Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Rio d'Najd says:
what if he logs on at night n sees me online then hell just IM me
blank says:
shil mushkila
Rio d'Najd says:
he wont call ;p or ydwwer ragme. If he asked for it a36eeh just txt?
blank says:
has a guy ever called you bess chethee?
Rio d'Najd says:
called me kitha
Rio d'Najd says:
no not anyone can get it lazim certain privilages or u know an insider in ettesalatna

blank says:
e sa7 thats obsolete
awal kanaw edawroon ragam beitkum & edegoon & esekoona ib wayh il khadam until u answer lol & if u dont then they let their baby cousin ask for u
Rio d'Najd says:
lool hahaha
blank says:
sij riyayeeeeeeeeel
Rio d'Najd says:
blank says:
& follow u to school & back
Rio d'Najd says:
bas makan feeh mobiles
blank says:
e MTC & Sauditel kharebaw 3elaina

ashwa ba3ad mayebtaw 6ari telephone bo girs :P
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haha. I know herrr!!
shinu hatha?
ba3th inas laish sawaitey delete?
I thought you did!! and I was like ma gilt shay :s
that's funny
nisait shino kitabt
Awwwww 80's and early 90's :) innocent and sweet, now they even know if you called them while their mobile was off (shudder)

الغسيل اتنشر يا قدعااااان
papi, lol la intay ile sawatey del.

alexis, Hi gorgeous, how are you?? Long time no see. "now they even know if you called them while their mobile was off (shudder)" <-- la & they can have it on while it says its off too!

w., haha love you :*
any updates?
kashkha bil 3arabi o mat3arfeen telephone bo girs tsk tsk tsk tsk!

(telephone gabil illy u have to turn the number dials to make a call!)
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