Saturday, January 21, 2006


This is the second biggest crisis we've been through as Kuwaities, the biggest being the annexation of Kuwait by Iraq.

Yes, bigger than manakh.

Allah yaster & Allah ya7fethech ya Kuwaitna.

I agree with you..last night i was thinking if we have been cursed!! or we are (Kuwaitis) are the victims of our own success..talking about the 60s & 70s..
allah kareem
La we're like a company that over expanded without being prepared for the expansion.
allah yaster =|
المشكلة كبيرة لاننا نعيشها لكن بس تنحل بعد يوم او يومين وبالكثير الاربعاء ما راح تكون بحجم المناخ فيه ناس من المناخ للحين متضررين
التاريخ يحكم شنو حجمها وانشالله الامور في طريقها للحل
اكره شي عندي املاء الحروف اللاتينة عقب كل تعليق :)
yo3ana o mali khilg ajadlek 3an mawdoo3 ay me7na akbar il manakh wila ile ga3deen inmur feeh al7een (khal fee balik ina ile ga3d eseer al7een ra7 yesma7 7ag il ajyal il yayah ina etsawee nafs il shay kil mara ma ya3jebhum il ameer)

mula7atha 1: bess al7amdila il soug zain alyom :)

mula7atha 2: il a7ruf hathi ta7meena min il da3ayat ile kanat tetradad fi hal website
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