Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ya Banat, Tara il Dinya ib Khair!

ok...there has got to be something wrong with that chart...I seriously doubt that there are more males than females in 2005...if there were...would someone please tell me where in heaven's name do guys my age hang out...considering that there are more of them than there are females...the only ones I get to see are females...and don't tell me all those men are in the barr or chalet...or diwania...hhmm...and if they were in the latter..then forget it...never mind...not interested..:)

Great post! let's hope it's not bogus!
Sheba & MissCosmo,

Expats are included.
Still the list says nothing about their marital status.
interesting..but look at 2050!! where are the femals?? tough luck to find my future son a wife :P
I like the "no one was exiled to Switz" point :)
Let us all pray to see a soon end to this madness
Dear Sheba,

Now you know why I am still single


Yes it does include expats (lots of them too)
no really, WHERE ARE THEY?

they're in jleeb sheyookh (3amalah wafeda ma3indaha shegel, & mesta3beda min qibal tujjar al-eqamat)
There are a lot of guys. It's just that I think you wouldn't like most of 'em! XD
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