Saturday, January 07, 2006

True or False?

1. Global sucks

2. "I have never fell in love with a girl without first sleeping with her"

i love this post
1). TRUE

2). i can not judge because i've never tried that

hehe Nano,
6ale3 min galb!
اول شي قريت جلوبل ستوك اخترعت عبالي فيهم شي ونصايحج اقتصادية وبعدين قريبت جلوبل سوكس قلت ولين شفيه السهم خو مخي كان بالاسهم بالاخير فطنت وارتحت
وما اعتقد أنه العالم مريع فيه الزين والشين خذي الي ترتاحي منه لوما السيئ ما طلع ولا بين الزين
2- ما اعتقد أنه الحب له علاقة بالمعاشرة الي يفكر بهالشي المعاشرة ما يكون عنده حب ليلة وحدة وبس قضاء حاجة
lol ee sa7 kan en6eba3ek il awal, although i meant GLOBAL the INVESTMENT company and not their stock.

nano & i hate them because we didn't buy their Iraq Holding Co stock because they mislead us to believe that the company was still starting up and had nothing.
Nano the palce were you work sucks more except for a few ppl. I miss having lunch with you..You defiantly left a lasting impression

I fall in love with everyone while I'm sleeping with

dont tell me you moved to global
plus I offered my services and you went with them
good post
1. I heard that a LOT

2. I have never fell in love with a girl PERIOD.
mosan mosan:
أنا و شيبا مو قاعدين نتكلم عن الأفراد اللي يشتغلون في جلوبال بل بالعكس و النعم بموظفينهم احنا قاعدين نتكلم عن سياسة الشركه

and i missed u too...i'm ordering C&G for lunch what about U?
1)i have no clue
2)I do not fall in love
1- So true.

2- True. Guys say that.
1- always heard that about global and then they get their was6a and go work there.!

2- heard it alot to,,i think it completes the feeling..if it was bas love can die!

what happened to ur shop?
1) Depends what, is it the customer service or products?

2)Not true.
1. yyyyyep.

2. why girl!

I thought men play lovey duvey till they sleep with girls then dump them I didn't know it could work the other way around, interesting thought..
1- madri
2- true
1. I wouldn't know.

2. Is that the equivalent of a girls' "I have never fell in love with a guy without first checking his bank account"?

I don't know..
Love isn't a calculated act, and it shouldn't be.
No 'a', girls'..
I found a fantastic new place for lunch you will love it. I'll send you the number.

I didnt say all of them
Interesting ;)

2. I wonder why?

hello :)

1. Very true!!
Re. Shop, I sold it min ziman

Customer service

haha very honest, i admire you for that! "I fall in love with everyone while I'm sleeping with"

No, bess ba6een chabdi 3ala salfat il 3iraq il gabtha
"dont tell me you moved to global
plus I offered my services and you went with them"

THANK YOU :* "good post"


2. depends how lucky u r


2. I guess so (if sex:men = money:women)

"Love isn't a calculated act, and it shouldn't be."
Well, sounds right, but i don't know what love is anymore :((
I don't have the time for it, nor am I interested.
هي هي هي ايه مساكين عيزت انصحج ولا تسمعين انا السهم طالع علي ب 25 فلس

قلتلج من اول زينين تقوليلي غالي عيل لو منج اشتري الغالي لانه توزيعاته تجنن :)
ma daret nanu laha ehtemamt wiht stockes
وبعدين شفيها سياسة الشركة كاهي تزيد ارباح عملائها
1) for their clients: they can do better, for their shareholders: they are the best management, for their employees: they really need to work hard on that!! and it seems they are..

2) False
1- clueless :P
2- in my humble opinion, I think that it is hard for two people who love each to have sex, coz it's kind of a "test" thing (no?), so I guess guys who sleep with girls rarely fall in love with them afterwards. False :)
I meant I offered the company's services that I use to work for to the company you worked or still working for not you per say... No I did not move to them.. you never know.

1) Not a clue.
2) If that's true, then I truly need a nunnery.
1-second Me WHO


she must be really bad looking or bad personality elli ygoolaha i have to sleep with u to love u....bas el bent el mumtaza el wa7ed y7ebha bdoon la enna he needs to test he engine:P
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