Saturday, January 21, 2006

And the Good News

1. We have a quasi democracy within our Monarchy.

2. Al-Jazeera is a tool we have found good use for.

3. We may learn from all this and put systems in place in case this kind of vaccum of power or tug of war happens again.

4. No one was exhiled to Switzerland.

5. No one is going to black list a whole family of 5000 from Kuwait because they stood with that Emir or this one.

Allah, Al-Wa6an, Al-Emir?

hmm.. i'm thinking of getting political asylum :P~
I have enjoyed reading your blog..I have been in love with a wonderful yet difficult Kuwaiti man for 22 years now. I am still in the States and he is back in Kuwait. Your blog gives me more honest feedback and perspective than he does.
Where to?

pink amber,
Interesting, how does a relationship last so long over seas?
And i'm glad you enjoyed the blog & found it useful too :)
Allah, Al-Wa6an, Al-Emir
yes i blv in that
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