Saturday, January 21, 2006


I will not get married to the person I love, but i will live with him, for reasons i don't feel like writing about right now.

Willy begool 7aram, la eta3eb nafsa, adri!

But in that case you can't have babies with the person you love :(

And that's a big sacrifice, don't you think?

I know that you know that it is 7aram, but let's look at it from a different perspective:

You can't be seen in public, you can't have kids, you can't do together all the things married couples do - so is it worth it to live 'happily' in shame?

To me if I can't share things with my love and do everything together, then it's better to let go. But that's me :)

And I wish to know these reasons that you cannot write about ;)

Ya Rab Allah yerzegech ib kil ile tabeena & testahlaina :*

1. When its truely love, his/her shadow is enough- umm la that sounds & over romanticized and not real at all, bess gasdi ina something is better than nothing.

2. Shdarach ina you 2 can have kids?

3. Its not about what i can & cannot write, its more about what i feel like writing & don't.
if you cant marry him then hes an asshole

ee 7atta lo elsebba mennek.. bkaifi haw
Thanks Shabshooba :*

1- But I think you deserve more than a man's shadow.
2- We can adopt, or snatch one of my neices and nephews ;)
3- 3ala ra7tech.
Do not do that. Not because of society or 7alal and 7aram but for yourself. Doing that will make you loose yourself.

And to tell you the truth, if a man loves you, he will marry you, no excuses. That is a fact!

Oh i just realized that i broguth reference to the Egyptian proverb of a man's shadow being better than a wall's shadow without meaning to, nor did the meaning of what i was trying to say close to the proverb's shadow.

What i meant that when its the One, details dont matter :)

Another sleepless night?

Who mentioned the guy making excuses to marry you? pls re-read my post
Sheba, Let's start a club :)
no.. i slept 9 hours back to back mashalla 3alay
يمكن تقصدين شي افضل من لا شي على العموم علاقة ما لها نتيجة أخرتها الم وفيه واحد منكم راح يتزوج ويترك الأخر على الوسادة الخالية

yala 3ad, ma3indina banat egooloon hal kalam ana kint em3asba lema kitabt hal post.

mu shar6
okh! inzaffait!
Aahhh.. The things we do for love..

P.S. Am glad you cleared out the lack of connection of your "shadow of a man" with the egyptian proverb, cuz that perticular saying is soooo wrong, maybe it should be changed to "no man, is better than a bad man"
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