Monday, January 23, 2006

Nigeria Anyone?

According to insurance companies who insure our oil refineries, Kuwait is second to Nigeria in deterioration of our oil facilities.

Kuwait has also made it into the Top of The Pops of corruption, and we were compared to impoverished countries like Sri Lanka.

Now, our royal family is fueding about who gets to be Emir.

Honestly, i have always known that we will not be able to live in Kuwait for long, but I always thought that it would be because Kuwait would turn into an Islamic country (I.e. Ruler + Shoora) and our liberties including the Constitution would be taken from us.

Never would i have invisaged that our guardians would bring the end of this country to us. Feels like a custody battle after a bitter divorce

Now is the time when we reflect and wish we had privatized, liberalized, constitutionalized, and unified.

I Love You Kuwait. I pray that this tarnish would end soon. Please don't die on me.

P.S. Wheres superman?

سوبرمان طاح من حصانه وقعد سنين يفاقق ليما مات
واقولج نامي بكير واحي بكير وشوفي المشكلة كيف تنحل
لا تحطينها في بالج كثير لانها بالخير ف طريقها للحل
السوق نازل اليوم بس اشوه العراق القابضة ردت اصعدت
وللحين اكرة كتابة الاحرف
where is the link to the insurance report?
mo bas superman, we need the incredables spiderman superwoman the hulk and all those superheroes to save us from total disaster
Or superwoman?
This is a test my darling we should all stick together and not let these kind of ghosts haunt us, we'll have many weak points and renaissances ahead this is just the beginning :) Mako illa el khair inshallah
i was a spiderman fan.. ynfa3?
سبق وقلت الامور في طريقها للحل وكل الاخبار تنتهي الى تنحي الشيخ سعد وحل باقي المشاكل
وكل صباح تشرق الشمس من جديد
MAko ila il 3afya inshala
wel sog green ilyoom
mako ila il 3afya
sad sad sad ....
where did get the q8 nigeria info from.?
good post
sad and frustrating

allah ya7fethich ya Kuwait
recently in nigeria
That is not new Geo, this goes on all the time, but am still interested in the insurance report she mentioned, I want to see exactly what they said.
it was in the local papers when we had the accidents a few yrs ago.

Call up someone from the legal dept at mu2assat il betrol for the report
purg, mosan,


The day after the most recent major accident, the respected daily al-Qabas wondered: "How come nothing comparable has happened in any other Gulf state or in any other oil producer for that matter?

"The only place that has come close to what has happened here is Nigeria where, according to international assessments, the administration is one of the most corrupt in the Third World."
Yes a few years ago, as for the report from KPC doubt they would release it, but what I am interested in is that you started your post with this information, meaning there is something recent.

Now when you mention oil facilities, you have to be specific, as you first mention refineries, but then say facilities, and you have multiple facilities.

If you have access to this report, please send me some info to my email.

Why are you defending the Ministry of Oil as if its paying your salary?
The ministry does not have a major impact on how the oil business in Kuwait is operated, so again that is another statement that does not make sense.

However, since you have not produced this report, nor have a link showing exactly what they say, that statement does not have any merit or value.

Sure, parts of the infrastructure are lagging behind and are way beyond service age, but does not mean a thing. You can run a worn out machine if you know how to keep it running.

You can make a brand new refinery and have upgrade in current facilities for example, but if you do not have existing human resources capable of making it run as it should or maintaining it, then what value does a high rating in an insurance report that might not take that fact into consideration?

Therefore, examining the report in details as well as knowing the background of these companies and their connections to other oil giants and businesses globally would give you an idea of their intentions when they publish reports of such nature.

So, will we see this report you talk about?
Dear Sheba-

First, I am finding the reparte between you and Purgatory on this post very interesting, and I think you both are making extremely intelligent and important points.

Second, I know it's hard most of the time, but I think it is better to have a bit more faith in Kuwait ( and again, I know sometimes this is hard). I think Kuwait and what is good about it has made it through some tougher times, and will endure in the end. It is always darkest before dawn. A wave of new blood and intelligent minds is coming for Kuwait in the form of those of our generation and those younger than us. As it is in nature, the old must make way for the new. It's the way things are, and transition is always murky and difficult. Better to wait and see before judging. I strongly believe in second chances.

MsB, waiting with interest to see where you and Purgatory go with this ;) ...
Msb, Purg,

I am sorry i have no motivation or interest in searching for the report BBC & Alqabas

Sorry to burst your fun :)
Did not expect you to give much, but it was worth a shot.

As for the syndrome comment, :P
I watching Malcolm in the Middle last night and they mentioned the Stockholm_syndrome ! :P

haha now u'll see & hear it more often
when i read the title of the post i recalled the time a nigerian emailed me regarding a business deal a week later he claimed his mother is sick and he was in need of money her hospitlization. anyways great blog
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