Saturday, January 21, 2006


Monarchies are usually very easy when it comes to whos next, but in our circumstance, it has become a challenge. The challenge is stability, and here is how I suggest we reinstate peace to our beloved country, Kuwait.

In spite of the ins and outs of whos the good, the bad, and the ugly, political and royal decorum must be observed.

1. Sheikh Saad, the current Emir should take his oath in a private session of Parliament (i.e. without the presence of live Tv).

2. In the same session, he is to announce his Crown Prince, who has been the obvious third in line, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad, since the illness of the late Emir and the present Emir.

3. A few days later, Sheikh Saad anounces that he will no longer be Emir, and appoints the Crown Prince as Emir.

Allah yer7am Baba Jaber, i don't think he ever imagined that Kuwait one day would be at this kind of risk (of extinction) Allah la igool :(
yeah.. it's kinda creepy now that it's all happening so fast, bs shaikh sobah been in charge for a while now even when shaikh jaber was alive, continuous..

allah yer7am baba jaber o ye3een lekuwait min ba3da ={
There is a minor problem regarding your suggested to-do list

Sheikh Sa3ad, according to what I heard, is mentally uncapable to do voluntarily what you have listed.

Allah yaster, how did we reach this stage?
عزيتي انت حالمة
جانب الشيخ صباح يقول منو يضمن انه الشيخ سعد ما يخلعه او يحل الوزارة فيه أزمة ثقة بين الاطراف
والله المستعان
ilmafrooth ma tosal 7ag hal muwaseel

we're not in a play ground, kil wa7ed edez il thani & ildeera etroo7 feeha
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