Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Went to pick up my sis with the driver, & i was late by hmm 30 minutes. I arrived to her house and called her. Her daughter picked up, and said "ummy ga3da tetbakhar la2an ta2akhartai 3elaiha (mom is fumigating herself with expensive wood because you were late)".

Me: Ummech ga3da tetbakhar 3ashan ana ta2akhart?
Niece: Yes, hehe!
Me: Okay, love you.

Me (to driver): "Driver" chaywer chaywer
(paused to think if he knows what i said)
Me (again): roo7 fog ta7at fog ta7at

Bored me then realized how silly of a word "chaywer" is and i started to wonder where we got it from? Do people still use it? Is it Bahraini (sure sounds like it)? And why do we repeat instructions twice when it comes to domestic help??

I regret eating the PB cookie

what do u regret?
1. I thought u enjoyed it?
2. Are u commenting on the correct post? :p
hehehe I did! but I regret it

and to conclude..I agree that we shouldn't talk down to the help at home because it is mean and demeaning

Thank you
repetition is mean?
"fumigating", enough said!
Chaywer: I have never heard that word before. Im too chicken nuggety I guess.

Help: Because any less than 2 times and they give u this cat caught in the headlights look.
Chaywir madri min wain yaybeenha

ok, min wain yibna خمبقه\تخمبق؟
or chood? is it Hindi?
شنو لزقة عنزروت؟؟
منو عيوز خيبر؟
Papillona wrote the same idea I was goint to write...

one more thing...

"expensive" or "scented" wood?

I hate the smell of all kinds of the Bokhoor with a passion.. :(

It doesn't matter how expensive it is.. or how good quality.. To me it’s repulsive

eee bcz we assume that they don't understand and thus repeat ourselves.. same way we feel offended when a westerner speaks slowly to us

madri thats my 2 cents worth

وللمعلومية, مافيه مثل فوااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااح
i love the word chaywer .. i always associate it with seshwar which makes no sense at all .. il mohim my theory etgool inna chaywer asilha erja3 wara

cha wara
erja3 wara
i use it , but not with the driver, with my friends

their is a word --- foog ta7at .. funny to....
the don,
inta mu mal hal suwalef, inta mal white musk (body shop) o ree7at shampoo mal jam3iya o wa7da tar6en amreeki ;)

e fahamt!

in Najdi its "Kood" so i guess we just made it chood to be unique :p

na3am na3am

1st comment chicken nuggety & your second is very "3eyal kaifan"!

its expensive scented wood :)

hahaha makes sense! You should be a linguist! Yala change ur major :p
"liff foog 7adir"
if i'm not mistaken its indian

happy new year
Look who's here!!
3baid & Reem:
e we say "fog 7adir" if you were born before 1965, and "fog ta7at" if you were born before 1975, and "U-turn" if you were born before 1985 ;)
WALLAH i say u teeeeeeyrn
whats wronge with U TURN!

I love bokhoor its orgasmic :P
Thank you Sheba!
I remember once telling my friend: Chaywray Chaywray. And she just looked at me blankly and burst out laughing. Apparently she and the rest with us in the car hadnt heard the word before. I felt like an alien. They thought it was a badliya! What do they know right??? How can they not know that word. Funny little word. That and 'draiwil'. Sounds ba7raini too.
chaywir, gari (irja3 wara), draiwil ... all Indian words.

India is where Kuwaitis first learned to drive, that's why.
maybe im getting older or something i still use the words :
cham nemretek ?
shib el etreek
i dont use that word... i use foog ta7at... so i have no idea where it came from...

and i hate seeing ppl being mean to workers... 7araaam. wallah yeksaroon 5a6reeeee!
23 comments... and no one has mentioned the english traslation?? HELP OUT THE YANK PEOPLE!

Me: Ummech ga3da tetbakhar 3ashan ana ta2akhart?

Me: Your mom is burning expensive scented wood (used with perfume) because i was late?

Me (to driver): "Driver" chaywer chaywer
(paused to think if he knows what i said)
Me (again): roo7 fog ta7at fog ta7at

Chaywer & roo7 fog ta7at fog ta7at
= take a U-turn; take the car around
أبي أفهم ليش أختك تتبخر لأنك أنتي تأخرتي هذا اللي ماني قادره أفهمه
chaywer is used still ,, 7imdaye rabich ma sima3taye oboy igool 7ag il sibyan bil shalaih " Yaa Noor !! ifta7 il Dirwazaa !! " ya3nee ifta7 il baab ehehehe .. yeah ,, i missed you all by the way
يااااااااااااااا دافع البلا! دروازه مره وحدة؟؟؟

الله يخليه لك... ذكرتني بجدتي *الله يرحمها* يوم تقول "بويب"... قصدها تصغير باب

شيبااااااااااااااااااا... وينتس عني :(
ye3ni malat min na6rety

missed you too! where have you been?

you use derwaza too??
My one year old nephew always repeats his words twice (he always calls me anna anna instead of only anna, and mum mum in stead of one mum for food). Do you think he assumes us all to be his drivers/maids/help?

I used chaywer in the old days when people would understand what i mean. If I use it now I'd get weird looks.
chaywar is such an old granny's word:P i never realized we repeat orders until i read ur post:P great blog btw!
Hi :) whatever "Mgaga" means...
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