Sunday, January 01, 2006


So i guess i have a resolution now
Dear Sheba,

OH Please becomae more of a snob...

I am definetly becoming one... that's a great resolution

Thanks for the idea :P


Misguided ( Kel 3am wa enti b5air)
Dear Misguided,
Was it a conscious decision to turn snobby?

Kind Regards,
winta ib khair :)
ah Yemen, good idea.
No resolutions (yet) this year.
((wala ana!))

I wasn't looking forwards to the turn of the year.
((ma faragat ma3ay))

I still want to go to Yemen, but i'm too chicken.
((id rather go to tibet))

I have no aspirations, everything i have hoped and prayed for has either not happened or happened badly, or was given to me then taken away. I would rather not have something than have it taken away. This way, even the smallest of things can make my day, week, year.
((im looking forward to continuing my ed))

I am still positive in my outlook.
((mm yeah, i guess that wouldnt hurt))

I'm not going to cut my hair for a whole year.
((ill cut it every 2 weeks!))

I will excel at work.

I will continue to work on my early retirement (i want to retire in 5 years).
((mmmm i donno, too soon to decide..but i know i want to be a critic when im old))

I hate the following word: "Arab" (its a myth)
((asian is more significant, IMHO))

I will become more of a snob.
((i am a snob! thats what my sisters say atleast :p))

I will be more loving and patient with the people I love.
((i should work on that too))

Your New Year's post touched me greatly because of this:

I have no aspirations, everything i have hoped and prayed for has either not happened or happened badly, or was given to me then taken away. I would rather not have something than have it taken away... I am still positive in my outlook

Sheba, if anyone would understand this (and I am sure there are a few) believe me it would be I. More than you can imagine. I also have felt exactly the same way in my life, and my outlook also still remains positive and hopeful :) Take comfort in not being alone in this...

I believe God has a plan for us all that is good and right for us, and it doesn't follow any timeline shape, or linear pattern that we humans imagine it is supposed to be in our human way.

You are a wonderful lady Sheba. Even though we are all only "blog persona's" here and tell readers what we want to, sharing what we judge to see fit of our private selves and lives, yours is one of the sweetest and most effervescent personalities. I am sure deep down it is a reflection of who you really are. May God grant you what is good for you, what will bring you peace and joy inshallah.

This is what I would wish and pray instead for you this new year:
Let her still have aspirations even though everything she has hoped and prayed for for herself may have not have happened yet or has happened badly, or was given to her and taken away by You because it probably was not good for her and there is something much better lying in wait for her. Let even the smallest of things turn into the greatest and most wonderful of things to make her day, and make her life. Ya Rab.


Make sure you at least trim the hair you resolved not to cut for a year. Trust a voice of experience, it needs at least a tiny trim every three months in order for it to look good while it's growing out. Plus the trim helps it to grow faster.

MsB, the one with the long growing locks too ;)
I think purgy wants to see you kidnapped :P

Evil purgy, very very evil....
they wont kidnap her, she is not blond
Dear MsBaker,

I had just finished crying at Oprah & then came & read your comment, and prayer, and advise. I'm fasting now, and hypoglycemic, so i will write more after futoor. But I have one thing i want to say now "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and your goodness is your beauty and it is felt and seen even in this "virtual" world.

And thank you Lady Baker :)
I can't imagine life without hair
ok, blonde, which you are not, so does not matter, but yemen, good idea.
lol.. mine is fine really! you saw me in all my sitions,, ultra long, straight, curley, dyed, bleached, frizzy, tidy, crazy, and finally.. SHORT!

I honestly and truely think that short hair fits me best (personality wise)
Ms. Baker,

Shrayech we meet in real life?
My fave was london awalt al3am
Happy New year shebaaaaaaaaa..

oh, and Yemen? Seriously
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