
they have fitting rooms now! what an accomplishment .. i'm impressed
but why??? any explanation? kil hatha 3ashan i99alat. willi matigdar it9alli
loool...girl u have some issues with KSA, u shouldnt go there anymore

truly i believe that what is happeining in that land is normal and OK to saudies and other ppl who used to live there

the problem is with someone like u or me..who visit the country and get a real culture shock of what he sees

anonymous blog will be full of fu*ks and as*sholes and all the range of $#&**&*(*)(^%$%%##%***%&

word verification please:)take it off ..or will send u to the fitting room again:P
yes it is opressive and being Saudi I suffer from such policies

what makes you so sure of your statement? Why do you think that it is ok for us? Are you even aware of the people who live in Saudi, their problems and fustrations?

I suggest you stick to your problems in Kuwait, and navigate away from Saudi since you are obviously CLUELESS as to what our frustrations are

Yes, and regarding the fucks and assholes they exist in your culture too
hehe i made it on some1's hate list on anonymous and on someone's "hypocrite" list

Its amazing that these list can exist in a world as big as the internet cuz if you don't like me and/or what i write, you can use that little X on the top right hand of this window and never come back.

I'm sure you dont need my affirmation, but YOU ARE NOT A HYPOCRITE AT ALL!!
You always speak up your mind!
6oz feeehom ya shaikha!
Dear Seba,

Weddy a6eg el "X"... bes your posts are addicting!!


catch 22, i really like to replay , bas ill pass this time respecting this space:)

take care
I don't understand the point of hiding during athan. :/

It's good to know where to draw the line .. that is to avoid such clashes in the future..

o ma 7asal illa khair
What a horrible experience!
And senseless.
Ma fahamt, why would they rush you to the fitting room?
Dear All,

I will be travelling again tomorrow, so please excuse my delayed responses.

They rushed us to avoid getting in trouble with the Hay2ah (Islamic Police, very 1984 - as in the novel)
i had the same exact conversasion that day with Tata. but he mentioned one good point ..
which was; what if it was the same person writing all those irritating posts on anony. !
هالموقع اوالبلوغ هو مثال لمن يعطى حرية دون قيود
بعض المواضيع مفيدة والكثير الأخر مقزز للذوق العام وإذا كانت الحرية او وسيلة التعبير عن مكنون الشخص هكذا للأسف تظهر اسوأ ما فيه الشخص وبالمواطن
والكبت له طرق أخرى
وعن الموضوع الثاني الي يتعود على العيشة في المملكة ما راح يحتج وخروجه بيكون ما بعد الصلاة وكل دولة ولها ظروفها
اصلا المملكة حدها عمرة او حج بس
Its not oppression. When this blog hype started not so long ago, everyone was like yeah! freedom etc.. But no one was free when it came to speaking their minds. Every person probably checked, and then double checked his post to see if the "free thought" had any comments that may contradict the image that he/she drew from themselves in the "free" blogging world. When individuals post on that anonymous blog under the name "anonymous" That is their true image. Whats wrong when you say I MASTURBATE under your own nickname ? Which isnt so "anonymous" anymore because in kuwait you cant hide your identity no matter what you do. Whats wrong with saying YOU SUCK "insert nickname" or you "hypocrite". Some posts are truely funny and original. This girl is stating that she is 24/7 masturbating and she doesnt have a normal life because of it. why dont use your own nickname instead of "anonymous" youre afraid youre going to be to thought of as a bitch/slut, or is it because too many ppl know you and you dont want them to know your secret ? Or when someone says I fart when my wife/husband is around and thats okay for me. ROFL Walla il 3atheem mo kil ili bil galb 3ala ilsan. Its IMPOSSIBLE to speak your mind. It would make you feel self-conscious
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45 minutes? that's some long prayer ;)are you sure it wasn't lunch break? :)
I live in the Eastern Province where THANKFULLY the hay2ah are FORBIDDEN from harassing people. And come on u have 2 have far worse shit to say about this nasty place lol yallah I wana see some proper bashing ;)
ملكة سبا وين اختفيتي
Catch-22 is Saudi, and you can see from her reply that all though she was born and raised there, she still has not adjusted to the oppression. Actually it is very insulting to expect a whole population of 20 something million to adapt to being rushed into or out of places 4 times a day, because of fear from the "Islamic police".
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