Sunday, January 22, 2006


1. Trading Places: The Islamists are backing the "Al-Salims" with the Emir because the government who has diligently and historically backed them (the Islamists), has switched sides to the moderates and merchants (i.e. our version of Republicans), for reasons which i imagine are related to international acceptance (i.e. Uncle Sam's approval).

2. Dillema: Independent Kuwaities (us) who are becoming more and more extinct are unhappy about the way Sheikh Saad is being treated (i.e. removed by Al-Ahmads and used by Al-Salims). But we're (i'm) in a dillema because Tabtabai and his gang are with the Salims.

3. Maku 7kooma, maku da3m 3amala :(

Allah yer7emuk ya Baba Jaber o eshafeek wi3ezek ya Baba Sa3ad

الله يحمي الكويت و أهلها من كل شر
thank you Hisham
Don't think of the people involved, and think of the country - and you will no longer have a dilemma.

Hope that helps.
OK now let's think of a scenario:

The Naional Assemly must vote to approve or dissaprove what the Cabinet has in mind (see: "Sheikh Saad can't perform his duties").

So they need 2/3 of the national assembly's vote... (29=MPs & 16= cabinet)

49 + 16 = 65
65 / 3 X 2 = 43.3333

then they need 43 votes

if sheikh Sabah can't persudae the Islamists + 'Saadoun & Msallam's gang (13+9)

he will lost 22 votes


if we excluded that cabinet votes (43-16) then there will be only 27 MPs' votes left, and he (Sabah) cannot lose anyone of them, because if he did...

things are back to square one, and no one wants to go back to square one...

well I don't think the MPs themselves want this issue to be decided by them.. because the failed party will lose everything forever...

and I pray that all what I wrote above will not happen..

allah yaster
sheba ;P i've figured out where i'm heading, i'm going to Switzerland, the neautral nation ;p
I had a comment, then decided, you know what?... I know jack about politics. So yeah, no comment:)

love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

another sleepless night....
المطلوب 44 صوت وليس 43 لانه يوجد نائب وزير وكرسي وزير الصحة خالي يحمله وزير المواصلات وعدد الوزراء هو 14 وليس 15
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