Thursday, December 29, 2005

Unfaithfulness: Where do you draw the line?

Your boyfriend/girlfriend is hiding from you his/her friendship with an ex?

Your husband/wife is chatting for long hours on the net with the same person, regularly?

Your friend is always calling your husband/wife on the phone?

Your friend is dating your ex and he/she has not told you?

Your husband/wife gets physically very close to certain people when saying hello?

Your cousin has a crush on your husband/wife?

Your husband/wife has a crush on your cousin?

I would not take from my wife the intimacy that is a part of our relationship. This means that I must be circumspect when it comes to my female friendships. But that is a small price to pay for a truly satisfying relationship in our marriage.
1. I would NOT accept that at all.

2. I would ask for an introduction so that I can also know this person, maybe they are friends, if he doesn't want me to talk to "her" then I can assume that there is something deeper and I would NOT ACCEPT that.

3. I would take her aside and ask her what is the deal, why does she feel that she needs to call my husband?

4. I don't really care about that, they can do whatever.

5. Hmm, I don't think that is very bad.

6. I would be flattered, it's only a crush after all. They would eventually have to get over it, if not then I would talk to them.

7. I don't think I would be able to accept that.
lynn green,
I wish all men think like you!

I liked your answers, jealous within reason and far from psychotic
1- خير يا طير؟؟
2- اذا كان الموضوع جد.. يعنى معطيهم وجه بزيادة عن اللزوم اكيد باستغرب.. اصلا اللي بتقعد اون لان مرتزه قدام واحد متزوج ساعات طويله من جد فاضيه.. هالمجهود اللي صارفته عند رجلي خلها تشغل نفسها تلقطلها واحد موب متزوج
3- خير يا طير؟؟
4- مير عليهم بالعافيه وفي اللي ما يحفظهم..اللي يعز علي موب مخبي على اي شي مهما كان شين
5- بطبطب عليه واقوله تكفى بوسها مرة ثانيه اخاف استحت...اكيد خير يا طير
6- لا عاد ما بقى الا هي.. تكفين وش بيتوقعون ردة فعلي؟ بصفقلهم واقول برافو؟؟؟
7- هوهوهو.. وشوله تزوجني طيب؟؟؟

Bottom line,
المتزوجين ويناظرون غير ازواجهم يستحون على وجيههم ويقابلون اللي معهم.. واذا وصلت لدرجه انهم ما يبونهم والله الباب يوسع جمل.. والطلاق عادي موب عيب مثل اول

واللي ينشن على المتزوجين قليلين حيا.. بس ما فيه دخان من دون نار
Dear Sheba,

This has got to be, without question, the most paranoid post you ever wrote.

This is what Freud called delusional jealously, and many consider a mental illness.

Let me explain. You seem to assume that all the above are "acts of unfaithfulness" of varying degrees. I disagree. That assumption can only mean one thing. That you are unsure of you partner's commitment to you. It is a reflection of your own insecurities... or worst it may take it's origins from your own act of unfaithfulness or repressed impulses.

If I were in a situation were these thoughts started to creep in my head, because someone is talking on the phone to my partner for extended periods of time... it can only mean one thing: That I am not sure she loves me! me that means the relationship is rocky to start with!


P.S. Sheba... I was using you as an example above, not as a personal attack on you. So don't bite me :P
1. He wouldn't hide it unless he knows it's not OK. Get my point?

Being 'only friends' with an ex is not possible - not in my book.

2. If it's MY man, he would not be spending long hours infront of the PC. If you know what I mean

3. ishtabi feeh mathalan?

4. ummm.. I'll pass this one

5. 'certain people'?? hmm.. depends. wallah madri.. lama ajarrib agoolich

6. I'll take it as a compliment ;)

7. Seriously madri shino ra7 asawi.. bas atwaqa3 shay mu zain
If I feel uncomfortable with good reason.
Dear Misguided,

On the contrary, the reason i wrote this post is that i have seen many couples in the exact situations, and usually it is the beginning or a result of a malfunction in their relationship.

Kind regards,

الفرضيات كثيرة وتشمل كل شي لذلك افضل حل الباب الي يجيك منه ريح سده واستريح وشحقه عوار راس دزها بيتها وباجر جيب غيرها
in the BF /GF cases its easier cause breaking up is not very damaging

in the case of wife /husband its gonna be tougher to control, i think ill let things go o see how far my partner will go crossing the LINES to see how much she respect me and my feelings
1. Unacceptable
2. No big whoop... she's probably lying about everything, as he is!
3. Un-FUCKIN'-acceptable!
4. Unacceptable, but you know what? كفوها
5. Unacceptable. Please read the post "Don't Kiss My Husband" on
6. Unacceptable. She won't be allowed in my house anymore.
7. Unacceptable, unless he's ok with me having a crush on his cousin/ younger brother/ best friend/ dad, etc.
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